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  "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
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    "There's sunshine in my soul today, more glorious and bright
    Than glows in any earthly sky, for Jesus is my Light.
    There's gladness in my soul today, and hope and praise and love,
    For blessings which He gives me now, for joys ‘laid up' above."
    (E. E. Hewitt)
    ‘TIS TRUE.  IT IS FEBRUARY IN SOUTH JERSEY. Yet, a person walking outside in today's sunshine would never know it.  As I am writing this, I think it's forty-five degrees and a forecast for tomorrow says it will be in the low 50's.  Yet, THE GROUND HOG saw his shadow this morning!  That means six more weeks of winter!  Only God knows.  HE CONTROLS THE WEATHER!--OR ALLOWS SATAN TO CONTROL IT.   Seems like God is trying to tell our country something with all the flooding, mud slides, and abnormal snow falls.  Perhaps America is not listening.  What do you think?
    WHEN I FIRST COME HOME FROM A TRIP, I AM FULL OF THINGS TO TELL YOU.  I want to tell you about the airplane rides, the car trips, the people Dr. Waite & I meet while traveling, the motels & restaurants, the churches we were in--the pastors, the people, the book tables, and the reception to my husband's messages.
     I want to tell you about THE WHEEL-CHAIR WOMAN'S BASKETBALL TEAM that  I saw in the Chicago's O'Hare airport--or was it in Nashville?  Talked with one of the players, a beautiful woman, who had spinal bifida.   Could they ever wheel their wheel chairs up and down the concourses!   
     HAD A SEAT MATE TO HOUSTON WHO WAS AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST.  She'd lost a baby.   What was her name?  I thought I'd never forget it!  We were on our way to Mexico.  Her husband was with NASA.  I remember her as a daughter who was very kind to her elderly parents.  I sent her my mother's book, WITH TEARS IN MY HEART.  Hope she got it!  
     Was interested in another seatmate WHO WAS DESIGNING THE SOUND SYSTEM at THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE here in Philadelphia.  Was especially interested in him because I had recently been there at the KING TUT exhibit.  Remember I told you all about it.  I told him about our son, DANIEL WAITE and his "streaming" our services and some of my husband's special meetings on site.      
     MET TOMMY WHO IS IN THE "MUSIC" BUSINESS.  Never knew before that big churches with big "rock" bands hire out "rock" musicians to play in their church bands.  He had red streaks in his hair and wore slip-on sneakers with skeletons on them.  I told him I would pray for him that day--as I do for all the folk I meet en route.  I give them a BFT Scripture calendar, too.  Tommy (who was twenty-seven), not only played in a band, but also was involved in the business side of it all.  He had an uncle in the business who got him "in."   He used large music "mixers" and told me how important that job was.  The men behind the scene modulating the music can make or break the sound.  I had never talked up close with a rock-music man before (except our neighbor-boy who plays rock music in his basement with his band).  
     Of course, there was that time in a Georgia airport when I asked one of the many men wearing funny hats what the  hats were all about.  HE SAID HE WAS WITH THE LYNYRD SKYNYRD BAND.  I thought he was "pulling my leg," but my daughter, who was traveling with me at the time, told me, "Mom, that's a big important rock band."  How was I to know?  
    NOW AFTER A FEW DAYS, EXHAUSTION HAS SETTLED IN.  I  have nothing to say.  Can you believe it?
    WELL, LET ME BEGIN WITH YESTERDAY.  Yesterday Dr. Waite and I (as well as Dan and Tamie) visited separately one of our church people who was a patient at DEBORAH HOSPITAL. (DEBORAH is a renowned heart hospital in Browns Mills, NJ, about one hour from Collingswood.)  Our friend was there for a pace-maker and a defibrillator.  He is only 54.  My husband and I have a son, our third born, who is 54.  So it was easy to relate to the age of this man.  He is very brave, I think.  The man sharing the room with him had the same surgery and he is 81.  We expect older people to have health break-downs, don't we?  But not younger ones.
    I AM SURE YOU CAN THINK OF YOUNGER PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD A SUDDEN HEALTH LOSS OR EVEN DEATH.  My husband was fifty-seven when cancer in the form of Hodgkin's Disease took hold of his body.  It was not easy.  Yet, we had to leave all that sickness and the unknown in the Hands of God--in the same Hands that were holding my husband's life, as well as mine and our children.  
