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The Bible For Today Update

Yvonne Sanborn Waite, D. Hum.

April, May 2005


Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner;
But be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God.





WE LEFT FOR MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, AND EAST SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH ON MY SISTER BEVERLYíS BIRTHDAY. She would have been seventy! Could it be five years since she left us? Dear Beverly! At her birth, her brain was injured and she never functioned as a normal person. But what is "normal" anyhow? I was her "big sister"and will always be so--even now. If you are a "big sister" or "big brother," you know what I mean. We "big" ones have a certain place in the family by the very fact that we were born first. We didnít ask for this job. It just came to us. For me, I took it as a placement from the LORD. But I donít want to get into that as this letter is not about "sisters" and "brothers," but it is about our February/2005 trip to Wisconsin.


WE LEFT PHILADELPHIA IN THE LATE MORNING FOR MILWAUKEE FROM TERMINAL "F." It is a new terminal at our PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT--very nice, but different. Our plane was not huge either--certainly not the size of the one that flew us to Korea in November of 2004. It was a beautiful plane--if an airplane can be considered so--and held about fifty people--two seats on each side of the aisle, two attendants, a pilot, and a co-pilot. One attendant looked like she was in her sixties, attractive, tall, slightly humped with that dyed-hair-look that older women have who are pretending that they arenít gray at all or getting older. I was glad that I didnít have to work like she did. It was a good flight. Took about two hours, plus. Did you know that it only took that plane about 26 seconds to get off the runway?


PASTOR RALPH W. BROWN, JR. IS THE PASTOR OF EAST SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH AND ACADEMY. He has been there almost a year now. The churchís address is 2409 East Park Place, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211. Give him a call sometime at 414-964-0924! I wonder what he thought when he saw DR. WAITE and me in wheel chairs? It is no new thing for me to need help in walking, but it is for my husband. His hip is acting up. So he has found an electric cart or a wheel chair a more convenient way in airports. Getting old? No way!


EAST SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH IS IN A GOOD SECTION OF MILWAUKEE. Driving through the neighborhood, I couldnít help but notice the beautiful big homes gracing the streets. The churchís architecture is "Prairie Mission." Itís the only so-designed building in the whole Milwaukee area. (I read that on a paper posted on the churchís bulletin board.) The interior was lovely with a tall ceiling and expansive colored glass windows. You would have liked it. I suppose it could seat two hundred comfortably. It was built in 1911--beautiful woodwork and design. There is something special about buildings of the past. Because I always think of FANNY CROSBY, when Iím in such a church, I could visualize her walking down that middle aisle choosing a front seat to hear the preacher better. Maybe you didnít know it but Iíve done THE TRIBUTE TO FANNY CROSBY since 1978. If you remember, BLIND FANNY died in 1915. Lately, for some reason, people have been inviting me to portray the blind hymnist again. Maybe it is a wave of the future. Iím glad. I was asked to do THE TRIBUTE in South Korea, and I was also asked to do it in Euclid, Ohio in April, and again, on May 7th in Pennsylvania and on May 21st in New Jersey. So the Lord has me on active duty in this ministry even in 2005.


ONE OF THE BIG PROBLEMS AT EAST SIDE BAPTIST IS THAT THERE IS NO PARKING LOT. Who needed one in the horse and buggy days? So parking is at a premium. I overheard people asking one another, "Where did you park today?" Then to top off the problem, it had snowed on Saturday night, making parking more difficult. Some folk make a mountain out of a poor-parking situation; others just go with the flow. Thatís the kind of person I want to be--not that I am all the time. I remember some parents who wanted their married adult children to attend a church where we were members. Their adult children, who had never been to the church, would not attend because of the poor parking conditions. I asked the parents, "If your children have never been to the church, how would they know of the parking difficulties?" The older couple looked sheepish. They admitted, "We told them so."


PASTOR RALPH BROWN HAD INSTIGATED AN AFTERNOON SERVICE DURING THE SNOW MONTHS. It is at two oíclock in the afternoon instead of at night. After the morning message, the people eat together on the lower level of the building. The fellowship is good. Then all can return to the beautifully designed pews of yesteryear and enjoy another church service without hunting for new parking spaces. Of course, on the Sunday afternoon we were there, Dr. Waite continued his teaching on THE DEFENSE OF THE GREEK AND HEBREW TEXTS THAT UNDERLIE THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #3227/1-3 @ $9.00 + $3.00 + S&H).

