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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

February 2001



Satan is out to destroy Christians and their families!  
Let us not be too proud to HUMBLE OURSELVES  Under the Mighty Hand of God!

I Peter 5:6-11

New President 

Personally I am glad that George W. Bush is our new president! I know many are not. I know some of his political weaknesses, but in spite of that, I am glad. Of course, this is my personal opinion, and I may have to eat my words. Some are unhappy. The Gore people are in-hiding someplace--maybe enrolling in journalism school--who knows? The Clinton followers can't let go! They are still band-aiding their fingernails from pulling "W's" off their computer keyboards. The Buchanan tribe is rebuilding the divided Reformed Party--a hopeless task And the Nader Green group is policing the rain forests and testing for global warming.

As I write this, Senator John Ashcroft is under fire for his conservative, fundamentalist views. He is bombarded with questions doubting his integrity by such "peerless" men as Teddy Kennedy of Chapaquidick fame. While Janet Reno, our past Attorney General, knew no such slaughter except at Waco when her order killed innocent children. She was Clinton's choice! So, she sailed through into the attorney general's chair without a Senate whimper, along with her Parkinson's disease, her perverted sexual orientation, and her cereal-bowl-short-hair. 

"A political party is not a church. In churches, goals and expectations should both be high. In politics, we should never lower our goals, but we should lower our expectations. We should go for all or something, not all or nothing. If we don't bat 1.000 or even .500, we should not take our ball and go home. And, in evaluating politicians, we should remember the big difference between a .300 hitter and a .200 hitter. President Bush will disappoint us lots of times, but I believe he's at least a .300 hitter, and under current conditions in our liberty-theme park it's not going to get any better than that." [Marvin Olasky, WORLD, December 30, 2000--January 6-2001] 

Independent Means Independent 

I am so glad that Dr. Waite and I are to the stage in our life that we believe that the word, INDEPENDENT means independent. Our Bible For Today Baptist Church brochure says that it is a "A fundamental, independent, unaffiliated, pre-millennial, separated, Bible-believing Baptist church" and on top of that, we use and preach from the King James Bible. I am content that in our senior years, we are finally free of associations and confederations. For you see, in my opinion, when one is in an Association, one has to cow-tow to the leaders of that "association". One has to bow to the chairmen, the presidents, the "big church" pastors, and the missionary board heads.

The Ping-Pong Game of "Same/Same" Speakers 

Have you noticed those listed on the rosters of this millennium's Bible conferences--especially among the fundamentalists--that the same people are always the same speakers? Maybe it is true of the new-evangelical camps and modernist camps, too. It seems to be that the presidents of the various fundamental schools and seminaries who speak at each other's conferences must get all worn out. Read their Bible Conference programs for yourself. See that Dr. Same/Same is always one of the speakers, as well as the others listed. I can't figure it out! Why the ping-pong game? If your school president speaks for us, you must ask our president to speak for you. The same lead speakers switch from one Bible College to another. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Pity the poor students. Imagine their confusion after hearing a speech from President So & So from Thus and Thus College. I can hear them wonder, "Have I chosen the wrong school?" 

I'm beginning to wonder a few things myself. Is there a lack of Bible teachers in America's fundamental world? Are not our churches producing Bible teachers? Are not the pastors of our local churches studying the Word of God anymore so they can "rise to the top" and become Bible teachers at Bible Conferences as they did in former years? Is that the reason colleges and seminaries choose other school's professors and presidents to fill their platforms for special Bible teaching weeks? Or is it some kind of political ploy? The "Same/Same" speakers are friends of one another. Many of them graduated from the same South Carolina University. Some write books together. Most hold to the Westcott/ Hort-type Greek Text and despise the Textus Receptus. They say they appreciate the King James Bible but undercut its Greek text on every occasion that they can--especially in their classroom teaching. Is there some kind of new anti-King James Bible Club being formed? Is it a union, of some sort, with paying dues of allegiance to one another and their university? Just asking--that's all! 

Expecting A Big Truck With Big Bibles 

This week we are expecting a load of Defined King James Bibles--over 5,000 in more than 500 cardboard boxes--to arrive at our door-step. It is always an exciting event! A huge semi-truck will back into our driveway; and our men will begin to uncrate huge wooden crates all the way from South Korea and carry boxes loaded with Bibles into our garage. Praise God for our large, strong, brick two car garage! Who would have thought, when we moved here thirty-five years ago, how important to the Lord's work that garage would be? 