    SICKNESS IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS.  I think of Jairus' daughter (Mark 5:35-42).  She died.  I wonder what ailment she had.  Perhaps she had Hodgkin's disease like my twenty-year-old sister.  Only this girl lived just twelve years.  Audrey lived twenty.   I am thinking of a brave woman right now who is lying in a hospital bed waiting to see if her new transplanted kidney will be compatible with her person.  I hope so.  Much prayer has been made for her.   I think of a woman in the Baltimore area who receives our CHURCH SERVICE DVD's. She has suffered almost beyond her ability to suffer.  We are waiting to see if her recent surgery was successful.    Another dear friend of ours fell suddenly and unexpectedly.  (Aren't all falls sudden and unexpected?)  Now she has more injuries from that fall than I can number on this page.  Her recovery is long, slow, and painful.   A girlhood friend had abdominal surgery.   A pastor's mother was found to be riddled with cancer.   Then there are family requests that I won't number here.   Our hearts are burdened with the needs of these people.   In fact, I am exhausted praying for them!  Their needs weigh down my soul!  
    I THINK OF KING DAVID and his great grief at the loss of the baby he and BATHSHEBA conceived together.  Perhaps part of his grief was the sin that caused such a conception and the death of the innocent man to cover up such sin.  I am sure David grieved for the young mother.  We all grieve when a woman loses a baby.  When such a death happens, the father feels as if some of his very soul expired, for it was from his loins that such life came.  And the mother weeps over the life she had and the life that would have been.
    WE READ RECENTLY IN OUR DAILY BIBLE READING OF THE SUDDEN DEATHS OF PRIEST NADAB AND PRIEST ABIHU (Leviticus 10:1--10).  Remember how they presented "strange fire" mixed with incense before the LORD?  It seems as if the sons of Aaron, in a drunken stupor, dared to enter the Holy Place in a profane manner?  It was a blasphemous act!  So God devoured them on the spot with fire. The sudden and unexpected deaths of Aaron's sons were a horrendous shock--not only to their father and brothers, but to the whole Israelite camp.  Yes, that high priest knew death and its following grief!       
      I THINK OF MARY AND HER GRIEF AT THE CROSS seeing the suffering of her Son.  Even though she knew He was to be her Saviour, I am not sure she completely understood the "SIN-BEARER" that she bore, any more than she could have completely comprehended the angel's visit and her virgin birth.  CHRIST'S PREDESTINED VICARIOUS SUFFERING & DEATH, perhaps, was not understood either!   It was in God's great
plan for your salvation and mine.  
    As I'm writing to you this morning, I think of the genetic diseases or ailments (for want of a better word) that some of us have.  Through no fault of our own, some of us are born with predetermined conditions.  I think of my brain-injured sister, Beverly.  That condition molded her life--and that of my parents and me.  She didn't ask to be different.  On the other hand, sometimes an auto accident breaks our bodies so that we are no longer ourselves but someone else instead.  These unasked for cares keep us on restricted diets or give us physical limitations.  We never asked to be different from the regular people.   But we are.  We have learned to live with these differences.  Fanny Crosby did not ask to be blind and fatherless! Yet, it was because of her blindness that we sing "Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine" in our church services.  We cannot continually "kick against the pricks." (Acts 9:5)  If it were not for the sorrows that Gertrude Sanborn knew, we wouldn't have the poems in the book, WITH TEARS IN MY HEART (BFT #3196 @$25.00 + $5.00 S&H), to comfort folks. If you can't afford $25.00, how about $15.00 + $5.00 S&H?   Sooner than later, we must take our unasked afflictions as from a "KIND HEAVENLY FATHER."  If you are in despair because of some emotional pressure, some physical pain or limitation, why not accept it from Him now.  GOD IS KIND.  And He does care!    