I GUESS YOU KNOW IT ALREADY, BUT WE HERE AT The Bible For Today Baptist Church IN COLLINGSWOOD, NEW JERSEY, HAVE AN AFTERNOON MEETING ALSO. THATíS OUR TIME FOR BIBLE DISCUSSION. PRESENTLY WE ARE IN THE GOSPEL OF LUKE. Come on over at 1:30 P.M. if you are close-by--or watch us on LIVE STEAMING!! Pastor Waite and I first observed these afternoon church meetings in other churches where heís spoken. They did it in Korea, too, when we were there in November of last year--as well as in New York State and in Toronto. After all, the Bible does not specify the time of the day to meet or how often, for that matter--just the first day of the week, the Lordís Day.



Oh, I MUST NOT FORGET TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE BLUE WATERS OF LAKE MICHIGAN. As we drove from the airport to the church, we could spy such winter-loveliness. I remember while in Chicago, as a Bible School student, walking on its beaches. Pardon me, but I must tell you about the MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM. A SPANISH-BORN ARCHITECT NAMED SANTIAGO CALATRAVA WAS COMMISSIONED TO DESIGN THAT NEW ADDITION TO THE MUSEUM. So, in 1997, ground was broken for the ORIGINAL creation. It makes a strong architectural statement! This QUADRACCI PAVILION is the first Calatrava-designed building to be completed in the United States. It opened to the public in May of 2001. I wish that you could have seen it. It is a very unique structure. (Meant to buy a post card at the airport, but forgot.) The building has wings! Yes, it does. There are HUGE CONCERT WINGS on top of the building. They open and shut--depending on the weather. Dr. Waite remembers the pastor saying something about their wings weighing about sixty-two thousand tons and made of steel. The wings rise bodily into the air over the lake-frontís open space. It was something else again! When we drove by the first time the wings were open. There they were--high in the sky letting Godís sunlight into the building. Another day, on Sunday afternoon, I noticed the wings were together, keeping out the dreary day. Look it up on the Internet! It is a one-of-a-kind place.



EAST SIDE BAPTISTíS AUDIOS///BFT #3227/1-3 @ $9.00 + $3.00 S&H

MY HUSBAND TAUGHT FIVE TIMES AT EAST SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH. WE COULD TELL THE PEOPLE WERE INTERESTED BY THEIR QUESTIONS DURING THE "Q & A" SESSIONS AFTER EACH PRESENTATION. IT WAS REMARKABLE. Pastor Brown had taught his people well. So, when Dr. Waite gave his Power-Point-messages, the people responded with belief. Maybe you would like to have such teaching on the textual defense of the King James Bible in your church. If so, write us!


ON SATURDAY EVENING, I WAS SPELLBOUND BY THE BEAUTY OF THE FRIENDSHIP DINNER. The ordinary 1911 church basement was changed into one of the most beautiful restaurants that Iíve seen. Hanging from the ceiling were those lights like people put on their houses at Christmas time. They are frothy and light. I donít know the names of them. Each large round table became a work of art with net, color, candles, and food--all in reds, white, and pink. I have taken pictures but I know I didnít do the room justice. All this and food, too.

EVERY YEAR EASTSIDE BAPTIST & FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF OAK CREEK TAKE TURNS HOSTING THIS ANNUAL DINNER. So a contingent of people arrived from Oak Creekís FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, pastored by PASTOR DAVID BROWN, to join those of the East Milwaukee church. The seating arrangement at the dinner was interesting to me. For better socializing, half of each table had seating for some from each church. That was such a good idea. How often Iíve been to dinners where the same "friends" sit together and we do not learn to know anyone else but the people we already knew. My husband spoke that evening to a full group from both churches. They seemed interested.