As soon as the DKJ Bibles (BFT #3000L & #3000M) come into our hands, they will be sent out to you and others like you who have ordered them. by UNITED PARCEL or U.S. MAIL. Our son and main man here at THE BIBLE FOR TODAY (Daniel) masterminds this project with the aid of his two brothers, D.A., Jr. and Pastor Richard Waite. There is a rumor that two of our grandsons will come from Maryland with their father and Uncle to help us--along with Dave Peterman and Granddaughter Rebecca Waite. I hope so--because I can't carry one box, not alone five hundred! 

ORDER TODAY an article from The January 2001 "The Burning Bush"  "BOB JONES UNIVERSITY AND THE KJV: A CRITIQUE OF FROM THE MIND OF GOD TO THE MIND OF MAN"  BFT #3024 @ $3.50 + $2 S&H By Dr. Jeffrey Khoo 


I wrote that article with a great burden in my heart. How can fundamentalists be so blind to the poison of Westcott and Hort, and of the modern perversions? By the grace of God, FAR EASTERN BIBLE COLLEGE will continue to fight the battle for the Bible--the KJV--in this part of the world. I am thankful for all your publications and resources in defense of the KJV. I am indebted to all the hard work you have put in, and have learned much from your books. 

I have just returned with Dr. Timothy Tow from a missions trip to Myanmar. We were there to dedicate a new KJV- based Falam Chin Bible. The Chin people of Myanmar for many years have been using a Bible that was translated by a Dr. Stephen Hre Kio--a modernist--who used the TEV [TODAY'S ENGLISH VERSION, the same as GOOD NEWS FOR MODERN MAN] as his text. The faculty of the FAR EASTERN FUNDAMENTAL SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY under the leadership of Rev. Robert Thawn Luai has risen to challenge this attack on the Scriptures. They have translated the Bible into their own language based on the KJV. They are now in the final stages of translating the OT, and hope to complete it by next year. LIFE BIBLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH bought them a brand new Heidelberg press, and they are making full and indeed very good use of it. We also presented a copy of the Defined King James Bible to each M. Min graduate of the school. God is working in the hearts of His people all over the world. He is raising up His people to defend His Word just as He did in the time of the Reformation. "The LIFE CHURCH WEEKLY" and the next issue of "THE BURNING BUSH" will carry a full report. (Jeffery Khoo, B.Th., M.Div., S.T.M., Ph.D., Academic Dean, and Lecturer in New Testament at the FAR EASTERN BIBLE COLLEGE, Singapore) 

A New Korean Bible 

DR. WAITE IS VERY ENCOURAGED WITH THE TRANSLATION WORK OF DR. DONSOO JUNG OF INCHON, SOUTH KOREA. Dr. Jung has been our friend in the Bible fight over the past few years. He has been working on the Korean front as Jeffrey Khoo and the Tow brothers have been doing in Singapore and their environs. Whenever he is in this country--which is once or twice a year--Dr. Jung and his family stop over to our home here in Collingswood for a visit. This mechanical engineering professor at Inchon University has a passion to get the true Bible into the hands, minds, and hearts of his Korean people. Over the years he has spent hours and hours alone and with friends in translation of the King James Bible into Korean. As you no doubt are aware, the Authorized (KJB) is an accurate, reliable translation of the Textus Receptus Greek and Masoretic Hebrew. So, when someone who doesn't know the original languages, or when someone butchers the original languages, but knows English well, it is better to translate the English King James into the heart languages of the people--though I do believe Dr. Jung has consulted the original texts for any problems. Anyhow, his beautiful leather Bible is ready for the Korean speaking & reading public. If you are interested, call or write us for Dr. Jung's address. 

It pleases my husband immensely to see the stand for the KJB and its underlying texts promoted in the Far East. He can't help contemplating the confusion in the fundamental camps in the United States. Those who should be standing together in textual matters have succumbed to the modernist position and teachings on Biblical textual matters. 