    YOU, TOO, HAVE HAD GRIEF SINCE LAST I WROTE.  I don't know what it is exactly.  YOU may have written us and told us.  Sometimes I forget.   GOD DOESN'T!   It is your sorrow.   I HAVE LEARNED THAT NO ONE CAN BEAR YOUR SORROW BUT YOU AND THE LORD. You may have been  diagnosed with cancer or had a tooth extraction.  I don't know.  The extent of the sickness is not the important thing exactly. It is the fact that your body has been touched with an infirmity.  Perhaps someone else could pass it off as nothing, but you can't.  God knows.  He made you and me.  He knows how frail we are.  He knows how "selfish" we really are.  How our own hurts and griefs throw us for a loop sometimes.  It is at such times that I come to rest in the "sameness" of God.  He has promised the believer that He'll never leave her or forsake him.  What a comfort to my soul and to yours.  Trust this.   Lean on His everlasting arms under you and holding you and keeping you from falling.          
    SUFFERING AND SICKNESS, AND OFTEN DEATH, ARE A PART OF LIFE.  It is a fact that many do not face.  Many deny these until they meet them in the face.  Even to us, who try to prepare, the last breath of a loved one is so final.  And for us who may "go" this year, we must be ready--ready by salvation, and ready by having our hearts right with God.  I told my husband that I want to die in a way that would glorify God.   Remember in John 21:18-19 when Jesus told Peter the manner of  his death.  It wasn't going to be pleasant.
        ". . . but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands,
        and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldst not."  
Then verse 19 says
        "This spake he (Jesus) signifying by what death he (Peter) should glorify God. . ."
    Most feel that Peter was crucified.  Tradition tells us that he chose to be crucified upside down for he felt he was not worthy to be crucified as the Lord Jesus Christ was.  IN THAT HORRIBLE DEATH, JESUS PREDICTED THAT PETER WOULD GLORIFY GOD.
                     "O there's sunshine, blessed sunshine,     
                               When the peaceful, happy moments roll;            
                                   When Jesus shows His smiling face,             
                         There is sunshine in my soul."    
              Eliza E. Hewitt, 1851-1920
    For some reason this "sunshine" song has come to my mind as I am writing to you today.  I remember my father, R. O. SANBORN, as a Sunday School superintendent, leading Sunday School in gospel songs.  Daddy was an excellent superintendent and any and every Sunday School that he ever led grew in grace and attendance.  I remember his teaching us "Stepping in the Light"--another Eliza Hewitt song.  Miss Hewitt was a Philadelphian (PA) and a personal friend of Fanny Crosby whom I have portrayed in hundreds of churches myself. Many musicians set Eliza's poetry to joyful sounds.  One was Homer Rodeheaver whom I believe I heard one time as a young woman.   I think it was in the Rodeheaver Tabernacle.   She also was a distant relative to Wil Burns who used to attend our own BIBLE FOR TODAY BAPTIST CHURCH for a few years.  I had always intended, in time, to do some kind of tribute for him to honor his relative-- this author of Sunshine in the Soul.  She composed other words for several  other gospel songs such as  More About Jesus and When We All Get to Heaven, etc.
  Miss Hewitt & I
    I have a personal affinity to Miss Hewitt for another reason also.  You see, she was an invalid for much of her adult life.  I think of my friend, Wanda, in South Carolina.   She lives a life of constant pain.  Then there was Charles Spurgeon's wife, Susannah.  She, too, was an "invalid"; yet she did much for the Lord.  She was instrumental in having much of her husband's work put into printed form.  I have noticed how people who have had great afflictions often have been transformed into people of deep spiritual consecration and conviction.  My mother, GERTRUDE SANBORN, though not an "invalid," was one of those people.  
    One day Eliza Hewitt's back condition was aggravated.  A naughty student hit his teacher  across the back with a slate.  That unspeakable deed put Eliza in a body cast for six months!   When I was a little girl, I, too, was imprisoned in a complete body cast for months also.  I know from personal experience the helplessness of such a posture.  I know the complete dependence on others to care for my basic needs.  
    How the poetess rejoiced when she was freed from that white plaster prison-cast!  It has been said that Eliza composed  Sunshine in the Soul in gratitude to her Heavenly Father as she was released from such a confinement.  What a blessing of a woman!   No wonder our friend, Will, was glad to have her be a part of  his  family!  I wish I had known her!
    We've been so many places since I wrote you last that I really don't know where to start.  I think I'll just begin--in no special order--and tell it as things come to mind.  Well the first one I think of is my husband's trip to NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE on January 24-25, 2008.  A man by the name of CHRIS PINTO is making a documentary on THE KING JAMES BIBLE VERSUS MODERN VERSIONS.
