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Yvonne Sanborn Waite, D. Hum.

May, June 2006


Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner;
But be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God.


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Dear Friend & Supporter, "Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness." (2 Peter 3:17)

A WONDERFUL WEEK IN NORTHERN IRELAND With MISSIONARY PASTOR ALLEN FOX NEWTOWNARDS/MARCH 27-APRIL 3, 2006 "Would you like to go to Northern Ireland?" THAT WAS MY HUSBAND'S QUESTION. MY ANSWER? "I'd love to!" Later I wondered WHY I said "YES!" so swiftly. Could it have been because we'd been to Northern Ireland before? Could it have been that I remembered that delightful place and wanted to see it again? Or could it be that it was because years ago, as a young Christian woman, I'd told my Heavenly Father that I'd go anywhere He wanted me to go?

I'M ALWAYS A WEE BIT APPREHENSIVE WHEN I TAKE A FLIGHT OVER AN OCEAN. This one to London, England, was not really long--only six or seven hours. I like to get my house in order before leaving the country. What if the plane crashed or fell into the Pond? Have I left behind anyone unforgiven or out of fellowship with me? This time was no different. This is a practice we all should have every day of our lives. Sometimes others will not forgive us for our human failures and sins, even though God has, but we should have our hearts right before the Lord in spite of their inability to forgive. It is a terrible thing for a Christian to hold a grudge, isn't it? Several months ago, I heard someone say that "forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves." Some are too proud for such a gift.

OUR FLIGHTS TO BRITAIN'S HEATHROW AIRPORT AND ON TO IRELAND WENT WITHOUT PROBLEMS, (AT LEAST WHEN WE WERE IN THE AIR.) THAT'S GOOD! OF COURSE, OUR AIR-FLIGHT-BOOKING-AGENT HAD NO IDEA HOW BIG THE LONDON AIRPORT WAS NOR HOW FAR IT IS FROM ONE TERMINAL TO ANOTHER. THEREFORE, WE MISSED PLANE CONNECTIONS TO AND FROM IRELAND. I tell you, on our return journey to catch an airplane home was a nightmare! I was extremely stressed and tired trying to get from HEATHROW'S BMI TERMINAL #1 to BRITISH AIRWAY'S TERMINAL #4. They were miles away from one another. Even in a wheelchair and with a special bus, who knew how much time it would take to get there? Certainly not the Christian booking agent!! Even though we arrived one hour and forty-five minutes from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to catch the USA-bound flight, we were about two minutes late for boarding the British Airways plane. Customs and getting our bags slowed us up. The flight officials at the ticket counter proclaimed, "The doors are closed." They really were not. The plane was not to take-off for forty-five more minutes. As far as I'm concerned, British Airways did not care. But that was their rule: You must check in forty-five minutes before take-off, but we were never told this and there was not enough time!

THE WAITES' SECOND JOURNEY TO NORTHERN IRELAND DR. WAITE & I ARRIVED AT THE BELFAST NORTHERN IRELAND AIRPORT ON TUESDAY (March 28, 2006) "SOMETIME" THEIR TIME. I HADN'T SLEPT A WINK ABOARD THE FLIGHT THE NIGHT BEFORE. I just don't sleep well sitting up. My husband caught a few minutes en route. One of the first things I noticed on our drive from the airport was the beautiful yellow shrub/bushes that graced the sides of the highways. No one with me seemed to know the name of those large shrubs, but I was told they have the fragrance of coconuts. Later on side-trips, we observed Hawthorn hedges (not sure of the spelling), used for fences. We saw acres of them on our country drives where hundreds of grazing sheep set off the green landscape. It is said that the leprechauns live in those hedges. Of course, we don't believe in leprechauns.

Soon after getting to the Fox home, CHYRIL FOX, the missionary/pastor's wife, served a chicken casserole & all the fixings for us. That was when we met PASTOR MARK BRADFIELD and PASTOR STAN. One of his church members named Sylvia was there, too--and maybe her son. Can't remember. I was so tired.

