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The Bible For Today Update

Yvonne Sanborn Waite, D. Hum.

November 2000


Time twists and turns as we walk, run, or stumble on its path.
Who would have thought we would live this long?
ĎTis true--some who were most beloved are gone!
"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.
For what is your life?
It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time,
and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14

A Famous Stranger

There we were in the Cleveland airport checking our bags, when I spied him.! He was small, slight, and shy with shoes that needed polishing. "Do I know you?" I asked as we faced each other. "Yes," he said softly. "But you donít know us!" I informed--something he already knew. Immediately I reached my hand into my right pocket and pulled out a 2001 calendar with our church name, phone numbers, and Scripture verses on the back. I said, "This is who we are !" My husband said, "Are you with NBC?" He answered, "No, ABC!"

On we went our separate ways--he, to get his shoes polished, and we, to find our gate for Detroit. I thought to myself, "I will watch the people and maybe Iíll see him again." Sure enough he came to our waiting area! We watched him burying his head in his newspaper, making telephone calls, and drinking from a long bottle of water. After a while I walked over to him and said, "You canít get away from me," and handed him my recent booklet, WITHIN THE BORDERS OF OUR LIVES, (BFT # 2998 @$2.00 + S&H, which is also on radio audio tapes, BFT JFW/01-03 @ $9.00 +S&H). Hidden between its pages was our new church brochure which not only tells about our unique house church (Philemon 1:2), but also gives Bible verses about salvation. I knew that his father was a Greek Orthodox priest--so maybe he would read a page or two.

To our surprise, the man was headed for Detroit, too, but he wasnít on "first class." There he was seated two seats ahead of us. As we passed him to make our way to our row, I noticed him on his cell phone. I heard him say something about the FBI. I raised an eyebrow, he slightly smiled. We didnít see him again for a few days. In fact, the next time I saw him, GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS was on TV commenting on the presidential debates.


Maybe you are wondering why we came home to Philadelphia via Detroit; or,why we were in Cleveland in the first place. Let me answer those two questions. We had two NORTHWEST AIRLINE senior citizen tickets that we had to use up before they expired. (In fact, they had expired, but Dr. Waite extended them with the company.) Northwest has "hubs," you know. In order to go to Cleveland, we had to go to a "hub" and the nearest "hub" was Detroit. For your information, I dislike the Detroit airport. But take heart, a young pilot I was talking with at a Detroit lunch counter said a new airport was being built soon.


MY HUSBAND AND I GRADUATED FROM THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL IN 1945. Can you remember that far back? In September, 2000, we had our fifty-fifth Berea High School class reunion. Berea is a bedroom community to Cleveland. Each time we return "home," we look forward to seeing our classmates (twenty-four have died). It is the only time we go "home" as our families are not there, and no one we know has invited us to minister in their churches. It is like the Lord Jesus talked about in Matthew. He could do good works everywhere but in his own country. We are getting used to it. The people donít realize what they are missing. In my opinion, it is their loss! SAD!

Matthew 13:54. 57: And when he [Jesus] was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this [man] this wisdom, and [these] mighty works? . . . And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.

There were about thirty-three, plus spouses--fifty-five altogether, who came back to Berea for the reunion. Some never come! Some come from as far away as California, Texas, and Florida while others who live down the street never pop in. Strange, if you ask me. The girl who was voted the most beautiful has never returned. I wonder if she turned ugly and doesnít want us to see her. Some of us did, you know--turn ugly that is, and if not ugly--fat. (Ha!)


It was a joy for us to give a DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE to each family of our fellow 1945 graduates. Pray with us that God will open the hearts of those who donít know Jesus Christ. Some were saved while in school, some were saved after leaving school; and some are in such need now for Jesus Christ and donít know it--but maybe they do!