    He invited Dr. Waite to fly down there and answer some thirty-one pre-planned questions such as my husband's background and why he wrote his book DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE.  Also questions concerning the Greek manuscripts which underlie the KJB, and what about Constantine von Tischendorf, as well as "Who were Westcott and Hort?"  A very interesting question, as far as I am concerned, was "How has the Nestle/Aland Greek N.T. affected bible-based universities in the country?"  Another question was "Can you talk about Eugene Nida and his influence on dynamic equivalency?  People, also, really want to know WHY so many fundamental schools are aligned with the Critical text.  
    I really don't know when this documentary will be ready for you to receive; but it should be good as other men will be interviewed also--men such as H.D. WILLIAMS from Georgia, KIRK DiVIETRO from Massachusetts, and J. A. MOORMAN from England.  Mr. Pinto and his sponsor plan to do some research in the British library on the Greek manuscript, Aleph, while there.
    JANUARY 20, 2008
    I CAME HOME FROM TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA, SICK.   (AIRPORTS AND AIR FLIGHTS HAVE A WAY OF DOING THIS).   It happens a lot with me.  I guess I didn't drink enough water that day!   Anyhow I have been "out of it" ever since--until now.  My husband spoke in Sunday School on January 20th on "BIBLE PICTURES, PROPERTIES, & PRODUCTS" (BFT# 3352/1 + $5.00 S&H)   He used 51 power points to cover his material.  He was especially happy with the way his power point was set up in the church.  The technician ran a wire from their sound room right into my husband's lap-top computer.  Then, there was  an auditorium screen above his head where his words were flashed for all to see and read.  The Sunday School pastor said he'd never heard anything like that message before and that there was enough material in that message for a preacher to preach on forever.  I thought Dr. Waite did well, but I didn't notice anything remarkable.  YES, it was good!  Ha.  But then I am just used to him.  Why not order that message for yourself?

    But I did think that Dr. Waite's morning message at THE GOOD SHEPHERD BAPTIST CHURCH (1200 East Davis Drive,  Terre Haute, IN 47802) was especially good.  He used 103 power points for both the a.m. and p.m. services.  He'd just come back from the PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY meeting the week before and he was "on top" of his game, as they say.  DO YOU EVER DO THAT?  You should ask for that morning and evening message, WHY WE USE AND DEFEND THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #3352/1-2 @ $7.00 + $5.00 S&H)


      In the early evening, prior to the night service, there was a special hour or so reserved for questions and answers.   To be truthful, hardly anyone was there--but the questions were good.  From my observation, I don't think the church people, for the most part, knew much about the King James Bible issue.  Some did--like Ron who is on our mailing lists and gets many of Dr. Waite's books.  Little interest in the book table is a dead give-away.  Another is the blank stares at the speaker from the congregation.  Another is low attendance.  People staying home from church because it was cold is an excuse.  
    This particular pastor, PASTOR THOMAS E. MANBECK, wanted my  husband in his church that day to expose his people to the VERSION ISSUE.   I hope that those who heard have heeded and have their appetites whetted to know more about the Bible-version-issue!   Pastor Manbeck, whom we did not meet, for he was not there, tries to have a "Bible Day" once every year.  That's a good idea!  I hope that those who heard have heeded and have had their appetites whetted to know more about the Bible-version-issue!
    Often the laissez-faire fair attitude in some churches is not because the church uses other Bible versions.  No.  Often they only use the  KING JAMES.  We have found that many churches who wave their King James Bibles around in the air and love it and read it, do not have the faintest idea what the Bible-Version-issue is all about.  Even some who preach for or against the KJB do not understand the defense of it.

    I liked GOOD SHEPHERD BAPTIST.   Once you enter the church, there is no doubt what the decor is--green and white all over the church auditorium, even on the forest green buses.  We were told that it was the pastor's favorite color.  I really liked the people.  I met a woman there who had a heart transplant.  I had never, to my knowledge, met someone who had another person's heart beating in her b          ody.  It was an encouragement to me, as my daughter-in-law's mother was having a kidney transplant soon.  
