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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

September - October 2001


Satan is out to destroy Christians and their families!  
Let us not be too proud to HUMBLE OURSELVES  Under the Mighty Hand of God!

I Peter 5:6-11

"THIS POOR MAN CRIED. . ." Psalm 34:6
Master the tempest is raging! The billows are tossing high!
The sky is overshadowed with blackness, No shelter or help is nigh;
Carest Thou not that we perish? How canst Thou lie asleep,
When each moment so madly is threat'ning A grave in the angry deep?
Mary A. Baker (1831-1921)

If ever there were a tempest, if ever there were a storm, if ever there were a people in distress it is now! The brave, unsuspecting citizens of the United States of America had their souls penetrated by nameless cowards. Men without faces or phone numbers have dared to make a mockery of our freedoms! Murdering pirates have commandeered our free enterprise space with flying machines, using them for merciless killings! Scheming men with knives and box cutters have penetrated our privacy learning from our aviation simulators and ignorant, money-hungry instructors to torture our vulnerable citizens. Conscienceless cads have crashed into Manhattan's financial shores and spit in the face of freedom. The World Trade Center Towers were violated. The Pentagon, the heart of the military, was reeling in flames. The President was endangered! Washington D.C. was on alert! The country was unnerved! Hijacked airliners became living bombs--fuel filled and doomed with screaming, panicked people--crashing chaos!

Master with anguish of spirit, I bow in my grief today;
The depths of my sad heart are troubled: O waken and save, I pray
Torrents of sin and of anguish Sweep o'er my sinking soul!
And I perish! I perish, dear Master; O hasten, and take control!

On that normal Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001, shock and disbelief grabbed my mind as I watched that abnormal happenings on the television screen. Life would never again be the same! Memories of my teen age years and the second World War flashed in my mind. Such an attack was an act of war! At least that is how I looked at the carnage. I kept blinking and refocusing my gaze. I was in utter unbelief! It was as if I were watching a fictitious fantasy, a movie made to frighten, and entertain. The phone had rung. A friend had warned, "Watch your television!" As I tried to take in that Burning Tower, suddenly, a silver plane came from nowhere crashing red flames into the second tower. As if that were not enough, the Beautiful Twin "Babels," whose tall grandeur had reached to the sky, symbolizing New York and free enterprise, crumbled and fell from their proud, heavenly heights on to the shaking earth, accompanied by fire and tons of worthless rubble. Like an old woman who could no longer stand the strain of living, the structures groaned to the ground with horrific finality. With that demise fell thousands of human beings, plummeting in death, buried in piles of ash, mortar, and all manner of building debris. The sirens wailed. The emergency vehicles sped. The people screamed. But it was too late. Evil had done its dirty work in our land!

Master, the terror is over, The elements sweetly rest:
Earth's sun in the calm lake is mirrored, And heaven's within my breast.
Linger, O blessed Redeemer, Leave me alone no more:
And with joy I shall make the blest harbor, And rest on the blissful shore.

More than once, you and I heard television commentators speak of the eerie quiet that covered the crime scene of the business pulse of our nation. When a rescuer thought he heard a faint sound of life, he would raise his hand high. Others would see that lifted hand and they, too, would raise their hands until the whole carnage heap was covered with raised hands and silence. They were listening for a voice, a cry, or even a tap signifying life. How the volunteers covered with soot and grime wearing hard hats wanted to save a life! I can't help but think of our God in Heaven. All these years, He has looked for the hands of man, raised and poised to rescue souls from the rubble of sin. All these years, He has listened with a Divine Ear to the cry of a lost man, woman, or child needing to be pulled from the fires of Hell! All these years, the Lord Jesus Christ had made a way of escape from the Doom of Hell! All these years, His ears have strained to hear your voice, my voice. All these years, millions have rejected His offer of Redemption! All these years, many a poor man has cried out, "HELP!" God, in His mercy, saved that soul out of all his troubles. We must never forget that to be spiritually dead is far worse than dying in a burning, hijacked plane or building!