While we were on a tour of the high school--it has changed so that we hardly recognize it at all--my husband asked the present janitor to let him see the boiler room. The boiler room is a "holy" room to my husband. It was in those hot, common quarters that Uncle Charlie, our custodian, introduced Dr. Waite to Jesus Christ. From that moment on there was a change in lifeís direction for D. A. WAITE! Everyone could see it!


But, I must confess, that one of the most rewarding parts of the Ohio venture, besides being alone with my husband away from the phones, and all, was an afternoon visit with my cousin and his friend. I had not seen Vernon Sanborn, Jr. since my sister, Audrey, had died. That was forty-eight years ago--at least that is the last time I remember. The visit was all that I had hoped it would be. I had brought some old photograph books that were my mothers to show him. Those pictures brought memories back to both of us. There was a picture or him with his father (my uncle), and our Grandfather. To his delight there was a picture of Great Grandpa Van, whom I never knew, but my cousin did. He remembered the house and the yard with a fence around it where he and I used to play. I had absolutely no memory of that at all, but there I was in a picture as a toddler with my cousin in the same wagon. He remembered with me! He remembered me before I went to the hospital. What a rewarding visit!



(Videos: BFT #2995VC1-4 @ $45+$5 S&H Audios: BFT #2995/1-13 @ $39+$4 S&H)


Guess what else we did? Besides visiting my sister Audreyís grave (Audrey June Sanborn [1932-1952]) and paying our respects to Rev. and Mrs. Cruverís graves (Henry A. [1898-???? & Clara H. 1903-1982]), family friends, who are buried next to my sister, we searched out where my motherís mother and father and brother were buried. I vaguely remember hearing something about an Alger Road Cemetery when I was younger. I called my Aunt Norma before leaving for Ohio--she is eighty-nine and living with her son in North Carolina--to get some information where Grandma and Grandpa Barkerís graves were. She knew nothing.

But my husband and I found them! I canít tell you what an odd feeling came over me as I approached those headstones and saw their names. (Herbert C. Barker [1881-1950] and Jennie E. Barker [1883-1974]) The man in charge of that cemetery had directed us to the Barker plots by telling us to look for an overgrown bush; and he would lead us to the spot by three American flags. He said, "Follow the flags!" I know my Uncle is not there (Richard C. Barker [1906-1931]). My only memories of him are post cards in a scrap book. I know my grandparents are not there. I know that; but people whom I had loved, and still do, were laid to rest there. I had comfort when I looked at those graves. My grandparents believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. It is a wonderful assurance to my heart to know they are "with the Lord" which is far better.

2 Corinthians 5:8: We are confident, [I say], and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

1 Thessalonians 4:17: Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.


With the success of finding Grandma and Grandpa Barkerís graves, I persuaded my husband to drive to Hinkley, Ohio, to search out the Waites. After all, the buzzards can find it. Why canít we? His sister, Dorothy, remembered Grandpa Stanley Waite was buried in Hinkley, but she wasnít sure about Grandma. Hinkley was a beautiful country area. No wonder the buzzards come there every year! I was sure that if we found Grandpaís headstone, we would find Grandmaís. I could not imagine her being anyplace else but next to Grandpa.

DID WE EVER FIND THE WAITES! The cemetery was full of them--with or without the "E"! (Waite! or Wait!) There among the gravestones, with people with our name, were my husbandís grandparents!--Stanley H [1873-1952] and Libbie S. [1873-1952] It was a happy and sad moment for me!


By now my husband was getting in the cemetery-search mood. So the next day we drove to Wellington, Ohio, in search of Grandma and Grandpa Peirceís tomb stones. These grandparents were my husbandís motherís people. After eating in a place called Harrietís Tea Room, we hurried out on Cemetery Road in search of Dr. Waiteís grandparents. Dr. Waite really wanted to give up! He didnít want to call his cousin in the town because we didnít have time for a long visit. "Letís keep looking," I said, and we did. There before our eyes was the pinkish marble marker, "PEIRCE"--"Albert H.,[1867-1944]" and "May A., [1871-1947]." The spelling of my husbandís motherís family name is most unusual with the "e" before the "i." But that day we found many PEIRCES! HARRIETíS TEA ROOM

