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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

January 2001


Satan is out to destroy Christians and their families!  
Let us not be too proud to HUMBLE OURSELVES  Under the Mighty Hand of God!

 I Peter 5:6-11

"The Beginning Is Half Of All"

Here I sit, staring at the computer screen, wondering what I'm going to say to you this month--not that things haven't been happening here at the ranch and elsewhere--but WHERE to begin?  Well, as they say (whoever "they" be): "THE BEGINNING IS HALF OF ALL."  Come to think of it--it's my husband who says it;  only he says it in Greek: ("archE hemisu pantou")!

Just now I asked Dr. Waite to jot down a few of the BIBLE FOR TODAY'S aspired "beginnings" for the new year of 2001.  So he did!  Let me tell you about them!  As you know, we can often "begin" something and often actually do it; but we cannot foreknow the ending of a project or of a life.  There have been many unfinished paintings, unsung songs, and letters half written.   I think of those, whom I knew, who began the year 2000 full of vision and vigor only to be lowered low in a grave before the year's end to wait for the  Resurrection.  Our times are not our own--even though we think we own them.  They are in God's hand as the Scripture tells us.

January Is A Time For Beginnings

ANOTHER YEAR OF DAILY BIBLE READING  FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION.  Did you complete your Bible reading last year?   Do you need to order our YEARLY BIBLE READING SCHEDULE IN ACTION? (BFT #179; 50/$5.00 or 100/$10.00 + S&H)   Maybe it is because I'm getting older, but I become a wee bit impatient with folk that say they are born again Christians and who love the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God, but have NEVER read the Bible through in their lives.  (I'm not talking about reading it once a year; I'm talking about reading it at all.)   Some "a-men" with the loudest voice in church and talk a big game, but cannot give ten or fifteen minutes of their time daily to the reading of the Book of Books.  A Bible reading determination (and that is what it is) is not a Bible study program.  That is where people get all mixed up about it. Just read, and read, and read.  If you don't understand it, in time, you will--not this year but another year.  And if you have a pastor who is a "pastor/teacher," as he should be, he will eventually get to that portion of the Bible that you don't understand and he'll teach you about it.  And if he doesn't--SHAME ON HIM!  Of course, if you have a pastor who rants and raves over a verse or one word every week, he'll never get to that problem in Leviticus or II Chronicles.  Or if you have a pastor who only talks about slacks and long hair, you'll never discover the answer to your questions in Obadiah or Revelation.   If you do, then get a book, a friend, a Bible study group, or better yet--DIG INTO THE SCRIPTURE YOURSELF, and get a good dictionary and a Strong's Concordance.


(BFT #3004--not completed as of this date).   Several years ago Dr. Waite was asked to give a series of messages on marriage to a camp in Ohio.  This he did.  They are on audio tape (BFT #1454/1-4 @ $12+S&H) but were never put in print.  This past year a young couple, looking forward to marriage, asked my husband to marry them and to give them a series of counseling sessions on marriage. Scratching his head to determine the direction he should go for this necessary instruction, he remembered the Ohio series.  Dusting off his old notes, he began to make a little booklet especially for this couple for their present and future reference.  In the meantime, the couple decided they wanted someone else to marry them and to counsel them. That was fine, but there was all that work and no place to use it!   I felt bad for him--all that time he could have used in another direction.  So, I looked at the revived notes and listened to the tapes.  They were good!  I encouraged my husband to put this work in print.  Now Dr. Waite is pruning the words.  Lord willing, we will have a finished booklet for you soon.  To be truthful, your interest would encourage him to finish the job sooner!  I can assure you that you will be blessed by this singular, original work to help in your own marriage, as well as helping newly married folk to establish Bible-based attitudes in their new marriages.

Ten Reasons Why

  (BFT #PB1847 67 large pages @ $7+$4 S&H)   Several years ago--in 1990--my husband gave this address at the twelfth annual meeting of THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETY held in Warren, Maine.  It was given because of some flak that the DEAN BURGON SOCIETY should not be named after John William Burgon,  Dr. Waite feels that this work should be brought back to the attention of the Society as well as the general public.   He is considering speaking on the subject at the 23rd DBS annual meeting this year at the INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH in Ramsey, MN, Lord willing,  on July 18-19, 2001.  PASTOR CHARLES NICHOLS, the host pastor, takes a strong, bold stand for the Textus Receptus in that part of the country!   Call him for information about the meetings (612-533-4356). Don't miss them!