Some forget that Dr. Waite was trained in his Bible Greek From a WESTCOTT/ HORT New Testament. It took him 21 years to change over to the TR position. He did not come to such a position from the womb. His conviction came by reading REVISION REVISED by John Wm Burgon (BFT #611 @ $25+$6 S&H) after a student inquired if he'd ever seen that book. Instead of becoming angry and defensive, like so many teachers do today, he read Burgon's undeniable arguments and saw the light. My husband got his high grades at Dallas Theological Seminary years ago from the actual words from that Westcott/Hort text. But I will say this: that at least, Dallas is honest in this day and age and doesn't use the King James Bible anymore! That is a consistent position. That's more than can be said of most fundamental schools who peddle the Nestle-land and United Bible Society (UBS) Greek Testaments in their Greek classes and use the King James Bible on their preaching platform.. 

Let Me Quote From Some Recent Letters

From a Prisoner 

". . . I am writing you to let you know that I truly thank the Lord for your Defined King James Bible. I found it in a cell one day as I was cleaning it and I have not been able to put it down. Pastor Waite, I'm in jail doing some time but I know that the Lord is going to open these doors for me real soon. . . ."

I don't know exactly how that DKJ Bible got into that jail, but just wanted to share the blessing that Bible brought him and others inside and outside of prison. We do not have a jail ministry. So please don't get all interested in this. Most prisoners have no money for their requests or even their postage. So if we do send something to them, it costs us out of our own BFT pocket! The exasperating thing is that the prisons, for the most part, will not accept the Bibles even though we try to follow their rules. Occasionally we get a Bible through to an inmate and he shows it around. This is a mistake because a crowd of them ask for free Bibles or literature. Most all the time those items, which cost us money to print and send, come back refused. It is discouraging for us and our limited staff.

From North Carolina 

I had a letter from a couple who didn't live anywhere near Kansas; yet a brother from that state lent them a copy of DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #1594-P @ $12.00 + S&H $4.00) by D. A. Waite. They told how the book answered their questions about their personal uneasiness when their church was in the process of changing the church's Bible. This version-changing is happening and has happened all over the world; yet there are some churches who are changing back to the old King James! Did you know that? 

My husband teaches Sunday School at our church. . .Our church belongs to the Southern Baptist Association and they are leaning toward Sunday School literature with the NIV verses. We plan to share with them about the study you did comparing the KJV to the original 1611 KJV and the modern versions to the KJV [BFT #1294 @ $2.50+$2.00 S&H]. They will be amazed as we were, I know, to find so many differences (6,653!) in the NIV. We will recommend that everyone purchase your book DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE. It is full of so much eye-opening information.

From a Pastor 

I just listened to your message on Galatians 6:10-18. I found it a blessing. I am preaching on the passage this Lord's Day. Hopefully soon I will listen to your message that covers 1 Peter 3:21. 

A Quote From Defending The King James Bible by D.A.W. BFT #1594-P @ $12.00 + $4.00 S&H) 

One of the reasons for the "THEOLOGICAL ERRORS IN THE VERSIONS" is their lack of diligence in regarding the very WORDS of the Living God! If the modern versions and perversions had kept all the Hebrew and Greek WORDS that form the underlying basis for the King James Bible, and if they had actually TRANSLATED these words correctly as did the King James Bible, instead of PARAPHRASING them, there would have been very few, if any "THEOLOGICAL ERRORS" to talk and write about! 

The BATTLE for God's Word in our day is a BATTLE about "WORDS".

In order to win that BATTLE, as the KING JAMES BIBLE has done, two things must be true: (1) you must have the exact "WORDS" in Hebrew and Greek to begin with and (2) You must have a proper translating technique which respects these exact "WORDS" in English. Dynamic equivalence and paraphrase will not do. (Pastor D. A. Waite in Defending The KJB, pg 184) 

Preaching in 1 Corinthians and Beyond!
By PASTOR D. A. WAITE, Th.D., Ph.D. 

The First Corinthian Tapes in Progress There will be 16 audio cassettes (BFT #2997/1-16 @ $48 + S&H) and 8 videos (BFT#2997VC1-8 @ $15 each, or $85 + S&H.) It will take thirty-two weeks to teach Paul's epistle to the Church at Corinth. 12 Chapters are ready NOW. I hope that you order these teaching tapes. My husband teaches every verse. His verbiage is easily understood. He doesn't use big words to wow you with his knowledge. 