The winds and the waves shall obey Thy will Peace be still!
Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea, Or demons, or men, or whatever it be,
No water can swallow the ship where lies The Master of ocean and earth and skies;
They all shall sweetly obey Thy will; Peace, be still! Peace, be still!
They all shall sweetly obey Thy will; Peace, peace, be still!


(Ephesians 6:11)

Suddenly the United States of America has become a militant nation--hands down! With one morning's lightning strike, with one marauders' blow, our pleasure seeking, sports crazed, pornographic country has got its back up and its fists ready to fight! This unseen force who would dare to penetrate our shores, is our enemy. And when we find him, we will punch the living day-lights out of him. He has taken everything we deem holy and thumbed his selfish nose at it. We will not stand for it! Our very freedom is at risk! Not since World War II have I seen such a united country!

The thought of "Militancy" frightens many Christians. It is the very posture that brings scorn to some Christians' minds. They become distressed thinking that judging is wrong--of course it isn't. Often those who name the name of Christ are ashamed of believers who won't budge on certain Biblical principles. They criticize, they turn the other way, they disassociate themselves from the "militant" Christian who will not pray the prayer of Jabez or bow the knee to Baal. The worldly Christian turns up his nose at those who see the compromise in ecclesiastical cooperation, the unscriptural methods of church politics, the low morals of so-called believers, the disregard for the proper Hebrew and Greek Texts that underlie our new-fangled 21st Century versions, and the sensual beat of "Christian rock" music. They do not want to answer the hijacked doctrines and refute the fiery darts of the non-discerning.

Perhaps you have never traveled to other countries. Perhaps you do not know what it is like to be in a land where the freedoms we Americans experience are not. I have. I have seen the guns protecting other borders, other streets, other airports. I have felt the hush of fear at the stern look of a border guard or the rifle ready to be fired. No matter how civilized the country I have visited, no matter how rich or poor that land, no matter the opportunities to give the gospel or proclaim the Word of God, my husband and I are always happy to touch down on the soil of the Land of The Free! Yes the U.S.A. is the Home of the Brave! The Home of the MILITANT!

The price is very great to be militant! Not only is militancy a financial strain, it is a test of stamina. A militant soldier or citizen must be a prepared person. It is a lonely posture! Others laugh at the militant man. Others spit bad words in his face and in print! Our president must prepare our citizens to realize the cost. There is a price for militancy! Preachers, too, must prepare their people to stand fast in The Faith. Churchgoers must be willing to accept the facts! Sometimes militancy brings death! Other times, it brings paralysis or deformity. Yes, militancy is expensive! It is expensive to the pocketbook and to the soul. Often, it takes the lives of our young men and women--our children, our sons and our daughters. There is a sacrifice to be a ready soldier! The price is high! The preparation is difficult! The sacrifice must be complete! People criticize! Everyone does not understand! Militancy takes long hours! Battles are not won in a day! When one puts his hand to the plow in militancy, one dare not turn back. Some tire in the fray. Some drop out! They yield to the enemy. We must remember that the cost of not standing for one's beliefs is greater than standing for them. One must remember that the cause is greater than the individual. That is hard. Many drop out of the battle because of this. Friends go! Relatives don't understand! But the COMMITTED MILITANT keep standing!

"Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, He went into his house: and his widows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, He kneeled upon his knees three times a day, And he prayed, and gave thanks before his God, As He did aforetime Then these men assembled and found Daniel praying . . ." (Daniel 6:10-11a)



Before Dr. Waite and I flew to Columbus , Ohio , the weekend prior to the terrible terrorist attacks, I made eight "JUST FOR WOMEN" radio broadcasts. As I've told you before, I make eight weeks at a time. Those programs were called "TO HOME SCHOOL OR NOT TO HOME SCHOOL, THAT IS THE QUESTION!" (BFT JFW/16 @ $4.00 +S&H). They are airing now. I hope that you get this tape for yourself and your friends. Along with those programs, I interviewed a few people and wrote a paper about it. Those six pages were going to be the bulk of the SEPTEMBER BFT UPDATE, but the state of war that you and I find ourselves in has taken precedence; so I have written the preceding pages to help me make some sense out of the senselessness. One thing I did think about, that I didn't put in my "THIS POOR MAN CRIED . . .," was all those teenage boys and all that teenage rage. Now they will have something real to be angry about and someone to seek out and bring to justice. In case you are wondering, I do not excuse their high school rage one bit! It is sin! Now they can channel their energy in a better direction over some real offense, not over their personal hurt feelings. Why do we human beings care so much about our feelings? But, we do! I'm so glad that Jesus did not care about His! Not many of us have escaped being bullied or made fun of. The unsuspecting children and adults that were killed in high schools and street killings were innocent people who never did anything major to them. All those school shootings found unsuspecting people mowed down just like the unsuspecting dead and injured in New York City and Washington D.C.


OUR TIME AT THE EASTBROOK BAPTIST CHURCH IN REYNOLDSBURG, OHIO with PASTOR WALTER LUCAS was full indeed. My husband spoke on the "Superiority of the King James Bible and its Underlying Texts" five times during their all-day Sunday Bible Conference (BFT #3046/1-3 @ $9+$2 S&H). As usual, my husband taught well in his quiet manner. I am sorry it is not on video. I had fun talking with the women for an hour during one of his afternoon sessions. True to form, I ran overtime! I was sorry they missed him but glad for the opportunity. I spoke about MARRIAGE, LIFE, & HONESTY--and I was honest (BFT #3046/1-3 @ $9+$2 S&H). The women kept laughing. If I "ad lib," people laugh and laugh. My daughter told me once that I reminded her of Lucille Ball. I don't really know why people laugh, but they do. That is why, when I want to be serious, I often speak from a manuscript. The other reason is I keep forgetting what I'm talking about (Ha!) Get the tape (BFT #3045 @ $4+$1 S&H). I was so honest that I told my husband, when he began putting it on the BFT Web page sermon and speaking page, "I better listen to it first." (Ha!) Our Web page is, and you may CLICK on his and PASTOR DAN'S sermons or Just For Women. I was amazed how many downloaded my radio tapes on A CHRISTIAN LOOKS AT EMBRYO RESEARCH (JFW/15 @ $4.00 + S&H) as well as WHAT ABOUT THE PRAYER OF JABEZ? (JFW/13 @ $4.00 +S&H). I wonder how many who died on September 11, 2001, had prayed the prayer of Jabez that morning. My husband said that maybe OSAMA BIN LADEN did!

Of special interest to me in Reynoldsburg was that we met the son and family of a man whom I had known when he was a teenage boy in Lagrange, Ohio. I was in late grade-school and seventh and eighth grades. (I've told you in past "UPDATES" about my early years in that little town of Lagrange--remember?). This man is RON SPEITH and his father was a WALTER SPEITH. I think he was a missionary as well as a pastor. It was fascinating to see the son. I could see the resemblance even though I had not seen Walter since his pre-Bible School days--maybe once afterwards. Walter Speith is the brother of MISSIONARY ALBERT SPEITH who spent years on the Amazon River in Brazil, South America, with his first wife NAOMI. My sister, AUDREY, was their flower girl, if I remember correctly. My mother may have sung at their wedding. I think so, now that I'm writing about it. The youngest girl in that family is EDITH who with her husband had a wide ministry with Spanish publications. She was a friend of my sister, the flower girl, and played the piano for her as Edith played her clarinet. One time Edith's instrument squeaked so much that Audrey couldn't cope and burst out laughing at the piano. What a memory! I think all these missionaries from one family there in Lagrange went to the mission field under BAPTIST MID-MISSIONS. But don't hold me to it! At that time during those depression years, several young people dedicated their lives for full-time service under the ministry of HENRY CRUVER. For instance ELIZABETH ODOR went out from LAGRANGE BAPTIST CHURCH to a West African country--I think it was NIGERIA; and her brother FRANK ODOR, along with his wife, MARGE CARPENTER ODOR, established several Baptist Churches on his own--like the APOSTLE PAUL without a mission board. I wonder how Paul ever made out without a mission board, don't you? Even though these people are etched indelibly in my heart, I never currently hear from any of them, much to my dismay, since my mother died--except Albert who sends his prayer letters. I miss hearing from them.