That tea room had a very interesting history. We were told by a charming waitress that Harriet, who lived in the days of the past, divorced her first husband. This was a disgrace to her friends and family. She divorced so she could marry an army officer who was a boarder in her house. Because she was divorced and remarried, none of the fine women of wellington would have anything to do with Harriet. Her new husband saw how lonely his wife was and decided to solve the problem. He established the tea room for his wife so she could have some social interaction with people. This happened years and years ago, sad to say, before divorce became so commonplace and accepted. (I even remember, when I was a young woman, meeting a teenage girl on a bus. When I inquired about her parents, ashamed, she looked both ways and whispered to me "my parents are divorced!")

I remember my mother-in-law telling us often about some cousins named Adaline and Sophronia. So, I squealed with delight to find their old memorials in the Peirceís cemetery, too--even though I could barely read the fading inscriptions. I wished we could have had more time in Wellington. Though we drove down Magar Street, where Grandma & Grandpa Peirce lived so many years ago, we didnít have time to go to the "Spirit of Ď76" Museum across from where we parked our rented car, or find, for sure, where Grandpa Peirce had his "tin" shop. We were rushed!




Could we go to Collins, Ohio, and find my great grandparents? I have found childhood memories of my family staying at my Great Grandmotherís house for a vacation one summer. She was not there. It was near the end of her life. What fun! Grandma Van had oil lamps, an old fashioned wooden stove for cooking as well as an oil stove. I remember once when that oil stove blazed that my father pulled it out in flames from the summer kitchen to the ground outside; otherwise the place would have burned down. There were beautiful long, old fashioned dresses from the 1800's in that house. I wonder whatever happened to them. You see, I have absolutely lovely memories of that time. I had a doll by the name of Betty. That was a time before demand feeding, and children were kept on a clock schedule--when to eat, to sleep, to play, etc. I took my little sisterís old schedule and kept that doll baby of mine on a similar one--sun baths and all. A few days before, my cousin had encouraged me to see Grandma Vanís grave. With only a limited time to do it, we drove to East Townsend. One road to the right was where Collins used to be, and one road to the left was East Townsend and an old cemetery with no records before 1960. Well, we finally found the cemetery, and that wasnít all that we found!


My husband kept wanting to leave. "Letís go home!"he said. I didnít want to. It was a small cemetery, but I obeyed and got into the car. Into the car we got, drove by a few graves, and I saw a family name, "FAIRBANKS." "Stop? I asked, and we got out again. Dr. Waite took one half of the small cemetery and I took another. WE FOUND IT! There before my eyes was my GREAT GRANDMOTHER Jennie A. Van Tasselís [1853-1937] grave stone. I didnít remember that her name was Jennie! I thought it was Jane. Next to her was buried my GREAT GRANDFATHER Joseph M. Van Tassel [1850-1925]. I never knew him.

My Great Grandmotherís maiden name was Pelton. Just now, I called my aunt Viola Sanborn, who is in her 100th year and has a mind as sharp as a tack, to confirm the "Pelton" name. This great grandmother had three children--one was my grandmother, Florence, a sister, Alcenia, and a brother, my great uncle stanton van tassell. I have a cousin named after him. (I remember seeing this man once in my life--a nice looking prosperous appearing person.) I wonder whatever happened to him? In another cemetery where Collins used to be, we found a large gravestone marked "pelton." I wonder if it is a relativeís!


Then to top off the grave sightings, I found Aunt Minnie M. Van Tassel, who led my Grandmother Barker to the Lord Jesus in a mission near her home when she was a little Sunday School girl in the Cleveland area. Grandma Barker was the ONLY born-again Christian in her family. J. Myron Van Tassel was there, too (1858-1923). Aunt Vi tells me he went by his first name "James." He was my Great Grandfatherís brother. I did not know him for I was born in 1927; but I knew his son, my fatherís cousin, Myron, and his wife, Helen, and their son David. By the way, Great Aunt Minnie was the original "minnie van"! (HA!)