I MET SOME VERY FRIENDLY PEOPLE AT EASTSIDE BAPTIST. First: the pastor was most cordial and excited for us to be there. He is the father of seven children--one was born after we left. One afternoon, we had lunch with him and his wife at Boston Market. I enjoyed her. Years ago, Pastor Ralph Brown was a youth pastor in another State--I think it was Michigan. It was there that he and his wife, as a young bride and groom, took two young boys into their home, raised them and adopted them. Their parents did not want their sons. Can you imagine? I met one of the young men and he seems to be a radiant Christian with a wonderful smile. I wish you could meet him, as well as the Brownís birth-children.

ONE OF THE LITTLE SONS, FOUR-YEAR-OLD DANIEL BROWN, CAME UP TO MY HUSBAND AT THE END OF A SERVICE AND QUESTIONED, "ARE YOU NEW HERE?" My husband looked down at the little fellow and said that he was. Then he asked the little boy, "Do you go to church here?" Seriously Danny answered, "Iíve been going here for a couple of months" How he endeared himself to us with his friendly ways! He was very much like his father.


I MET SOME INTERESTING WOMEN MY AGE. It was especially good for me to see how they looked, where they lived, and what they did. They were without husbands. I was glad I still had mine. Some lived in retirement homes--assisted living. One friend gave me a book of poems that she had written. Iím looking forward to the blessing they will bring into my life. She has suffered in many ways. She has had to watch her children live with a painful congenital disease. She has seen them cope, suffer, despair, and die.

HER EARS PRICKED UP DURING MY HUSBANDíS LECTURES WITH THE MENTION OF LANCELOT ANDREWES (1555-1626). Iím sure you remember that he was one of the main translators of the King James Bible. My friend has read his translated works. She gave me a beautifully blue-bordered MEDITATION from that early prelate. Let me quote for you from Lancelot Andrewes:


The day is gone, and I give Thee thanks,

O Lord, evening is at hand, make it bright unto us

As day has its evening so also has life;

The even of life is age,

Age has overtaken me, make it bright unto us.

Cast me not away in time of age;

Forsake me not when my strength faileth me.

Even to my old age be Thou He,

And even to hoar hairs carry me; do Thou carry and deliver me.

Abide with me, Lord, for it is toward evening,

And the day is far spent of this fretful life.

Let Thy strength be made perfect in my weakness. . .

We then. . .beseech Thee for the close of our life,

That Thou wouldest direct it in peace,. . .acceptable, sinless, shameless,

And, if it please Thee, painless, Lord, O Lord. . .



I MET ONE MAN WHO TOLD ME HOW HE PRACTICALLY DESTROYED HIS MARRIAGE DURING ITS FIRST YEAR. He cursed and swore at his wife all the time about anything and everything. He said that he treated her like scum. One day she asked him, "Do you know how many times in the last few minutes that you cursed and swore at me?" He was surprised that she had counted his vile words. A divorce was knocking at his door. He did not want to lose his wife for he loved her. After discussing his marriage problems with a friend, it was suggested, "Why donít you read the Bible?" He had tried everything. He was desperate! So he did. As he read and read the Bible, the Spirit of God grabbed at his heart. He got saved. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. He told me, "As soon as I accepted Jesus Christ, I had a change in my brain. I canít explain it. But I never swore and cursed again!"

AT WORK, A WOMAN WHO PREVIOUSLY HAD HEARD HIM CONSTANTLY TAKE GODíS NAME IN VAIN OBSERVED THE CHANGE. She said to him, "Iíve seen something different in you but I couldnít figure it out for weeks. Now I know what it is. You do not swear and curse anymore!" His wife saw the change, too. She watched him for one year. Yes, she saw the change in his life. One day she said to him, "I want what you have. Iíve watched you and you are no longer swearing or cursing me out. I want Jesus, too, because of the change in your life"


AFTER THE SUNDAY AFTERNOON MEETING, PASTOR RALPH BROWN DROVE US DOWN THE HIGHWAY TO AN APARTMENT-TYPE MOTEL NEAR OUR SUNDAY EVENING MEETING (February 20, 2005). We were to be the guest of PASTOR & MRS. DAVID BROWN and the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF OAK CREEK. (10550 South Howell Avenue, Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154) Because we have known Pastor & Mrs. Brown from the DEAN BURGON SOCIETYís annual meetings, I was looking forward to being with them and in their church. Even though we had visited the night before at the Friendship Banquet at EAST SIDE, there is something special about seeing a pastor on his own turf in his own town. The Browns have been in Oak Creek for twenty-five years. That is somewhat of a record for a pastor--a good record, I think. The church has been in three major building programs. Today, they have a beautiful, large, modern church building. Youíd be impressed.