THAT FIRST EVENING, AFTER CROSSING "THE POND," THERE WAS THE WEEKLY MIDWEEK SERVICE OF GOOD NEWS BAPTIST CHURCH. Those IRISH CHRISTIANS meet in a rented hall nearby the Fox's home in NEWTOWNARDS. It is called the GLEN COMMUNITY CENTRE. I wish you could hear how they sing! It was beautiful! The rented building is a boy's club hall which is used every weeknight for the club activities. So the midweek service is on Tuesdays, the only night available besides Sunday. I just couldn't go. I knew if I did I would be a mess all week. I had to lie down flat and rest. So Dr. Waite and the Foxes left me home.

WHILE I SLEPT, MY HUSBAND PREACHED ON THE APOSTASY (BFT #3268TP @ $4.00+ $1.00 S&H). I had not heard that sermon and was disappointed not to have been there. It is to be made up on a DVD (BFT #3268DVD @ $15.00 + $4 S&H). I wonder what it will look like since the man who videotaped it just set the camera and left! He said he got it all! Since we did not have a transformer for 220 volts at that time, we will have to wait for the tape and video.

HOW DID DR. WAITE MEET MISSIONARY ALLEN FOX? PERHAPS YOU ARE WONDERING HOW WE CAME TO MEET MISSIONARY ALLEN FOX. It was thrilling for me to learn that it was the INTERNET SERMONS that brought this servant of God to our acquaintance. Like you, he has listened to and downloaded scores of Pastor Waite's sermons which are found on our web page. Go to and click on the brown bar for LIVE STREAMING. Last month there were over 3,361 downloads of these messages. In a recent month, we had over 6,000 downloads. Now these "downloads" do not count those "hits" from people who listen without downloading. The Bible For Today has 189,507 sermons to date on I hope that you listen in.

RIGHT NOW, FOR MY "JUST FOR WOMEN" RADIO PROGRAM, WE ARE FEATURING THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS & GNOSTICISIM. (JFW/81 @ $4.00 + $1.00 S&H). DR. WAITE WAS A GUEST on the program. HE FILLED US IN ON "GNOSTICISM." (We are getting this program in print for you. It is so important. Just ask. Send a gift to cover expense and postage.)

As you must know, THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS, as well as the GOSPEL OF MARY, are two of the fourteen Gnostic apocryphal books that we are hearing about. Just today, I heard a famous woman quoting Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas. All of this interest has been engendered by the notorious book, THE DA VINCI CODE. Get my book review on that awful book! (Send an offering for postage, etc.) You also would like JANET MOSER'S book, GNOSTICISM: The Doctrinal Foundation of the New Bible Versions (BFT # 2732 @ $24.00+$5.00 S&H). This is a 221-copy-machine-large-page book full of facts concerning Gnosticism. It is a most valuable tool today in this Gnostic gospel craze!

MISSIONARY FOX'S CALL & CARE FOR NORTHERN IRELAND MISSIONARY FOX HAS BEEN IN NORTHERN IRELAND FOR SEVERAL YEARS. I am sorry I can't remember exactly. (I'm slipping.). My husband thinks it is twelve years. Maybe it is, as their third daughter was born there and she is ten now. MRS. FOX IS AN EXEMPLARY WIFE, the cook, the housekeeper, the home-school teacher, the pastor's wife and friend to all. She whipped up sandwiches for evening church in no time; and she is always making tea for anyone & everyone with the aid of that wonderful electric tea kettle she uses. I should get one of those! I don't really know how she keeps it up. At least three men eat at her house, either before or after house-to-house visitation & soul-winning, two evenings a week. Her meals are not just little morsels, they are full-course man-filling meals. We had a full-course-turkey-dinner Sunday afternoon and an ULSTER FRY on Saturday night for a group of us, just to mention a few menus.