    The pastor was on a six-month's sabbatical.  His wife is ill.  I wish we could have met them.  He has done a remarkable job building that church in such a few years.  The pastor has been gone for four months or so--I think it is--and the people miss their pastor.  The church has a different speaker every Sunday.  The three assistant pastors are good men.  We met them all.  They all did their jobs well.  We ate with them and got to know some of their heart concerns.  We enjoyed them very much.  I am sure they could preach a fine series of sermons weekly but they are not assigned to preach but have other duties in the ministry.  
    Yes, it was cold that morning.  I think they said it was four degrees.  Somehow I did not mind it.  There was no wind to cut through my coat.  Dr. Waite and I  grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, on Lake Erie and we knew winters.  The Sanborn family never stayed home from church when it was cold--not even for snow.  Pastor Waite and I and our children lived for four or five years in Newton, Massachusetts.  They had snows!   Did they ever!  They had sidewalk snow plows.  We never saw that before.  I learned how to take newspaper with me whenever I traveled, as well as a shovel.  I'd put the newspaper in front or behind the back tire and spin out of a snow bank.  It was just what was done when a mother drove her children someplace.  Thought nothing of it.  
    When we were in Wisconsin a few years ago, and the excuse for a low attendance was the snow,  I was flabbergasted.  I thought those up in that area of the country did not stay home from anyplace because of snow.  Have we in the USA become so lazy and church-bored on Sunday that we won't expend the effort to be in church?
BIBLE PICTURES, PROPERTIES & PRODUCTS BFT#3352/1 @ $4.00 + $1.00 S&H~~DEFENSE OF THE KJB IN INDIANA:  BFT #3352/02 @ $$4.00 + $1.00 S&H; THE PRINCETON, NJ DVD'S: BFT #3350/DV1-2 @ $20.00 + $5.00 S&H~~THE MARRIAGE TRAP:   JFW/CD#103 @ $6.00 + $3.00 S&H;  THE MEXICO MEETINGS DBD'S: BFT #3346/1-2 @ $7.00 + $3.00 S&H  
    STREAMED LIVE:     JANUARY 10-11, 2008

    All I can say about the PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY meetings is that they were wonderful.  Not only were people there, but they were--for the most part--interested in the BIBLE DEFENSE subject. Of course, there were a few teenagers that couldn't care less; but the interest was there.  People cared and it showed.  All the books on the book table were gobbled up fast as anything.  It was good to see such interest!
    HOST-PASTOR LOU GUARNERI IS A GO-GETTER.  He advertised with beautiful brochures and mailed them to thousands of people.  He promoted the meetings with his pastor friends who took a KJB stand,              as well as offering a free DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE to everyone who came.  Well, the people had a choice between a Bible or a DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE book that my husband wrote.  You can order that, too, if you want BFT#1594 @ $12.00 + $4.00 S&H.  Of course when you offer something free, people tend to come--but the STRAIGHTWAY BAPTIST CHURCH is not just around the corner.  STRAIGHTWAY is a baby church.  I think it is about one year old and it meets in the CLARION HOTEL on Brunswick Pike (3499 Rt. 1 South, Princeton, NJ 08540.)
    I wish you could have been there! If you were not, you missed something.  There was much enthusiasm, good singing, excitement, and good teaching.  Pastor Guarneri is a ball of fire.  They had a key-board-type of instrument instead of a piano.  When I sang a solo each night, it was okay.  Another church member sang during the day meetings.  She sang a beautiful rendition of "IN THE GARDEN."  There is nothing like the old songs for depth and beauty!   
    One of Pastor G's church people dressed up like KING JAMES and read something that the King himself had written back in the 1611 time period.  That was a first for us to see!  A plaque was given to my husband and Dan and me for service in the Bible Battle and beautiful words were said about us.  We can't let beautiful words get to our heads--and they don't; because we know us better than anyone but God.   My husband's teaching was excellent--the DVD's (BFT #3350 @ $15.00 + $5.00 S&H; 2 audio cassettes @ $8.00).  