DURING PASTOR DAVID BROWNíS EARLY YEARS AT THE CHURCH, HE TOOK FIRM STANDS ON BIBLICAL ISSUES SUCH AS HOMOSEXUALITY BEING SIN AND THE DANGERS OF OCCULTISM. Well, that position brought a barrage of words, actions, and imminent danger into his life and to the lives of his wife and children. Because of his holy boldness, the church was burned down by those who disagreed. Now years have passed by and today they have a large, modern building with beautiful offices. Yes, a seed was planted in the ashes of persecution to become a growing glowing testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.


A FEW YEARS AGO, I WROTE A COUPLE LETTERS MYSELF TO OUR LOCAL TOWN PAPER WONDERING WHY THE SEXUAL ORIENTATION OF SEVERAL MEN STANDING ON SOME STEPS IN TOWN HAD TO BE KNOWN. You should have read the flood of words hurled against me by Collingswood citizens for such wondering! That was before Governor McGREEVEY publicly declared himself to be a homosexual. Maybe I never told you about this. Our mayor has declared our town to be "gay" friendly, but it wasnít too friendly to me.


IN THOSE EARLY DAYS, PASTOR BROWN USED THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (NIV). You remember, Iím sure, when it became the popular thing to do. Well popularity went out the window when conviction set in for him. One day he was trying to lead a woman to the Lord Jesus with HER "bible." IT WAS THE NIV! He had her turn to Acts 8:37. Whoops! The woman was speechless! There was no verse 37 in her "bible."


And Philip said, if thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest.

And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

PASTOR BROWN SAID THAT HE REALLY DIDNíT REALIZE WHAT HE WAS SAYING AT THE TIME WHEN HE SAID, ĎLET ME GET A REAL BIBLE." Yet, those words ate at his heart. So, he began to study the Bible version issue. Now he is a champion for the AUTHORIZED VERSION. In fact, he has such a pro-KJB stance that he has acquired many, many old & original Bibles for his personal library. Praise God for such conviction!


MY HUSBAND GAVE "THE DOCTRINAL DIFFERENCES" POWER-POINT PRESENTATION THAT NIGHT AT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF OAK CREEK. I wish you would order that presentation (BFT #3227/3 @ $4.00 + $1.00 S&H). It is an "eye-opener." As you know, the other version people continue to say that there are no doctrinal differences in the modern versions. But my husband points out verse after verse where there ARE serious differences. Sometimes the critics of such differences say, "Oh, those doctrines are in other verses." But my husband says he wants ALL the verses fully translated and ALL the doctrines to remain in the verses where they belong. Dr. JACK MOOREMAN, whom my husband calls our "foremost living KJB/TR textual scholar," says that there are 356 doctrinal passages involved. WHY NOT GET THE BOOK THAT GIVES YOU ALL THAT INFORMATION? (BFT #2956 @ $10.00 + $4.00 S&H). Also, you should acquire Dr. D. A. Waiteís book, DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT#1594-P @ $12.00 + $4.00 S&H). That book contains 158 of the most important of those 356 doctrinal passages.


ONE OF THE DEAR THINGS I OBSERVED AT FIRST BAPTIST WAS HOW KIND PASTOR BROWNíS DAUGHTERS WERE TO HIS WIFE, THEIR MOTHER. Besides visiting with me personally and introducing me to their children, these adult, married daughters of the Browns came to their mother and kissed her goodbye. They werenít doing that to impress me. They were doing it because they loved their mother. I was touched and happy for Mrs. Brown. Sometimes adult children forget that mothers of adult children have needs, too. Some learn this too late and wish they had a mother to kiss goodbye again. I remember hearing of the tears of my friendís young adult daughter. Her mother died. It was too late for the young woman (an argumentative daughter) to tell her mother that she loved her. Donít have such regrets.