THE FOXES HAVE THREE LOVELY DAUGHTERS. I must say, they are well-mannered and obedient. We were there one week, and observed their behavior. I DIDN'T SEE ONE "TEEN-AGE" SULK WHILE THERE. I know they can't be perfect but they are "runner-ups" in my book. As for me--I couldn't even behave perfectly for that one week. LYDIA (15) IS A PIANIST. I was happy that I could give her a few hymn-playing pointers. She caught on right away. GRACE (13 or 14) IS THEIR COMPUTER EXPERT. Everyone calls for Grace when there is a computer need. She said her nick-name should be "Grace-Come-Here." HANNAH IS TEN, tall for her age, AND A DELIGHT! She really is.

PASTOR FOX WAS CALLED TO PREACH AS A YOUNG MAN OF SEVENTEEN AND HAS BEEN PREACHING EVER SINCE. For many years he pastored churches in his home state of North Carolina. That way, though he didn't know it at the time, he was establishing a financial support-base for his overseas ministry. WHEN THE FOXES FIRST ARRIVED IN NORTHERN IRELAND, PASTOR FOX PASTORED THE PREVIOUSLY ESTABLISHED CHURCH, BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH IN LONDONDERRY. Bethel Baptist is situated out in the country on a quaint Irish road surrounded by fields and sunshine or rain depending. We could see the yonder mountains of the Republic of Ireland from the window THE CHURCH IN LONDONDERRY.

SOMETIME DURING PASTOR FOX'S EARLY MINISTRY IN LONDONDERRY, HE LED MARK BRADFIELD, A COMPUTER WHIZ, TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. After his salvation, Mark had a thirst to learn more of the Word of God. So Pastor Fox instructed him in the Bible. He also taught Mark to be a fisher-of-men. Now Mark is the present pastor of the Londonderry church. He lives a stone's throw from the little church building--a building, by the way where there is no stove or heat, except electric space heaters when it is cold. ANOTHER MAN THAT PASTOR FOX LED TO THE LORD JESUS WAS STAN CULLEN. After teaching him, PASTOR STAN is beginning a Baptist church in the REPUBLIC OF IRELAND across the border. We met his young children but his wife was not feeling good. Saw her picture. She is a pretty, petite woman.

MY HUSBAND WAS THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPEAKER at BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH IN LONDONDERRY WHERE MARK BRADFIELD PASTORS. Londonderry was a two-hour ride for us from Newtownards that evening. (You've heard of The Londonderry Air, haven't you?) I was told that it mostly rains in Londonderry and that depression is high in that area because of it. Prior to the evening service, Pastor Bradfield entertained all of us for dinner in his home. (He did a good job.) It was a delicious meal. I was impressed with the fact that he warmed our plates FIRST in the oven BEFORE serving us. He said no one should serve hot food on cold plates. Guess I've been doing this wrong all these years. (Ha!)

DR. WAITE SPOKE ON "Fundamentalists Battle Bible Preservation" (BFT #3269TP @ $4.00+ $1.00 S&H). I VIDEOTAPED THIS MESSAGE FOR YOU TO SEE (BFT#3269DVD @ $15.00 + $5.00 S&H). Pastor Mark brought a bus- load of his church people to the service that night. I was very impressed with the children. THERE WERE MANY OF THEM. Most were there without mother or father. I was told they came from broken homes. How very good they were. Though there were two rows of wee ones; they were quiet and well-behaved even though the message was deep and detailed. Much of Dr. Waite's talk was based on his two recent books, BOB JONES UNIVERSITY'S ERRORS ON BIBLE PRESERVATION: A critique of Bible Preservation & the Providence of God (BFT#3259 @ $8.00 + $4.00 S&H). and FUNDAMENTALIST DECEPTION ON BIBLE PRESERVATION: A Critique of God's Word in our Hands, The Bible Preserved for Us (BFT#3234 @ $8.00 + $4.00 S&H).