    Dr. Waite has added material about gnosticism into his power-points.  Remember he talked a lot about that in the Mexico meetings a few months ago.  But the best part of the services were the QUESTION & ANSWER sessions after each lecture.  In my opinion, that is when my husband shines.  He answers the questions with good recall and  truth.  YOU MUST GET THOSE MEETINGS!  I was very glad to be a part of it all.  Oh--DANIEL WAITE CAME WITH ALL HIS "STREAMING" EQUIPMENT AND THE WHOLE CONFERENCE WAS "STREAMED."  Did you tune in?
     In fact, you can view the PRINCETON CONFERENCE ON DEMAND
    I'm debating with myself what to say next.  I could tell you about our radio programs. or the 8,405 JANUARY ‘08 INTERNET DOWNLOADS from our ""--that doesn't count the views-- or my husband being, as I write, at the EVANGELICAL MISSION SEMINARY, INTERNATIONAL. on Alpine Road in Towaco, NJ. He is teaching Chinese students, with an interpreter, on DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE.  I did not go!  GET THE DVD'S! (BFT #3353/1-3 English only @ $9.00 + $4.00 S&H--6 hours; or BFT #3354/1-9 @ $27.00 + $5.00 S&H English & Chinese--18 hours).

    Months have passed, since my husband was a part of the PREACHER'S CONFERENCE AT IGLESIA BAUTISTA LIBERTAD in MATAMOROS, MEXICO.  That meeting was sponsored by DR. HUMBERTO GOMEZ and his church.  When he first invited Dr. Waite, he said it was going to be a small gathering of pastors; but by the time the meeting actually commenced, there was a large group of people--especially at night.
    I don't know if you know it or not, but Dr. Gomez has translated the Bible into Spanish.  He has worked
and re-worked those holy words over and over again, updating the Reina-Valera Spanish Bible, using the King James Bible as a guide and consulting with others--such as Dr. Waite--for Greek/Hebrew meanings in problem passages.  This Bible is called the Reina-Valera-Gomez Bible.  It is a product of many hours and years of sweat and tears.
    For some reason, there is always a flood of criticism when any Spanish Bible's translation is corrected.  There are many textual errors in most of the translations except the Reina-Valera-Gomez Bible.  The "1960" people swear by the "1960"--even those who are King James advocates in the English language, who know that the "1960" carries some of the errors of the new modern versions in English like those found in the NIV, NASV, ESV and others.  Then there are groups of Spanish-speaking people who swear by the 1865 Bible and will not accept anything else. MANY LONG-STANDING FRIENDSHIPS ARE BROKEN BECAUSE OF THIS CONFLICT!  Needless to say the Reina-Valera-Gomez Bible has not escaped criticism.  Yet, God is blessing it.  My husband likes it.
    My husband spoke five times.  Three were on the DEFENSE OF THE TEXTUS RECEPTUS & HOW GNOSTICISM HAS INFLUENCED THE TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE IN ALL LANGUAGES (BFT #3346/DVD1-2@ $25.00 + $5.00 S&H).  He emphasized the Spanish 1960 version because he was speaking to Spanish-speaking people.  He also gave a good lesson on BIBLE PICTURES, PROPERTIES, & PRODUCTS in the same DVD set. Although my husband speaks fluent Spanish, he had an interpreter, MR. CARLOS DONATE.   He did an outstanding job, I thought.   Dr. Waite also preached a sermon from I Peter 1:1-8 one evening, "OUR UNDEFILED HEAVENLY HOME."  At times, he would get so into the interpreter's translation that my husband began talking in Spanish himself.  The people loved it.  And so did I!  ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED ON THIS ONE DVD FROM MEXICO.    
    There were many other speakers there. Several were from the United States, some from Mexico, and other South American countries, as well as the islands.  Many fluent Spanish-speaking missionaries spoke.  I can't remember them all, so I won't mention their names.  All I know is that they were lively.  Pastors would stand to praise God.  My husband stands in one place when he preaches but many of them ran around and walked.  In some ways, it was very entertaining--but always with a point that gripped the heart.  I do remember PASTOR BAKER from NORTH CAROLINA and his wife.  I was delighted and surprised they were there.  I'd never known them or met them before. The reason I was glad?  He pastored our granddaughter and her Marine husband when they were stationed in Beaufort, NC.  I praised the Lord for the influence they had in the lives of our grandchildren, especially our grandson-in law who was a new Christian.  He got foundational truth under Pastor Baker that edified him for his two tours of duty in Iraq. During one sermon, Pastor Baker stood in the offering baskets and said that God  wanted YOU FIRST--not your money.  It was a vivid illustration!   