WHILE I'M TELLING YOU ABOUT PEOPLE--the pastor's wife, MITZIE WALKER LUCAS was a lovely Christian woman whom I liked right away. Maybe it was because she was from Ohio near where I grew up in Lakewood, Lagrange, and Berea--in that order. You know I'm an Ohio girl, but have not lived there for over forty years. Anyhow, Mrs. Lucas knew our daughter-in-law, JEANNETTE LAZAR WAITE. (She's the wife of the footnote editor of the DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #3000 Large @ $40+S&L; #3000 Medium @ $35+S&L). If you like that Bible, you should give Jeanette a lot of credit because she has spent many lonely hours by herself and with her children while D. A. WAITE, JR. did that remarkable work on the DKJ Bible. Anyhow--getting back to Mitzie Lucas--she is the mother of two daughters, and has just returned to teaching second grade at a local Christian School. I called Jeanette right away because I was so excited! She remembered that she and Mitzie were roommates briefly at BOB JONES UNIVERSITY. How interesting! Some good things do come out of Nazareth after all! She and Mrs. Lucas went to the same church as young children. It was called MADISON AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH. That was the church where Don and Jeanette were married, but I remember the original building in Cleveland on Madison Avenue, when, as a little girl, I was there with my father. He was the substitute Sunday School Superintendent. (My Dad was an excellent superintendent and knew how to bring enthusiasm and raise the attendance. I wish that you had known him!!) In fact, I have come upon some papers in my mother's journals that tell of her father, my GRANDFATHER BARKER, as one of the founders of Madison Avenue Baptist Church. Personally, I am a little confused if the church, now by that name, is on Madison Avenue anymore. I don't think so. It has become an inner-city church, I believe--and the last I heard about it somebody punched the preacher in the nose, or else it was the other way around. The preacher was exasperating, I guess! (Ha!) He has died since, but not from the punch in the nose!


This news should make you very happy because I will not be able to ramble on and on about people and places like I do when I go with him to his meetings . He would like me to go with him, but to be perfectly honest, it is getting harder and harder to do so. The airports exhaust me! There is so much walking and waiting. They wear me out! By the time I get to the church, I am a dish rag and can hardly walk or talk straight.


So I stayed home from the conference at CHRISTIAN LAKE BIBLE CONFERENCE in STRATFORD, NEW YORK. That was in July soon after the annual DEAN BURGON MEETING in RAMSEY, MN. I'd been at the camp three times before and knew I couldn't take the walking. There was a full camp, my husband said, and they had as many as seventy-five or sixty-five on some evenings. That is a good number for that camp. One of the main draw-backs there is everyone has to do his own cooking, as well as his own walking. (Ha!) The beauty of the camp makes up for it, I guess. Only I prefer not to cook on a vacation--but that's me. SAD NEWS! Right before Pastor Waite drove up to Stratford, we learned of the sudden death of ELLIE WEBB. Her husband, DON WEBB is the director and owner of the camp. They both have poured their life-blood into that testimony. Needless to say, it was a shock! She was a darling little lady who reminded me of the pioneer women we read about in our history books. BEST OF ALL: She loved the Lord Jesus Christ! He did such good things for her!