But that is not all! We nearly forgot to go back to that Fairbankís grave. I am so glad we did because there lay Aunt Ally and Uncle George. (Alcenia Jane [1874-1942] and George Lorenzo [1874-1957]) Alcenia was my Grandma Sanbornís sister (Florence Vern Van Tassel) and my own Grandfather Lorenzo Orley Sanbornís uncle. So my Grandpa Sanbornís uncle was also his brother-in-law. It gets confusing! Uncle George lost all of his money in the depression. After I came home from Collins with barely enough time to get to our class reunion dinner, I wondered if other relatives were lying out there in Collins. We didnít have time to hunt any further.


Because we donít go "home" that often, my husband and I can see the changes that have taken place in our old home town. The center of the town is not the same! Yes, the triangle where we used to have street meetings when Mr. Nika was our pastor is there, but the feel of the community hustle & bustle is gone! Where there used to be stores, new town houses (which we in this area call "row" houses) have sprung up. Shopping malls have replaced the family stores. New houses have multiplied on streets that were never there. The adjoining town of Strongsville used to be a cross road. Now it is a bustling area with wide highways and shopping malls. The same for North Olmsted! Berea used to be the big town in bold lettering on the map; now it is in light print and difficult to spot for tired eyes.

We always look for "our" houses. My husbandís house on 433 Beech looks the same; but the one where I grew up on Baker Street looks like a distant relative of the home I remember. We saw where our friends used to live and my husbandís sisterís "first house" on Fournier Street. Coming home from Collins and Wellington, we passed right through Lagrange, the small town where I lived when I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour. The small grass covered circle with a statue in the middle looked more like a busy traffic circle, a "round-about," than a the center for town gatherings on a Saturday night for band concerts. You see, Lagrange was right on the route--so we stopped and got gas. How it had changed! My husband drove quickly by the house that used to be my house and the church where I was baptized. Different--but the same! I saw houses that flashed names into my mind, Bobby Jane Miller, Ruth Worick, Lottie Forbush, and Eleanor Varney. Their faces are ingrained in the picture book of my mind. I wonder where those grown-up girls are today. I probably wouldnít recognize them--nor they me. I wonder if any have died!

Our last night in Ohio, my husband and I drove to Vermilion to see the Lagoons where my husbandís family had spent so many summer days. He saw where he had his sail boat, where he played as a youth, and where we would go sailing before we were married. It was strange to me then for my father spent his week-ends digging in the yard, painting the house, and going to church --and stranger more to me now because of the changes. Huge sail boats were docked near Dadís docking place, more lagoons had been dug, many more houses built and condos were in the background. The house (which had been called a "cottage") which my in-laws owned for a few years was very different. We could barely recognize it--two houses had been combined into one.


How good to be back in Salt Lake City, Utah again! It had been five years! PASTOR THOMAS CORKISH and his assistants WAYNE MUSSON, JR. and GEORGE SHAFER are gracious hosts. My husband was one of the main speakers for the conference at the ANCHOR BAPTIST CHURCH on 1880 East 5600 South Street. Well, I think he was a "main speaker." My reason for thinking so was he spoke three times (Ha!) while some of the other men spoke only once or twice, and we had a book table! Most of the other speakers I had never met or heard of before. We have had correspondence with Pastor SEIDEL from Thermopolis, Wyoming in the past when he was a church planter. It was good to meet him in person. The other men were Dr. MUSSON, SR. of Montana, Pastor ROUSE from Alabama, Pastors RILEY & HATFIELD both from Colorado, and Pastor HARRIS of Arizona.