A NEW SERIES OF SERMONS via   A new series of sermons will be downloaded on such as "Safeguards of Separation #1 & #2 (sermons preached at the 1999 FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH Bible Conference in Elkton, MD.), The Person & Work of Christ," "Called to be Saints," "Set for the Defense of the Gospel," "To Die or Gain," "A Fresh Look at the Resurrection," and "Music at Midnight."  Mostly these are sermons that Pastor Waite has preached in our church here in Collingswood, NJ.   You can order them from us also.  I personally am so happy to sit under the ministry of someone who actually teaches me the Bible.  In years past, I never would know if I'd hear some ditty on a word or two, or if the preacher was on a hobby, or telling of an incident from his life the week before or a humorous event from someone else's life.  Why is it that so many preachers go nowhere in the Word?  I can't figure it out.  I used to think that even I could get up there without studying and "preach" like that, or  better, without studying!!   (Of course I wouldn't because I am a woman.)  It was most discouraging to go to church and get absolutely nothing new and fresh for my soul.  I had so many needs, and all that I got was pablum (baby food) or worse yet, garbage.  I would look around at the people in the pews and wonder, "Is this easy stuff what they want?"  "Is this sermon on the Christmas wreath necessary?" "Is this ranting and raving on one or two words or phrases what the average churchgoer wants?"  Oh, don't get me wrong.  I understand a need for some such topical preaching for a  certain occasion or a change of pace.  I'm not completely hard hearted.

I have sat under Bible teachers, in the pre-psychological preaching days, like HARRY IRONSIDE at Chicago's Moody Memorial Church (a huge church, packed with people) where my soul was thrilled to the toes with his simple, expository preaching.  Ignorance of the Word of God was impossible for the listening Christian!  And other men have been an example to my husband and me in the early days for such delivery as that of  LEWIS SPERRY CHAFER,  his teacher, as well as J. VERNON McGEE at Dallas Theological Seminary--the old Dallas before the current, pro-razzle/dazzle delivery was popularized.  Weekly, while at the University of Michigan, Dr. Waite, as a  new-born Christian, sat at the feet of DR. M. R. DeHANN (he was a medical doctor), at the Friday night Detroit Bible Class teaching the book of Hebrews.  Then another was Evangelist OLIVER B. GREEN who could preach, topically & textually, as well as presenting excellent expository messages.  My father enjoyed his expository messages so much that he purchased all of Green's books.  I will always remember what our oldest son said about many of the preachers that preached from his fundamentalist college/university's pulpit.  He said that the speaker always talked about "preach the Word," and they yelled and hollered about "preaching the Word;" but seldom did it.  How sad--but true!   It's like a mother who would advocate cooking healthy meals but would never make any.  Same thing!

Preaching in 1 Corinthians and Beyond!

I HOPE THAT YOU ARE AVAILING YOURSELF OF THESE  MESSAGES!  WE PUT THEM ON VIDEO OR AUDIO TAPES. One day when I was asking my husband, "What exactly do you do with your day?"  I guess it was an impertinent question.  You see, I know that we are living past the "four score & ten" and that every year, every day, every moment is bonus time for my husband and me.  I have so many things I want to do (we'll see what the Lord has in mind in time), and I know my husband has a mental "wish list," too--books to write, articles to compose,  radio broadcasts to record, sermons to preach, and people to train.  I keep wondering, "When are you going to get your book on so-and-so done?"  (We hired someone to help but the progress is very slow.  Maybe he has gone into early retirement.  Ha! )  So one day, when I was "complaining," my husband looked at me and said,  "Vonnie, I don't think you realize how much time it takes for me to look up all those Greek words and Bible verses every week for my Sunday morning message."  You know, he was right.  My husband is a quiet man.  He doesn't make a big splash about himself or the hours he labors for other people--including me.   He does his work and goes on.  So it is really disturbing to me, his wife, when someone who doesn't know the first thing about research or the sacrifices that a man (and his family) makes to study the Word of God, for the edification of the souls of people, to make a comment such as , "I really don't like expository preaching!  I like topical preaching better!"  I ask myself, "Where is that person's spiritual thirst?" Beats me!!