At the request of the camp director, Dr. Waite taught the book of Jude in the evenings (BFT #3041/1-3 @ $9+$2 S&H). Come to think of it--I haven't heard those tapes yet. We're so busy. I can't keep up with us! During the following morning session, the people discussed the passages taught the night before (BFT #3042/1-2 @ $7+$1 S&H). I know that was good because my husband has a way with discussion in class. He does that here at the Bible For Today Baptist Church, too. Have you ever received our videos on THE GOSPEL OF JOHN or the Thursday Bible Time in the book of Ecclesiastes? ASK US ABOUT THEM. I remember years ago in another church, that a missionary asked my husband for tapes of his Sunday School teaching so he could learn how to use the Q & A discussion method of teaching. It is a gift! Everyone can't do it. Our sons know how to do this also. I don't know how to do this as well as they do.


I think it was in August--but it may have been the end of July--that my husband was with PASTOR BAGI at BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH in CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA. Chesapeake is very near to VIRGINIA BEACH. Though it was a small group, Dr. Waite was thrilled with the prospect of the furtherance of his teaching on the version issue (BFT #3044/1-4 @ $12+$2 S&H). Why? Because there were seminary students, and missionaries in his King James Bible Seminar who can take this teaching to their churches and countries. For this group, Dr. Waite presented a series of messages on Fundamentalist Distortions and Mis-Information on Bible Versions (BFT #3044/1-4 @ $12+$2 S&H). The message will grow! It is very exciting. He preached on Philippians 1:1-9 on Sunday morning as well as answering final questions on the Bible version issues (BFT #3040 @ $4+$1 S&H). He was also thrilled with the book-table response. He kept calling home for more Defined King James BIBLES and other books for the people. Relatives were buying Bibles for presents for loved ones. To top it off--the pastor bought many books for his own distribution. In fact, the pastor and my husband attended PASTOR RODNEY BELL'S evening service. Pastor Bagi gave him a Defined King James Bible (BFT #3000 Large Leather), which Pastor Bell asked my husband to sign. That was a surprise! While in the area, Pastor Bagi took my husband to the DOUGLAS MACARTHUR MUSEUM. Pastor Waite is very interested in that General, as you may know. I would have enjoyed the museum, too . Funny thing: when I'm on the trips, we go nowhere, and if we do, he "times" me! Oh well. Seven days was a long time for us to be separated! Guess what? He was glad to see me!


While PASTOR JOAH was here in July, my husband took him to meetings in POTTSTOWN, PA (BFT #3038/1-3 @ $7+$1 S&H) at the CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH where PAUL SCHMETZER is the pastor. I was so glad that ST. SOLOMON JOAH was here because I didn't want to go. Ha! Our granddaughter, MEGAN, was visiting with us, I'd just gotten over the DBS in Ramsey, MN, and as I told him, "I've heard you before!" He and Pastor Joah had good fellowship and Megan and I had fun with Grandpa gone! We ate at a THAI/FRENCH restaurant nearby. Was sorry not to see the LEINBACH'S , good BFT friends through the years. Maybe another time!


ONCE AGAIN A HUGE TRUCK, LIKE YOU HEAR ABOUT TURNING OVER ON HIGHWAYS AND BLOCKING TRAFFIC, BACKED INTO OUR DRIVEWAY. I wish you could have been here! Three of our sons helped unload the truck and one of the men from our church. Another man was supposed to help but he couldn't get off work. If we keep up this Bible and book shipments, I think we should have one of those ramp things with little round bearings that help move the boxes along off the truck. Do you happen to have one lying around your house? You know what I mean--the kind I see on TV that the UPS people use to load and unload their trucks. Anyhow we have this wonderful supply of 8,500 more Defined King James Bibles. Over 39,000 have now been printed. People all over the world have their copies. I must mention that several thousand of them were pre-ordered with special colors and covers. Two individuals pre-ordered hundreds of Bibles--most of them have been shipped off to their destinations. Now, if you ever want a special shipment of DKJB's like this, there is one BIG requirement. You have to pay for them up front so we are not stuck with thousands of dollars for the printing costs. Let us know. Call DAN WAITE. He's in charge of this type of thing (856-854-4452).