SOME OF OUR NEW NORTHERN IRELAND FRIENDS AT GOOD NEWS BAPTIST CHURCH IN NEWTOWNARDS SUNDAY WAS A DELIGHT WITH THE FOX FAMILY AND THEIR GOOD NEWS BAPTIST CHURCH PEOPLE. Dr. Waite spoke on WHY WE USE AND DEFEND THE KING JAMES BIBLE #1 & #2 morning & evening (BFT #3266TP/1-2 @ $7.00 + $2.00 S&H). The people were interested in the Bible version issue. There were several visitors there--delightful people with accents that I couldn't always understand, even though they were speaking English! FIRST LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT DAVID L. He leads the singing at church. (Lydia plays the keyboard and Grace the guitar.) How everyone sings! David and his wife, Tracey, and three children had us over to their house for dinner one night. Good eating! Now David and Tracey and another friend, Stuart, listen to our "LIVE" church services on his computer. He hears our 10:00 A.M. service at three in the afternoon over there. Sometimes he calls with a hymn request. It's fun!

WE LEARNED TO LOVE STUART WHOM PASTOR FOX WON TO THE LORD A COUPLE YEARS AGO. When they first met, Stuart was Pastor's unsaved barber. Now Stuart is his born-again barber. (We saw his shop when walking down the street one day.) This converted barber used to be in the French Foreign Legion. He told us about his experiences in Africa. He studies his Bible diligently, is learning Greek (BFT #1260/1-37 @ $150.00 + $10 S&P) and Hebrew (BFT #1162/1-40 @ $175.00 + $10 S&P) from Dr. Waite's cassette tape courses, and goes on weekly church visitation with Pastor and others. He uses our Webpage often (

THEN THERE WAS NEIL. He's one of the three who did church visitation with the missionary/pastor. At the time we were there he said that he had turned over his life to Jesus Christ. Jesus had made a difference. On Sunday, we met his mother at church, as well as two of his sisters. One was named "Yvonne"--like mine. We both admitted that we knew very few women with our name. I asked her if she were ever called "Vonnie." A soft look came on her face. "That was a ‘pet' name my father called me sometimes," she whispered.



AT $7.00 A GALLON FOR GAS, IT WAS A SACRIFICE FOR PASTOR FOX TO TAKE US SIGHT-SEEING--DRIVING FOR MILES AWAY & AROUND THE AREA. I enjoyed every gallon of it! Did you know that there is a 17.4% tax on what you buy there? That helps pay for their socialized medicine. You can't go to the doctors whenever. You have to make an appointment in advance. It is figured in the price of the item. By the way, I was shocked to discover the United States dollar is not very valuable there. When I bought something for 5 British pounds, it was almost $10 in American currency! It used to be when we traveled abroad that our dollar bought more than the similar currency of the country we were in, but no more.

ONE DAY WE WENT TO THE LOCAL CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE. It was good to see three copies of my husband's book, DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE on the shelf there. Do you have a copy? Order BFT#1594-P @ $12.00 + $5.00 S&H. We are in the ninth printing. One day we went to BANGOR to the DOWN COUNTY MUSEUM. I am having a hard time remembering what that museum was like. Sorry. I think that was where we saw a quilting and handcraft display and talked with three women doing beadwork at a table. One of the women's names was "Jenny" and she reminded me of my grandmother Jenny Castle Barker--maybe it was spelled Cassell. They talked about the time of day of 2:30, for example, as "half two." It reminded me of Grandma Barker. When asked the time, she'd tease and say, "It was half-past-kissing-time and time to kiss again." Then she would kiss me. (I'd forgotten that dear saying until now.) It was worth going to Northern Ireland to hear it again.) I remembered that my Aunt Norma told me that my great grandfather, Jenny's father, was Irish. I'd never heard that before. So I felt a kinship with those women and others I met on the Ile. We also saw Norsemen outfits. Evidently brave men from the North sailed to Ireland, settled it, and left their footprints in its soil. That noon we ate at a darling Irish restaurant within the museum. They had pretty tables and tea pots. It was rather like a cafeteria but much nicer. As we left that tea place, I saw a strange-looking round hut with a thatched roof outside the foyer. We did not have time to investigate, but I think it was a replica of a monk's cell or living quarters from an early monastic site there at Bangor.