MY HUSBAND AND I ARE OHIOANS--LAKE ERIE OHIOANS. So we were brought up with snow. If we would have had "snow days" in the wintertime when we were young, we would never have received an education. I just donít remember staying home because it snowed. (I donít know what they do today.) We went to school. We walked. Now there were times that I had a ride with my father as he drove to work in Cleveland; but I always walked home--over a mile. My husband thinks it was closer to two miles. His house was closer to the high school than mine. He walked, too. All I know is that we walked and thought nothing of it. I just praised God I could walk! Well, I must confess that once a girl friend of mine had her brotherís car and she took me; otherwise I walked or rode my bike. If the school buses could not make it or were late, we townís people went to school anyhow. The school stayed open for any who could get there. One time it snowed so hard and unexpectedly that my girl friend and I stopped at my grandmotherís house on Daisy Avenue. Her house was a half-way point. Maybe she had extra boots for us--I donít remember.


WHEN I WAS IN EIGHTH GRADE, WE MOVED FROM LAGRANGE, OHIO, TO BEREA. WE STILL ATTENDED THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH IN LAGRANGE. We did this until gas rationing during World War II. No matter the weather conditions, we traveled the distance--maybe thirty or thirty-five minutes or more--to church. (I really canít remember how far it is from Berea, Ohio to Lagrange. Maybe you know.) Anyhow-- I remember those snow trips very well. My father did not stay home from church for anything. He never worked on church days. The Lord blessed him for such dedication. Whenever he traveled away from home, alone or with family, he sought out a church for Sunday morning and evening, as well as prayer meeting. We never traveled on Sunday. We stayed wherever we were and went to church. My Dad was a wonderful Christian example!

SO, WHEN WE WERE IN WISCONSIN, I EXPECTED A "GUNG-HO WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE SNOW" ATTITUDE. I always felt Wisconsin was in the "snow belt." Much to my surprise the newly fallen snow of the night before, kept many Wisconsinites home. This absence was not noticed in the morning church at EAST SIDE BAPTIST, but it was very noticeable in the evening meeting at OAK CREEK. I felt sorry for the pastor. I do not say this to be critical, but I say this to encourage healthy people: "DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE SNOW!" What a surprise to learn that Wisconsin people were the same as South Jersey folk where we live. They stay home when it snows, too. Maybe this is the TV weathermenís fault. Back in the covered wagon days, when I was young, we did not have such weather forecasters. NOW, for the slightest snowflake, our television personalities tell us to stay home. Although I must admit that the warnings in Milwaukee on TV told the viewers to be careful when driving to church. Where I live "church" is not mentioned at all--only football! .


HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF "THE MILITARY ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART"? Well, neither had Pastor Waite or I. Most always, I start up a conversation with strangers for the purpose of handing them a church calendar. I usually say something like this, "Hereís a calendar for you. You can look us up on our web-site; and if you are interested in going to Heaven, there are directions on the back.

SO ONE MORNING, DURING BREAKFAST, AT OUR LAST MOTEL, I BEGAN SPEAKING WITH A MAN WHO HAD HELPED ME WITH THE WAFFLE IRON AT THE BREAKFAST BAR. (My husband was right there, if you are wondering.) It turned out that this man had been wounded twice in the Vietnam War. Come to find out, he was the commander of Region II for THE MILITARY ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART. He had a wide territory in several states. Forget which states they were. COMMANDER PRICE was in Milwaukee to honor the first woman reservist who had died in any war. Her death came when she was serving in Afghanistan. She was very young. I think he said twenty--maybe nineteen. Commander Price was in the area to name a chapter of the organization after her. I never knew there was such an organization to help wounded & disabled veterans like this. If you are interested, give me a call and I can give you a phone number.


BEFORE I STOP REMINISCING ABOUT OUR WISCONSIN TRIP, I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT THE HOURS WE SPENT IN THE AIRPORT ON THE MONDAY AFTER THAT SUNDAY. You see, our flight was canceled. So from about 9:30 A.M. until 1:30 P.M. my husband and I got to know the airport very well. We found an electric outlet so he could use his computer while waiting. Dr. Waite is working on his ROMANS--PREACHING VERSE BY VERSE book. It is a long, tedious process, by the way. There are sixteen chapters, you know. So when we moved to eat, we lost our seat by the electric outlet. Moving around like this lets us get acquainted with new people.