    It was a delight to be there.  MRS. GOMEZ and her women friends made delicious Mexican food for us twice a day.  They cooked in an out-building close to the church and brought our plates full of food two or three plates at a time to our tables.  We stayed in a nice hotel--THE RITZ--several miles from the church and different cars would take us to the meetings.  I didn't see much at all of Mexico--only the streets coming and going to the church building.  The church building was very large with interesting windows and had beautiful long pews with red cushioned padding for seating.  Some church in Georgia (I think it was) just gave those pews to them.
    One afternoon we walked up and down the street near the Ritz looking for a place to eat, when all the while the restaurant across the street was good.  Finally we understood what a PESO was worth!  Saw souvenirs but didn't buy anything.  There was a large restaurant--I think it was a cafeteria--en route to the church.  It had a big sign that read "SANBORNS" high in the sky advertising the place.  That was my maiden name.  I was told the SANBORNS were influential real estate people in Harlingen, Texas, near Brownsville, across the border.
    By the way, it was good to be in Texas again!  We used to live in Dallas for five years during my husband's seminary days.  Two sons were born there.  Then for two years or so we lived in Corpus Christi, Texas when my husband was a Navy chaplain.
    I don't have any history to tell you about MATAMOROS for we had no sight-seeing adventures.  There were long lines of walking people, as well as cars, waiting to cross the border.  If a light turned "red," we would be stopped and investigated.  If it were green, we could move on. No questions for us--the lights were always green.
    As we drove to the church, I did notice a Muslim Mosque-type structure in the distance. "That's no mosque, Mrs. Waite, that is the home of our communities big drug dealer."  It was then I'd learn that the drug man's son had accepted Jesus Christ recently through the witness of Iglesia Bautista Libertad.  If I recall, this young convert, with the changed life, gave his testimony the first night of the meetings. I had missed it.  I'd stayed in my room being over-tired.  I'd been squeezed up in a middle seat on the way from the airport.  It took its toll on me!   Remind me not to sit in middle seats anymore!
    NOVEMBER 9-12, 2007
    Wanted to tell you a little bit more about our trip to GORDO, ALABAMA.  Dr. Waite and I drove to TUSCALOOSA after a flight  to  Nashville & Birmingham.  When you try to get the least expensive flights, a traveler ends up in interesting places.  We flew SOUTHWEST AIRLINES.  That was a Friday.  It was a day earlier than we needed to go; but the times of the flights would have made it difficult to get to CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH in Gordo with time to make ready the book table the night before.  How I enjoyed that extra day!  It was like a mini-vacation.  We rented a car, enjoyed the ride, the country-side, and the 70 mile-an-hour speed limit.   LINDA & CLAUDE ROBINSON met us at the church on Saturday afternoon.  They were thrilled to meet us as they get BIBLE FOR TODAY materials.
     PASTOR & MRS.  TULL are the parents of Brandy & Mandy, two pre-teens.   Pastor Tull has paid a price for his King James Bible stand as the former church, where he pastored, kicked him out because of his stand on that issue.  It seemed such a shame, as Pastor Tull began that former church himself a few years earlier.  So the members that came out with him, started Calvary Baptist.  
    It so happened that the only funeral home in the area had moved and set up shop in another town.  So the new group of believers bought the funeral parlor and transformed it into a Baptist  Church. It was out in the country--but then, everything in Gordo was out in the country.  I liked it.  I could not tell that the main church building had been a chapel for funeral services; but some of the people in the area will not go there to church because it was the last place they had seen their loved one's body.  
    The church  advertised in several papers with big ads and expected more response from people than they received.  I felt sorry for them.  The King James Bible topic is not a crowd-pleaser.  It is a very necessary subject, but many people do not understand why.  Because the church expected many people, they had abundant Southern cooking set out on huge tables. It was good.

    It has taken me several weeks to write this UPDATE.  The beautiful weather that I told about has turned into a winter's blast!  Guess the ground hog was right!  Yet, no matter the temperature,  we still can have "sunshine" in our souls if we know Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour!


Yvonne S. Waite

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