Maybe you have a longing to understand the Word of God better. Why not avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity to learn the Bible? You can play the audio tapes in your car as you are driving from place to place, and/ or watch the videos in the quietness of your home alone, or with your family. Some order these videos every month to be a part of our "satellite" listeners. Many people are hungry to learn what the Bible says in every verse, and to hear it preached from the King James Bible. They are weary of the modern versions! My husband teaches in a very easy manner. HE DOESN'T SKIP OVER DIFFICULT, CONTROVERSIAL PASSAGES LIKE TOPICAL PREACHERS OFTEN DO. 

Pastor Waite has finished teaching & recording !

Philemon (BFT #2996VCR @ $15+$4 S&H VIDEO or BFT #2996TP @ $4 + $1 S&H AUDIO) !

Romans (BFT VIDEO #2906VC1-8 @ $85+ $7 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2906/1-16 @ $48+$6 S&H), !

I Peter (BFT VIDEO #2945VC1-3 @ $35 + $5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2045/1-5 @ $15+$4 S&H) !

Galatians (BFT VIDEO #2955VC1-3 @ $35+$5 S&H or (BFT AUDIO #2955/1-6 @ $18 + $5 S&H), !

Ephesians (BFT VIDEO #2974VC1-3 @ $35 + $5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2973/1-6 @ $18+$4 S&H) !

Philippians (BFT VIDEO #2977VC1-2 @ $25 + $4 S&H or BFT AUDIO # 2977/1-4 @ $12+$4 S&H), !

Colossians (BFT VIDEO #2988VC1-2 @ $25+$5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2988/1-4 @ $12+$4 S&H). !

DAN WAITE HAS FINISHED THE BOOK OF 2 PETER !(BFT #2927VC1-3 @ $35+$5 S&H for video, or BFT #2927/1-5 @ $15 + $4 S&H for audio.) 

Listen To Sermons On Radio And Internet All the sermons but Romans and 2 Peter have been aired on WTMR-800 AM, a local radio station, and many on WOEL-FM 89.9mhz out of Elkton, Md, on WTBI out of Greenville, SC area, as well as WGTG SHORT WAVE @ 6.890 (upper side band) and the INTERNET every Sunday night 6-7p.m. eastern. You can also hear my program, Just For Woman as well as Pastor Waite's sermons on under "Audio Sermons". 

Why Not Receive Bible Teaching Videos Monthly? 

It is sad to say, but some people can't find a Bible-preaching church that uses the King James Bible; or if they do, there is a mixture of Bibles in the congregation. Some people are not comfortable with this babel, so they have been staying home from church. I believe in fellow-shipping with the Saints myself; but I am not sure I could sit Sunday after Sunday in a church where the wrong Bible is used. There is a dearth in the land! 

Gospel of John Bible Study On Sundays At 1:30 P.M. 

WE ARE EXCITED TO HAVE A NEW SERVICE IN OUR CHURCH. As you may remember, our morning church service is from 10:00 A M, until 11:30 AM (900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ). During this time, we not only have an expository message from the Word of God by our pastor, but we sing favorite hymns and gospel songs led by Mr. Dick Carroll accompanying us on our baby grand Baldwin piano. I wish that you could join us by video or come personally to contribute to the discussion. It is a blessing. I try very hard to video all of us as we participate, and focus often on Pastor Waite as he directs our thoughts into this Gospel that tells us of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Feel free to order these discussions. (BFT # John/VCR) or better still, DROP IN! It will whet your appetite to look into God's Word for yourself. 

Yes, We Do Have Expenses! 

If my husband and I would send out the typical "prayer" letter that many missionaries send, we could fill pages with BIBLE FOR TODAY financial needs, car repairs, broken air conditioners, copy machine difficulties, printing costs, personal difficulties, and physical pains, but we don't. We could tell you about the problems of the people with whom we minister in our church, community, and in our BFT and DBS (Dean Burgon Society) family, but we don't. I could write a very exciting account of people's prayer requests, but I don't. Their personal lives are their personal business. So I just "hit-chat" with you and hope you can catch some of our work's burden and some of our heart needs. Occasionally I tell you a family heartache like Elizabeth's recent near-death accident, but that is very rare. You were so wonderful in prayer for her. It was very tender to our hearts to read and hear of your care. But many of our heart aches are too personal and private to splash on a written page. I'm sure you understand.

For instance, our P.S.E.&G. (electric & gas) bill for this month is $663.12. My husband and I pay this bill ourselves. I'm not asking . I'm just telling. Nor am I complaining--I really am not. I just want you to know that nothing is free--not even our salvation. Jesus Christ paid for that on Calvary. Remember? 