Dr. Waite gave his answer to a book, The Mind of God to the Mind of Man, that is stirring up Bible believers to become neutral in their version conviction. Iím not talking about men like D. A. Carson or James White who have books out against the King James Bible and the Textus Receptus Greek which underlies it, but I am talking about men who have been educated at Bob Jones University and other fundamentalist schools.


FUNDAMENTALIST MIS-INFORMATION ON BIBLE VERSIONS that refutes the above mentioned book? (BFT #PB2974 @ $7+$3) Believe me, if you do not have this information, you are unequipped to answer some of the arguments on the other side!


I was extremely tired when I got to Salt Lake City in July! Itís the site of the 2002 winter Olympic, you know. We had such a busy month! We had just come off our yearly KING JAMES SEMINAR here in our house church. (Be sure to order the tapes! (BFT/video #2995VC1-4 @$45 + $5 S&H OR BFT/AUDIO #2995/1-13@$39+$5 S&H). We had the biggest one ever with sixteen students! All graduated! I think that was the end of June or the beginning of July. (Iím a little mixed up at this point!) Then in mid-July, the week before Utah, we had our annual DEAN BURGON MEETING in Elkton, Maryland. I told you all about that in our last BFT UPDATE.


While in Utah, THE PLACE OF THE GREAT SALT LAKE, WE STAYED AT THE Vonderharrís. We had learned to love these people from five years ago. They have a beautiful home with rooms galore and interesting, industrious children. We enjoyed it there--who wouldnít? Itís like having your own private apartment! I especially appreciated this privacy the day I was sick and stayed home from the night meeting. From the living room window of the Vonderharrís home, we could see the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains and Mount Olympus smiling down at us. Come to think of it, maybe it wasnít smiling. A Forest fire was in the making. When driving in a car with anyone, no matter who that "anyone" was, All eyes look in the mountainsí direction to see if the smoke was subsiding. It did! Once I saw an airplane dumping a red stream on the smoke. Iíd only seen that on TV before. How about you?


Mrs. VONDERHARR took my husband and me to the Mormon Tabernacle and I saw where that big choir, we often hear on TV, sings. There is another new Tabernacle almost completed, but we couldnít get in. There is also a beautiful old church/type building that was the original tabernacle, if I understand it correctly. The grounds of the Mormon "holy" place are absolutely beautiful! They must spend a fortune on flowers and shrubbery. I wish one of their yard men would come by and help me!

I took several pictures of the Mormon Temple itself, and wondered how intelligent people could be so deceived. It is a tall, white building of grandeur with the angel, Moroni, standing on top at the pinnacle! Only those who pay their tithes or offerings to that religious outfit can get in. There are a few other requirements for entry into the temple which Iíve forgotten--after all this was in July and now it is October! The people "in the know" go over everyoneís finances to check up on who is giving and who isnít, and how much. (It kind of reminds me of the fictitious "Santa Claus" who checks his list to see who was naughty and nice.) How would you like it, if I went over all your private financial affairs to be sure you were giving to THE BIBLE FOR TODAY???? Otherwise, you couldnít call us on the phone or come to our church. I wouldnít like it either!


In our BIBLE FOR TODAY BAPTIST CHURCH here in our house, we donít take an offering. There is a box at the door for those who wish to contribute to do so. It is a wonderful "gift"to a church, in my opinion, not to be harassed for money all the time.


We went into a museum. We didnít have much time. (The story of our lives.) A HUGE statue of "Jesus"--all in white stone, probably marble--talked to us in English and Spanish. He was versed in other languages, too; but we didnít stay for that. We saw several large, life-size paintings of Biblical scenes. They really were magnificent pictures. But, as far as we could see in that particular exhibit, there was not one picture of Mormon history. It seemed to us that the Mormon church is trying as hard at it can to portray themselves as "Christian."