Haven't told you about our BIBLE FOR TODAY BAPTIST CHURCH for a few letters. We have had a fruitful summer, if I say so myself. Presently my husband is finishing up the book of Hebrews. As I've told you before he takes two weeks for one chapter of the books he teaches us. It has been no different with Hebrews. For instance, Hebrews 11:1-20 was titled "Looking For A City" and Hebrews 11:21-40 was called "Seeing The Invisible" (BFT #3026/11 @ $4+$1 S&H). I thought they were very moving messages myself. The whole series has been excellent. Maybe you could order them (Audios-- BFT #3026/1-13 @ $39+$4 S&H); Videos--BFT #3026VC1-7 @ $75+$6 S&H). Be sure to specify if you want the audio tapes or the video tapes! Thirteen people order these each month. Wish you'd consider it. When my husband is away Pastor Dan teaches us from 1 John. His last message from 1 John 3:1-13 called "Stop Being Deceived." (BFT #3033/02 @ $4+$1 S&H) Our church radio program continues to be aired. Praise the Lord for this outreach!

I think I did mention that PASTOR JOAH from Liberia, West Africa was with us for a month. It was great to see him again. Then in August, we had the ordination of PASTOR JUNG who has started VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH in INCHON, KOREA. During that period, instead of a summer slump, we had the biggest attendance ever in our house church. We had 50 twice, 49 once, and 54 another time. Two different Sundays, two families with several children visited us--that swelled the crowd. One was from North Carolina. They heard my husband on the radio. In fact both families were listeners. Another family is attending regularly who had a "run-in" in their church when one of the daughters discovered the disparity and differences between many of the verses in the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD and the KING JAMES BIBLE. The church had replaced their pew Bibles with NASV's.

If you are in the area, feel free to drop in. Sunday morning begins at 10:00 A.M. and the afternoon discussion class, the Gospel of John, is at 1:30 PM; while Thursday evenings at 8:00 PM, we are in Ecclesiastes.


It just can't be helped. Summer time brings vacations to our helpers. One of our faithful shippers quit! Pastor Dan Waite, our main office manager and brains in many areas of the BFT work, not only had a vacation, he also was sick, and then two computers went out because of a lightning strike through the telephone lines. This took forever to fix and it was expensive for us also. We have a surge protector for regular electrical surges, etc., but not for the telephone conductor problem. Then last week, my husband's computer was down for days. Dan is the computer genius on board. We thought the problems were solved but today, we find out that we couldn't feed the sermons to the main computer on to SermonAudio.Com in SOUTH CAROLINA. We have now fixed this problem. Dan can't fill orders at the same time he is fixing computers. As it is, HEATHER was pulled away from answering letters, and BARBARA, our main audio tape person as well as trouble shooter, is swamped. She told me today that one order alone requested forty-one audio tapes. Wow! And me? I've been trying to finish up the final proofreading of the my husband's book on First Peter--Preaching Through The Bible Verse By Verse. This is a verse by verse exposition of this book taken from his sermons. This whole project was interrupted by the trauma of the recent terrorism in our country. I also had a day of Jury Duty. That is behind me. Excuse all these excuses! I know you will be calling. I don't exactly blame you. Strange as it may seem, the world can fall apart, people get death threats, dying, illness, and marriages break up, but someone will call and wonder where his book is.


May God bless you for your interest and care. Life is very short. We never really know if we will breathe another breath; yet we go on as if we are in charge of it all. I think September 11th showed us all how frail and unprotected we really are as human beings. May God forgive our indifference and complacency. May we never forget that our goal should be for the prize of the HIGH CALLING OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS!

 I'm in His care, are you?
 Yvonne Sanborn Waite

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