AFTER THAT WE WENT TO THE "SOMME" HERITAGE CENTRE. This was a museum to honor the WORLD WAR I soldiers. It had been a long time since I'd thought about that war, since my own generation was involved with WORLD WAR II. I was very moved by the exhibits at the Somme. We studied the war in our Ohio schools. I'd forgotten so much. War is awful! Lying in those fox holes was like being in an open grave. My parents lived through those days. My father-in-law was a young Navy man then. It was his experiences aboard ship that proved to him he should get a college education and do something else with his life than being in a hold of a ship. What suffering these men went through to purchase our freedoms. One thing that really bothered me was the rat infestations that plagued the soldiers--dead or alive. In fact, guards had to watch over the wounded lest rats should devour them. War is awful!


IT WAS STRANGE FOR ME TO SEE THAT THE 16th IRISH DIVISION WAS MADE UP OF "CATHOLICS" AND THAT THE 36TH ULSTER DIVISION WAS COMPOSED OF "PROTESTANTS." Everything in Northern Ireland, which is part of England, is divided by those two religious groups. The Republic of Ireland is in the South and is independent from Britain but Northern Ireland is a part of Britain. There is much political division in that North country over their religious and political causes. I guess to put it simply, the "Catholics" want to separate from the Mother country and the "Protestants" don't--or something like that. The "Catholics" live in special sections marked off by a certain color on the streets and huge political paintings are seen on the sides of some of their houses. The same is true of the Protestants--only their curbs are a different color. >From childhood the two "faiths" are taught to hate one another. Pastor Fox says that "Catholic" people do not want to talk to the "Protestants" about Bible subjects & vice versa. When he and his men go house to house, people are biased against them. The "Catholics" don't want to hear about Jesus from a "Protestant"; and the "Protestants" fear lest he be a "Catholic," or even worse, a follower of Ian Paisley. So immediately, when going to a door, Pastor Fox must declare he is neither " Catholic" or " Protestant" or part of Ian Paisley's church & his political organization. "Baptists" are not "Protestants." The missionary must say forthrightly, "I am a Baptist." As you may remember, the "Baptists" did not go through the Reformation and are not really "Protestants." The "Baptists" never came out of the Catholic Church. Everyone does not realize this.


ONE AFTERNOON WE HAD A LUNCH-TREAT AT ROBERTS' FISH AND CHIPS. The chips are not potato chips but reminded me of large french fries that we get in certain restaurants here in the States. Then we motored down the peninsula to see the DANAGHADEE LIGHTHOUSE. That was a pleasant walk. I took pictures, felt the wind on my face, and put my coat hood up to protect me from the rain. I really did not mind the rain while in Northern Ireland at all, even though it came whenever. It was like a shower or a drip or drizzle, not the torrential rains that we experienced while in Liberia or even in Florida. In fact, here in South Jersey we have some heavy downpours that overwhelm our drains and flood our streets like a river. Someone told me that the women of Ireland have beautiful complexions because of the rain. Come to think of it everyone did look nice! One thing I know personally is that I didn't have as many "hot flashes" while there. I wondered if it were the weather, which is not hot, or my lack of responsibility while visiting there. Did you know that four American presidents had ancestral homes in Ulster? They were Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant, Chester Arthur and Woodrow Wilson.


WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RIDE WE HAD GETTING TO GREY ABBEY. We saw lovely homes of all sizes and ages, rolling farmland, much cattle and many sheep. Of course, the flowers of Northern Ireland are breathtaking. We came at a good time of the year for the Springtime daffodils were blooming everywhere, as well as other early flowers. What a blessing! Made a mental note to myself to plant more daffodils next year.

LITTLE DID WE KNOW WHEN WE DROVE UP TO THE GATE THAT GREY ABBEY HAD NOT OPENED FOR THE SEASON. A man with a portly middle hanging over his belt was very kind. He must have been the caretaker. Pastor Fox told him we were from New Jersey. The man said we could have ten minutes. He let us in. How could we possibly see it all in ten minutes? We tried. I had to run around like a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off taking pictures of huge and small stone architecture, not knowing what I was looking at--places where monks lived, worshiped, and died. The abbey is a shell of itself. It is like a proud, lonely, old woman--worn and weary-- not completely "with-it" but still living. Rather sad! Mostly there were half-standing walls, brave pointed arches, weary fallen stone partitions, and a beautiful green expanse of grass gracing the old Abbey with new life. Trees framed the ruins, flowers dotted the grounds, and the sky was always there--smiling in sunshine or weeping in rain.

THERE WERE NO ROOFS FOR SHELTER. They were long gone. As it does for you and me, life and time hit Grey Abbey as the years waxed & waned in the dark and in the light. How like we are. I'm reminded of Romans 8:28 and Philippians 4:11. How much Christians are like those ancient ruins. I think of those old buildings--a shell of themselves, but still there for me to see--old and lame; yet, still consistent and standing in spite of stormy trials and war tribulations.

I READ ONE OF THE POSTED SIGNS AS I WAS RUSHING BY. It explained that one of the KING HENRYS burned the buildings to the ground in some political rage of religious jealously, I suppose. Yet, as I read the literature the portly man gave me, as well as the computer printout Grace handed me, I see nothing about any HENRY. My written information says that there were military operations in the Elizabethan era that destroyed the monastery. I am confused.

THIS GREY ABBEY WAS FOUNDED IN 1193 BY AFFRECA, THE WIFE OF JOHN de COURCY AND THE DAUGHTER OF GODFRED, KING OF MAN. It was said to be erected in thanksgiving for a safe landing after a perilous sea journey. Nothing much is known of its history. It appears to have been invaded by Edward Bruce in 1325, and in 1572, SIR BRIAN O'NEIL burned the buildings lest they be fortified against him by the English. In 1607, the land was granted to the Montgomery family and it has been theirs ever since. The Abbey's Latin name means "Yoke of God."


FROM THE FIRST DAY WE GOT THERE TO SATURDAY, I HAD BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING A PART OF THE NEWTOWNARDS' MARKET ON THE SQUARE IN FRONT OF THE TOWN HALL--a stone's throw from THE OLD CROSS. The "old cross" was a small pointed roof brick structure in the middle of two meeting streets--thus its name "the old cross." I was not disappointed.

THE TOWN HALL IS IMPRESSIVE AND LANDSCAPED WITH ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL SPRING FLOWERS. In fact, flowers were everywhere we drove. Guarding the square stood a bronze statute of Lt. Colonel Blair "Paddy" Mayne. He was a World War-I hero and lived from 1915 to 1955. "Paddy" is a nick name for Patrick. There are scores of "Patricks" in the country, I was told. At the Market, there were many booths from which we could buy most anything. Lydia, who was with us for the day, bought a purse for her mother. It had plenty of zippers and compartments. I was looking for something for our twelve-year-old granddaughter that would be special for her. We learned about cheese, but I didn't think she'd like a hunk of cheese from Northern Ireland,. so, I chose something with her name on it.