We met a Mormon elder and his wife. I Tried to find some of our family genealogies, but failed. We were rushed. (We are always rushed on these trips because the purpose of the trips are not to sight-see but to preach.) So, I am grateful for the crumbs that fall from the table. (Did better in the Ohio cemeteries.) We asked about their Bible--the Mormons use the King James, you know, along with their BOOK OF MORMON . We wanted A BOOK OF MORMON; but they wouldnít give it to us on the spot. We had to give them our name and someone would call on us. Well, we didnít want that--thatís for sure! Anyhow, we have one at home in pristine condition. I wonder why? (Not used like manuscripts Aleph and B!)


We came home to the Vonderharrís. It was hot! Canít remember but it seemed like it was 110 degrees! It was in that neighborhood. All I know is that I hadnít been as hot since being in West Africa!


OH, NEARLY FORGOT! We did THE PORTRAIT OF FRANCES HAVERGAL in Utah. The congregation there was an excellent audience. They said I was a blessing to them; for sure, they were a blessing to me! If you want to order a video (BFT #1417VCR @ $15+$4 S&H) or audio cassette (BFT #1417 @ $4+$1 S&H), do so. I think youíll be moved by the hymn writerí s life. She wrote many songs you know.


The First Corinthian Tapes in Progress

At this writing, Pastor Waite is teaching and preaching from the book of 1 Corinthians. He will finish the last half of Chapter 6 this coming Sunday. There will be 16 audio cassettes (BFT #2997/1-16 @ $48 + S&H) and 8 videos (BFT#2997VC1-8 @ $15 each, or $85 + S&H. It will take thirty-two weeks to teach Paulís epistle to the Church at Corinth. 6 Chapters are ready NOW. I hope that you avail yourselves of these teaching tapes. My husband teaches every verse. His verbiage is in easily understandable language. Maybe you have a longing to understand the Word of God better. Do you? Why not avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity to learn the Bible. You can play the audio tapes in your car as you are driving from place to place/and or watch the videos in the quietness of your home. My husband teaches in a very easy manner. He doesnít use big words or try to "wow" you with his knowledge. HE ALSO DOESNíT SKIP OVER DIFFICULT, CONTROVERSIAL PASSAGES.


So far, Dr. Waite has finished teaching the book of Philemon (BFT #2996VCR @ $15+$4 S&H VIDEO or BFT #2996TP @ $4 + $1 S&H AUDIO) as well as the books of Romans (BFT VIDEO #2906VC1-8 @ $85+ $7 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2906/1-16 @ $48+$6 S&H), I Peter (BFT VIDEO #2945VC1-3 @ $35 + $5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2045/1-5 @ $15+$4 S&H) Galatians (BFT VIDEO #2955VC1-3 @ $35+$5 S&H or (BFT AUDIO #2955/1-6 @ $18 + $5 S&H), Ephesians (BFT VIDEO #VC2974VC1-3 @ $35 + $5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2973/1-6 @ $18+$4 S&H) or Philippians (BFT VIDEO #2977VC1-2 @ $25 + $4 S&H or BFT AUDIO # 2977/1-4 @ $12+$4 S&H), Colossians (BFT VIDEO #2988VC1-2 @ $25+$5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2988/1-4 @ $12+$4 S&H).

DAN WAITE ALSO HAS FINISHED THE BOOK OF 2 PETER; IT IS AVAILABLE ALSO (BFT #2927VC1-3 @ $35+$5 S&H for video or BFT #2927/1-5 @ $15 + $4 S&H for audio.)

Dr. Waite TAKES A HALF A CHAPTER A WEEK and teaches us the old-fashioned way--verse by verse without the clutter of outlines. Itís not that my husband doesnít knowhow to make up outlines. Oh, yes, he does. I have heard some beautiful alliterative outlines from his hand; but he feels for these Bible book studies that outlines get in the way of the Word. Sometimes a preacher seems to stand on his head to contort the Bible verse to fit his outline. Have you noticed this?