ONE OF THE PEOPLE I STRUCK UP A FRIENDSHIP WITH WAS AN EIGHTY-SIX YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO WAS MOST MISERABLE, AND LET EVERYONE KNOW IT. She was a South Jerseyan whose son moved her to be near him in Wisconsin after her husband died two years ago. She did not like the assisted-living place where she stayed. You see, her son had sold her home, disposed of her furniture and her car. He swooped her off to Milwaukee away from the East and her friends. I found out that sheíd given him power of attorney. I told her, "That was your mistake!"


BUT SADDER STILL, I FOUND OUT THAT SHE WAS DEPENDING ON HER EPISCOPAL ROOTS TO GET HER TO HEAVEN. She said, "I wish that God would take me there!" So I inquired, "Are you prepared to meet God?" Well, you would have thought I asked her if she was prepared to meet the Queen of England. "Why would you ask me such a question?" she screeched. I answered in a meek voice, afraid she might take my head off, "The Bible says PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD." Then she snorted, "I was born on Ash Wednesday and baptized on Easter Sunday; can anyone have any better qualifications for Heaven than that?"

I COULD GO ON AND ON CONCERNING THIS ELDERLY, MISERABLE PERSON. There is much more to tell--for instance she tried to stand up while the aircraft was taking off . Later, in a loud voice, she "damned" the woman sitting next to her. I hope that I never become so cantankerous in my old age; but we never see ourselves as others see us!, do we?


As I close this UPDATE, I grieve for the death of Terri Schiavo and her missing feeding tube, as well as for others, such as she, who are without a voice. At this writing, she has been cremated and buried. Iím sure you have thought about her plight, too. My thoughts are many about this poor woman. Iíve told you about my retarded sister named Beverly. Through no fault of her own, her brain was injured at birth. She lived to be sixty-five. Though she could walk, she didnít talk, had to have her food pureed, and wore diapers. She needed constant attention. What if we had decided that she was in a "persistent vegetative state," or "wakeful unconsciousness," and stopped feeding her?

Now Terri Schiavo did a bad thing. Sometimes this is forgotten. When she had all her faculties in check, it is said that she abused her body. She was bulimic. Binging and throwing-up was her regular practice. Her electrolytes went askew; she suffered a stroke; and her brain became oxygen-starved. Sad as it may be, we could almost say that her "persistent vegetative state" was self-induced.

After about seven years of trying to "help" Terri, the husband remembered her forgotten death wish. He had won a lawsuit. He received at least $2,000,000. It was then that Terriís "husband" recollected that she didnít want to live in a "persistent vegetative state." I donít suppose any of us would want that kind of life either. (If we know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour, being with Him would be far better!) Of course, her wish was not in writing. Young people donít think about such things. Terriís parents said she could be and should be rehabilitated. They wanted her to live. They said they would care for her just the way she was. They loved her. Though the husband said he loved Terri, he would not accept the parentsí help. The matter went to court. One very liberal judge, sitting on his Florida throne, decreed death for Terri instead of life!

For the past ten years, Terriís husband has lived in adultery with another woman and has fathered at least two children by her. During this whole tragedy, Mr. Schiavo wanted full control. He would not give up his rights to Terri. Yet it seems, he gave them up the minute he committed adultery several years before.

Iím Under Godís Care, are you?