Today I had some kind of medical procedure and it hurt me very much. I thought of the pain and suffering that my Saviour bore on the cross for me. But the greatest of His suffering was the sin--the sin of the world--that the Father put on His sinless Son. My sin caused such suffering. Your sin! The sin of the world brought agony that neither you nor I will ever know, no matter how much we have pain. Why did He love us so? 

I MUST RUN, I HAVE WORK TO DO AND PLACES TO GO! I wonder what the Lord has in mind for you and me this coming month. Sometimes we "plan" our lives--what foolishness!--and we wake up in a state of confusion, without a job, in the hospital, or in love, or happy as a lark over nothing special. We, too, have needs! Doesn't everybody? 

Always in God's Care Even In The Midst of Confusion, 

Yvonne Sanborn Waite 

(1 Peter 5:6-7)

P.S. Be sure to make plans NOW for the Annual KJB Seminar here in Collingswood, June 12-15, 2001. Four days of Biblical defense taught by Dr. D. A. Waite. The cost is only $200 (including 30 books valued at $293). Call 856-854-4452 for detailed information. 

The Bible Order Blank 

(The tax deductible amount of a GIFT is limited to the excess of the GIFT over the value of any goods from BFT. Add S&H) 

Special Gift Materials 

[ ] GIFT of $40.00 +S&H for #3000L "THE DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE" footnotes by Mr. D. A. Waite, Jr., et al. Comes in Black & Burgundy plain and Black thumb indexed $5 extra. Uncommon words accurately defined in footnotes; genuine leather; large print. 12 to a case @ $30 each + S&H. 

[ ] GIFT OF $35.00 +S&H for #3000M "THE DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE" footnotes by Mr. D. A. Waite, Jr., et al. Comes in Black & Burgundy plain and Black thumb indexed $5 extra. $25 each +S&H for case. 

[ ] GIFT of $12.00 for #1594-P "DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE--A Four-fold Superiority: Texts, Translators, Technique, Theology: God's Word Kept Intact In English" (352pp hardback book) by Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D. A BOOK that our BFT friends should read and distribute! + S&H. 

[ ] GIFT of $2.00 for #2423 "FOUR REASONS FOR DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE" (26 page booklet) by Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D. This is a SUMMARY of our big book, "DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE." It is designed to interest people in the larger book by giving the pages where more details are found. [4/$6; 12/$15; 25/$25 + S&H. Help us distribute BOTH TITLES! 

[ ] GIFT of $5.00 for #PB2671 (84 page new booklet) "THE COMPARATIVE READABILITY OF THE AUTHORIZED VERSION-7 Versions Compared by Computer" by Mr. D. A. Waite, Jr. Get several!! 

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[ ] GIFT of $3.00 for #2506 "DEAN BURGON'S VINDICATION OF THE LAST TWELVE VERSES OF MARK" (36 page booklet) by Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D. A SUMMARY of Dean John William Burgon's arguments supporting Mark 16:9-20 with many charts [4/$10; 12/$27; 25/$50 + S & H 

[ ] GIFT of $25.00 + $4 S&H for #611 (640 page hardback) "THE REVISION REVISED" by Dean John William Burgon; refutation of Westcott and Hort's false Greek text, false theory, and defective E.R.V. 

[ ] GIFT of $16.00 + $4.00 S&H for #1159 (384 page hardback book) "THE TRADITIONAL TEXT OF THE GOSPELS" by Dean John William Burgon; the continuity of the Received Text from the first. 

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[ ] GIFT of $7.00 + S&H for #2928 (80 pp. perfect bound new book) "FUNDAMENTALIST DISTORTIONS ON BIBLE VERSIONS" by Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D. A smashing answer to a video put out by nine representatives from seven schools; 27 serious distortions; fully indexed; get it! 

[ ] GIFT of $7.00 + S&H for #2974 (144 pp. perfect bound new book) "FUNDAMENTALIST MIS- INFORMATION on BIBLE VERSIONS." by Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D. Refutation of 118 items of MIS-INFORMATION from the BJU-approved book From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man. 

[ ] GIFT of $35.00 for #1670 Hardback and $45.00 Leather "SCRIVENER=S ANNOTATED GREEK NEW TESTAMENT" by Dr. Frederick Scrivener. 5,604 Westcott/Hort changes from T.R. noted. 


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