Presently we have eleven people who receive these sermons monthly. It is sad to say but they canít find a Bible- preaching church that uses the King James Bible; or if they do, there is a mixture of Bibles in the congregation. Some people are not comfortable with this babel, so they have been staying home from church. Often time the preacher may use the KJB, but he doesnít say anything! I believe in fellowshipping with the Saints myself; but I am not sure I could sit Sunday after Sunday in a church where the wrong Bible is used from the platform. There is a dearth in the land!

Amos 8:11: Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:



On the evening of October 6, 2000, those of our church fellowship, who were able, gathered at a near-by restaurant

called THE CARRIAGE HOUSE for a time of being together in thanksgiving and for our church and all it means to us. The room was beautifully decorated in old fashioned array making it a delight to just sit there. After the meal, my husband and I, along with several singers from our group, presented THE TRIBUTE TO FANNY CROSBY. I wish you could have been there!


The following Sunday, October 8th, we had a special speaker in honor of our second year together. Dr. Don Jasmin, the editor of THE FUNDAMENTALIST DIGEST spoke on a text from John 17:16: "They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world."

He told us that it was the first of three sermons on fundamentalist issues. If you would like to hear this message ask for BFT #3007VCR @ $15 + $4 S&H. After eating together as a church, those who wanted to come back to the church room gathered together for a QUESTION & ANSWER session with Dr. Jasmin. The questions came quickly. We had visitors from Eastern Shore, Virginia, and from the Valley Forge, Pa area.


Now if you would like to order a tape of these anniversary sessions--the two Sunday meetings and the presentation of FANNY CROSBY at the Carriage House ask for THE SECOND CHURCH ANNIVERSARY VIDEO (BFT #3008VCR @ $15 + $4 S&H). We can put all three on one video tape.


We WELCOME VISITORS to our church and have beautiful piano music as well as good preaching. MR. DICK CARROLL IS OUR PIANIST AND THERE IS NONE BETTER ANYWHERE. Have you got his tape yet? (BFT #2968/01 @$4.00 +$2.00 S&H)

All our church services and messages are on both video and audio so you, too, can enjoy them in the quietness of your home or car. Some of our friends are ordering them. The two sermon audio tapes are $4.00 +$2.00 S&H, and the four sermons on one video tape are $15.00 +$4.00 S&H. All the sermons but Romans have been aired on WTMR-800 AM, a local radio station, and many on WOEL-FM 89.9mhz out of Elkton, Md, on WTBI out of Greenville, SC area, as well as WGTG SHORT WAVE @ 6.890 (upper side band) and the INTERNET @ every Sunday night 6-7p.m. eastern. Itís thrilling to watch God work!


Tune in and hear pastor waite anytime of the day. This is an exciting addition to our bft ministry. In just the first twenty-four hours of this internet ministry, six hundred and thirty-three people downloaded the sermon on 1 Corinthians 1-5. Also, we have put on preacher dan waiteís messages when he is with us, as well as david cloudís & don jasminsí Sunday with us. Iím so glad that you can keep in touch with us in this new way.



As soon as we got home from Cleveland, I began writing about the HARRY POTTER BOOKS and their author J. K. ROWLING. I wrote and wrote for days. I had collected so many clippings on the subject besides reading the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone, and some of the second one, and a chapter of the fourth book. I had to stop because it was time to make my radio programs on HALLOWEEN & HARRY POTTER (BFT # JFW/04 @ $4.00 + $2.00 S&H)! "Just For Women" is on three stations twice a week now. Maybe youíd like to sponsor this women-oriented broadcast in your area. Let me know!

I have many things to share with you on the HARRY POTTER subject. My report isnít quite finished. It will be long--about thirty pages plus. I expect to finish it soon for the November broadcasts. If you send me a gift of $5.00, I"ll be glad to send you a copy. Because it is a work in progress, and your order could get mixed up in the office (you know how that is), so write to me personally.

Always in Godís care (1 Peter 5:6-11)

Yvonne S. Waite


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"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."
Matthew 24:3

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."
Acts 4:12

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

1 Corinthians 2:9

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