Yvonne S. Waite (Proverbs 10:22)



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JFW/59: THE DA VINCI CODE REFUTED: We should be aware of this best-selling fiction which tells of Jesus & Mary Magdalene uniting in marriage and running off to France. It says that Jesus did not die on the cross but Simon of Cyrene took his place. Many believe author DAN BROWNís fiction. (By YSW)

JFW/60: KOREA AT A GLANCE: A radio tape telling of the Waiteís November Ď04 ministry in Korea. Dr. Waite spoke nineteen times & I gave THE TRIBUTE TO FANNY CROSBY. (By YSW)

JFW/61: A RUSSIAN SPY & OPUS DEI: A trusted F.B.I. double agent betrayed the United States to Russia; yet outwardly appeared to be a good American, a faithful husband & devoted father, as well as a member of the powerful, secret, Pope-blessed, Catholic, religious organization called Opus Dei. (By YSW)

JFW/62: ST PATRICK & WEDNESDAY CRUCIFIXION: Patrick was a Christian, not a Catholic saint. Proof that Jesus was not crucified on Friday with OT & NT Scriptural proof. Also there is one program on TSUNAMI. (By YSW)

JFW/63: GOD, THE TSUNAMI, & ME: the explanation of what a tsunami is and how it affected us; Noahís, Mosesí, Jonahís, & Jobís similar storms, and where was God on December 26, 2004. (By YSW)

JFW/64: EUTHANASIA & SUICIDE: a discussion on taking the life of the ill, the suffering, and the dying, such as Schiavo, Saul, and Sanborn. Definitions and documentation on this current subject. (By YSW)

BFT#3226a: HERESY ON PURPOSE: An expose of RICK WARRENíS PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH ministry. Hear Col. Pedro Almeidaís comparison of this popular "seeker" methods to the Word of God. ($4.00 + S&H)

BFT#3226b: CREATIONISM: Col. Pedro Almeida reveals the falsehood of evolution with humor.

BFT# 3223: 20 INDICTMENTS AGAINST PETER RUCKMAN & HIS TEACHINGS: After arriving in Korea last November, Dr. Waite was asked to talk on this subject. This message was appreciated by the pastors.

BFT#3224/1-4 ($12.00+S&H): DR. D. A. WAITE DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE IN KOREA: All the messages are both in English and in Korean. Korean Christians, hear this in your heart language.

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#2249 1 John 5:7-8 Authenticated & Summarized (by Moorman) $2.00 _____

#2423 Four Reasons for Defending the KJB (by DAW) $2.00 _____

#2506 Vindication of Mark 16:9-10--Summarized (DAW) $3.00 _____

#2524 Psalm 12:6-7 and Bible Preservation (by Dr. Moorman) $2.00 _____

#2591 Dean Burgon's Confidence in the KJB (by DAW) $3.00 _____

#2623 Modern Bibles--The Dark Secret (by Dr. Jack Moorman) $5.00 _____

#2671 Readability of Authorized Version (by D. A. Waite, Jr.) $6.00 _____

#2695 Westcott/Hort's Text/Theory Refuted (by DAW) $3.00 _____

#2768 NIV Inclusive Language Edition (by DAW) $7.00 _____

#2771 Summary of Burgonís Traditional Text (by DAW) $4.00 _____

#2777 Foes of the KJB Refuted (by DAW) $9.00 _____

#2780 Summary of Burgonís Causes of Corruption (by DAW) $4.00 _____

#2925 Summary of Burgonís Inspiration & Interpretation (DAW) $4.00 _____

#2926 Central Seminary Refuted on Bible Versions (by DAW) $10.00 _____

#2928 Fundamentalist Distortions on Bible Versions (by DAW) $7.00 _____

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#2955 Galatians--Preaching Verse By Verse (by DAW) $13.00 _____

#2956 356 Doctrinal Errors in the NIV & Others (by Moorman) $10.00 _____

#2973 Ephesians--Preaching Verse By Verse (by DAW) $12.00 _____

#2974 Fundamentalist Mis-Information on Versions (by DAW) $7.00 _____

#2977 Philippians--Preaching Verse By Verse (by DAW) $10.00 _____

#2987 BJUís Inconsistent Position on TR & KJB (by DAW) $2.00 _____

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#3064bk Fuzzy Facts From Fundamentalists (by DAW) $8.00 _____

#3084 8,000 Differences Between TR & CT (by Dr. Moorman) $64.00 _____

#3125 The LIE That Changed the Modern World (Dr. Williams) $16.00 _____

#3138 The Doctored New Testament (by D. A. Waite, Jr.) $25.00 _____

#3195 Samuel P. Tregelles & Critical Text (by Dr. Moorman) $2.00 _____


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