THEN THERE WAS LUNCH AT A DEAR PLACE. THEY USED BEAUTIFUL GLASSES AND TABLEWARE, CLOTH NAPKINS--and real flowers at each table. I always think cloth napkins give an eating place class, don't you? So why do I use paper napkins? I wish I knew the name of the tea room. I had quiche. They serve potatoes with everything--sometimes two different kinds. Of course, there are china teapots full of tea. Here in America, if we want a second cup, usually we have to ask for more hot water for tea from tea pots that usually drip all over the table.



First we saw THE ULSTER FOLK & TRANSPORT MUSEUM with all sorts of mammoth trains, cars, carts, bikes, and more information than we can remember. I could never have made it without a wheelchair. Good thing my husband was up to pushing me around. I took many pictures of the Irish railway collection for our son-in-law who is with CSX. I always think of him when I see trains. It was interesting to see the early trains that were pulled by horses. We climbed into one old car that had various seats for the good, better, and best classes. My how transportation has changed in our day compared to then!


DID YOU KNOW THAT THE TITANIC WAS BUILT RIGHT THERE IN NORTHERN IRELAND? If you ever land at that airport in Northern Ireland, you'll see two huge cranes, One crane is named GOLIATH and the other SAMSON. YOU WILL BE SEEING THE CRANES THAT WERE USED TO HOIST THE TITANIC IN THE AIR or do whatever ship builders do. Those cranes are the largest cranes in the world. No wonder they dominate the skyline in that area. It is humorously said that it took four-hundred Irishmen to build the Titanic and one Englishman to sink it. In the museum, we read many of the posters and studied the display cases. How proud the people were to be on such a fabulous ship. The rich and famous had found their place in society when they boarded that ship. The truth was they were "condemned already." If someone had warned them about their soon-danger and death, they would have scorned them. How sad that those in charge trusted in man's ability to keep them safe. Just a little bit more care and caution could have saved thousands of lives.


That is how it is with receiving Jesus Christ as personal Saviour. The Bible warns that Hell is pending unless one puts his life in Jesus' hands. People will not believe that the wages of sin is death. People will not believe they were yet sinners, Christ died for them. Lost souls without Christ are condemned already! People are too proud to accept that Jesus is the only way. Works cannot save their troubled souls. The thief on the cross had no time for good works. He had only to believe. What about you?


TO GET HOME TO THE USA, WE HAD TO WAIT HOURS AND HOURS AT HEATHROW ON STAND-BY. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU THAT WE MISSED OUR PLANE BOARDING-TIME BY TWO-OR-THREE MINUTES--EVEN THOUGH THE PLANE DID NOT LEAVE FOR 45 MORE MINUTES. Finally we made it on a plane heading for J.F. KENNEDY AIRPORT, not Philadelphia International, OUR ORIGINAL DESTINATION which is a hop, skip, and jump from our house. I sat by a man from the Ukraine who could speak no English. He had a little dictionary computer thing, and I'd write English on it and he'd find his language. Needless to say, I didn't converse much with him. I wrote the word,"BIBLE" in it. That's the last time he tried to talk to me that way. Watched the C. S. Lewis's story about Narnia and the Lion. To be honest with you, I couldn't make head nor tale of it. How people rave about it and find a Christian message in it is beyond me. I should have slept like my Ukrainian seat-partner instead, I couldn't do too much of that. (I did some.) After landing, exhausted, and tired, we rented a car and drove two hours-and-a-half home to Collingswood without anything but a quick airplane nap over the Ocean, a small candy bar, and a couple ounces of water to keep us going. How good to see 900 Park Avenue again--even the piles of mail waiting to be read was a welcome sight.



86 East Oak Hill Road, Chesterton, IN 46304

Classes 7 hours each day for 4 days~~$300.00 tuition, includes 49 books.

College credit will be given ~~CALL: Mr. Dan Armacost at 219-929-6636

Under God's Care (I Peter 5:6-11),

Yvonne S. Waite (for DAW, too)




WITH TEARS IN MY HEART [a 414-page poem book by G. G. SANBORN] (BFT#3196 @ $25.00+$5.00 S&H)  

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