The First Corinthian Tapes in Progress

There will be 16 audio cassettes (BFT #2997/1-16 @ $48 + S&H) and 8 videos (BFT#2997VC1-8 @ $15 each, or $85 + S&H.)  It will take thirty-two weeks to teach Paul's epistle to the Church at Corinth. Eleven  Chapters are ready NOW.  I hope that you order these teaching tapes.  My husband teaches every verse.  His verbiage is easily understood.  He doesn't use big words to wow you with his knowledge.

Maybe you have a longing to understand the Word of God better.  Why not avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity to learn the Bible? You can play the audio tapes in your car as you are driving from place to place, and/ or watch the videos in the quietness  of your home alone, or with your family.  Some order these videos every month to be a part of our "satellite" listeners.  Many people are hungry to learn what the Bible says in every verse, and to hear it preached from the King James Bible.  They are weary of the modern versions!  My husband teaches in a very easy manner.  HE DOESN'T SKIP OVER DIFFICULT, CONTROVERSIAL PASSAGES LIKE TOPICAL PREACHERS OFTEN DO. 

A New Series On The Weekly & Daily Radio Programs

"BIBLE FOR TODAY DAILY" & "BIBLE FOR TODAY WEEKLY"  Maybe you don't even realize the scope of THE BIBLE FOR TODAY, INC. ministry.   Most people don't.  Beside the printing  and publishing work that we do--like for THE DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #3000L (large 12 point print @ $40 + $6 S&H genuine leather; BFT #3000M medium 10 point print @ $35 + $4 S&H--genuine leather), DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT $1594-P @$12.00+$4 S&H), the other books by Dr. Waite, as well as orchestrating the reprinting of the BURGON books for the DBS, we have church in our house & the responsibilities that go with pastoring,  the church radio program, & the new program for women that I do called Just For Women.  Dr. Waite speaks every day on the radio over many stations on the defense of the King James Bible and its underlying texts.  This program is co-sponsored by THE BIBLE FOR TODAY and THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETY.

As the NEW RADIO YEAR opens, Dr. Waite is going to talk about TEN REASONS WHY THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETY DESERVES ITS NAME.  Maybe you don't know it, but you can order these half-hour radio tapes to hear for yourself  at your leisure.   They are BFT Daily Radio @ $4 for 20, 5' broadcasts; or BFT Weekly Radio @ $4 for 4, 30' broadcasts..  Besides wanting the program in progress; you might like some of Dr. Waite's other recent broadcasts such as:

1.  "Dr. Theodore Letis Exposed on Many Issues + Compromise" 
(BFT/171-173 @ $9 + $3 S&H)

2.  "Reply to Dr. Bob Jones III's Defense of Mind of Man Book" 
(BFT/166-167 @ $7 + $3 S&H)

3.  "Dean John William Burgon's Warnings on Revision of TR & KJB" 
(BFT/161-165 $15 + $3 S&H)

My husband tells me that on the BFT DAILY, he is continuing the summary of the review of his book FUNDAMENTALIST MISINFORMATION ON THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #PB2974 @ $7.00 + $3 S&H).  I PERSONALLY DON'T RECOMMEND YOUR GETTING THE FIVE-MINUTE BROADCASTS (BUT YOU CAN) because the content of the program comes in small blasts of information, while the hour program is fuller; but, I must say, the five minutes is excellent for the short listening span of many radio listeners who have to hit and run with their radio interest .  Why not sponsor the five minute on a local radio station near you?


What is "translation"?  The word comes from two Latin terms: trans and latus.   Trans means "across."  Latus is the past participle root which is short for tal or tla ("latus") and means "to lift or carry."  The literal meaning of "translation" therefore is "to lift or carry across."  When speaking of translating of languages, the resultant meaning is to transfer or "carry over" (and I would take it BODILY) from one language to another."  That is Bible translation consists of picking up the words from the Hebrew and Greek, carrying these words over into English or any other language you might be translating into, and then dropping those words into that language without losing any parts, gaining any parts, or changing any parts.  That is what the KING JAMES BIBLE has done in the English language.  It has taken up the words bodily from the Hebrew or Greek and taken them over into English and set them down very gently, very accurately, and very specifically so we can understand them.  (Defending The KJ B, pg 103,BFT#1594-P@$12+$4 S&H)

Marriage Defrauding & Other Matters

Just For Women" Radio Tapes (BFT #JFW/07A&B @ $4 + $1 S&H--two programs) One of the reasons I wanted to have a radio program for women was to discuss marriage, as well as other problems peculiar to women, with my listener/friends by means of radio.  The Lord burdened my heart for the subject several years ago. That's when I began teaching a course called "Husband Loving Lessons."  After every class, I would write down what we had learned together and soon I had the manual by the same name (BFT #463 @ $16 + $4 S&H).  I was learning, too.  About two years ago--still learning, I finished a small forty-one page booklet (that can fit into a business envelope) called Marriage Defrauding & Other Matters Especially for Women (BFT #2868 @ $2.00 +S&H)   You can ask for quantity prices, if you like.  I would very much like you to have this work to help you and your friends in their marriages.  You who are married know that "marriage" is a life-long lesson.  Let me pick out something at random.:

Some wives become entangled with the mundane "Martha" jobs around the house.  They forget the "better part" which is being kind, caring, and sexually loving to their mates.  This compassion and concern towards one's husband must also include the burning passion of sexual love.  If this needed sexual attention is neglected, the marriage will crash!  I am reminded of Paul's injunction concerning married love in I Corinthians 7:2-5. . .

KJB Footnote Editor's Daughter In Car Crash

CONTINUE TO PRAY  MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR OUR SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD GRANDDAUGHTER WHO WAS IN A SERIOUS AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT ON DECEMBER 10th LAST YEAR (2000).  Without warning, dear Elizabeth , who is the oldest daughter of D. A. Waite, Jr., the footnote author and editor of THE DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE, was critically wounded.  She has endured many surgeries including the removal of her spleen, 24+ units of  blood, and a near-fatal lung (ARDS) syndrome, as well as brain swelling complications.  At this first-of-the-year writing, we are  praising God that the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) has passed, leaving her left lung in a delicate condition but functioning.  The tracheal tube has been removed.  She is breathing on her own.  She can talk in a whisper and write notes.  Her mental conditions is alert.  She can carefully walk to the rest room, has begun eating, only weights 95 pounds, and has no memory of her life from Thanksgiving to this writing.  She knows people and remembers all of the phone numbers of her family and friends.  Her nurses say she is a miracle.  Since writing the above, Elizabeth has returned home, and will take physical, occupational, neurological, and speech therapy as an outpatient from a local hospital.  Thank you for caring and praying. You have no idea what a comfort you have been to my husband and me personally, as well as to Elizabeth's parents.  Perhaps you do not know, but others were in the car with Elizabeth--others were bruised and confused by the crash.  One was Elizabeth's sister, Rebecca (15).  It is difficult to imagine her fear as the jaws of life cut away the crashed car from her body, releasing her to the paramedics' care.  Praise God--our Rebecca was released from the hospital before that evening  was over.  God was good to spare her. He has His ways!  May all this suffering and anguish bear the peaceable fruits of righteousness in Elizabeth's life and soul is our prayer.  Our Heavenly Fathers continually teaches His lessons.  Some of us are very slow learners!


WE ARE EXCITED TO HAVE A NEW SERVICE IN OUR CHURCH.  As you may remember, our morning church service is from 10:00 A. M, until 11:30 AM (900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ).  During this time, we not only have an expository message from the Word of God by our pastor, but we sing favorite hymns and gospel songs led by Mr. Dick Carroll accompanying us on our baby grand Baldwin piano.  I wish that you could join us by video or come personally to contribute to the discussion.  It is a blessing. I try very hard to video all of us as we participate, and focus often on Pastor Waite as he directs our thoughts into this Gospel that tells us of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  Feel free to order these discussions.  (BFT #3016VC1-2 @ $25 + $4 S&H--John 1:1--3:16) or better still, DROP IN!  It will wet your appetite to look into God's Word for yourself.

Always in God's care (1 Peter 5:6-11)

Yvonne Sanborn Waite


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