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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

August - September 2000


Time twists and turns as we walk, run, or stumble on its path.
Who would have thought we would live this long?
ĎTis true--some who were most beloved are gone!
"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.
For what is your life?
It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time,
and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14


BEEN SO LONG SINCE IíVE WRITTEN A LETTER TO YOU THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO DO IT. MY HUSBAND COULDNíT BELIEVE THAT I HAD FORGOTTEN SOME OF THE BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS FOR COPYING MY LETTERHEAD ON TO A NEW DOCUMENT! OH, WELL--after a few "whewís!" and "I canít believe you have forgotten everything!" Iím starting this LONG review. Put on your hats! So far, this summer has been a train ride of exciting meetings! Let me begin full steam ahead by telling you about our summer--and it is only one third over. ALL ABOARD!! FOR JUNE & JULY 2000!



"God be with you till we meet again,
By His counsels guide, uphold you,
With His sheep securely fold you;
God be with you till we meet again."

It was an emotional moment! The meaning of J. E. Rankinís words burned in my heart as we sang his song at the close of the Dean Burgon Societyís annual meeting. For twenty-two years the Society has met every year, and every year we sing the same closing benediction to each other,"God be with you till we meet again." For twenty-two years the DBS men have been willing to stand against the tide of modern textual criticism. They have dared to stand in their belief that the Textus Receptus Greek was the Word of God, the very Greek that Paul penned and Luke lettered. They dared to stand where Martin Luther stood, where Erasmus, Stephens, Beza, Bunyan, Tyndale, and John Knox have stood. They have dared to stand on the Hebrew Text upon which Robert Dick Wilson stood, where John Bois, Dean John William Burgon, and Jesus stood.

Yes, W. G. Tomer knew what he was doing when he composed the music that swelled in the chorus "till we meet at Jesusí feet," gliding in notes, as well as tone, until our hearts remembered those who had passed on to "The Better Land"-- as Fanny Crosby called Heaven; and we silently wondered if and who would be the missing face in 2001.



I missed DR. RUSSELL DENNIS, the past president of HERITAGE BAPTIST COLLEGE in Greenville, Indiana. (His widow, Jean, was with us again this year.) I recalled his forthright messages and faithful stand for the Textus Receptus--and most of all, his sons who have carried on his work on his behalf with the same STRONG positions their father held.

I remembered the late Dr. DAVID OTIS FULLER--formerly of Michigan, one of the founders of the Society (along with my husband and E. L. BYNUM of Lubbock, Texas) long gone to his "Long Home"--Dr. Fuller, that is. His three books, Which Bible?(BFT #169 @ $15 + S+H,) True or False (BFT #157 @ $15 + S&H ), & Counterfeit or Genuine (BFT #322 @ $15 +S&H) still hold forth Dr. Fullerís cry for the Word of God! They have opened the eyes of many! Have your read them? Often he said that he had lost many friends by standing for the King James Bible, but the friends he had made because of his stand were more valuable to him than those he had lost. Yet, even in his death, he is maligned by his enemies. All I can say is he must have done a good work for the Word of God here on earth to be continually blasted by the followers of Westcott & Hort today. "Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you!" (Luke 6:26)

EVERETT FOWLER, one of the charter members of the DBS Society, is long gone, also. Though a layman, his heart beat for the Textus Receptus Greek. If memory serves me right, he learned some Greek himself in order to defend the Text. HAVE YOU EVER READ HIS BOOK, EVALUATING VERSIONS (BFT #952 @ $5.00 +S&H)? Iíve heard my husband often say that it was Mr. Fowler, formerly of New York state, who insisted, along with Dr. Waite, that the definition of the inspiration of Scripture be kept to the original Greek manuscripts and not to inspiration of the English words in the KJB.

Let me quote that section of the Societyís articles of faith that tells us this:

THE BIBLE: We believe in the plenary, verbal Divine inspiration of the sixty-six canonical books of the Old and the New Testaments from Genesis to Revelation in the original languages, and in their consequent infallibility and inerrancy in all matters of which they speak (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21; 1 Thessalonians 2:13). The books known as the Apocrypha, however, are not the inspired Word of God in any sense whatsoever.

As the Bible uses it, the term "inspiration" refers to the writings, not the writers (2 Timothy 3:16-17); the writers are spoken of as "holy men of God" who were "moved," "carried," or "borne" along by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter) in such a definite way that their writings were supernaturally, plenarily, and verbally inspired, free from any error, infallible, and inerrant, as no other writings have ever been or ever will be inspired.

WE believe that the Texts which are the closest to the original autographs of the Bible are the Traditional Masoretic Hebrew Text for the Old Testament, and the traditional Greek Text for the New Testament underlying the King James Version (as found in "The Greek Text Underlying The English Authorized Version of 1611")


TEARS CAME TO MY EYES AS I SANG "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" thinking of DR. M. J. HOLLOWOOD (PA) , one of our vice presidents, who with his wife, JANE, is still standing faithfully with us, even though his health prohibits his active status as in past years; but he was able to attend the executive session this year as well as some of the auditorium lectures.

I thought of our other DBS vice president, ROBERT BARNETT (MI), and a former vice president, BOB STEWARD (MI & IL), who have faithfully driven hundreds of miles every year to sing that song at the close of our meetings, as well as deliver speeches for the cause. Dr. Barnett spoke from his paper called "KING JAMES BIBLE AUTHORITY," a paper that he worked on all year covering inspiration. He departed occasionally from his script, but mostly stuck to it. Later it caused further discussion among the people.

Dr. Steward delivered his "On the Offense With the KJV." He has a radio program heard in the Grand Rapids area, I believe. I remember how kind they were to me when my father died twelve years ago August 4, 1988.

We were at a DBS meeting in Kentucky when I received the call from our youngest son, Dan, with the unanticipated news. I waited until the meetings were over before I told my husband. Dr. Waite continued chairing the final meeting that night and gave his message--he always is the last speaker. I continued videoing the speakers, as usual. There was nothing anyone could do. Daddy had died! He was fine in Heaven! The police had taken my retarded sister to a nursing home. She was fine there, confused and bewildered, but fine. Beverly & Daddy, along with Mother and another sister, Audrey, are two more loved ones that I will meet at Jesusí feet--like the song says. Just think--I am the oldest daughter of Ren and Gertrude Sanborn, and I am the last to go. As someone told me after Beverly died, "We donít choose our death order!"


As we sang the last stanza of the farewell hymn that July evening in the auditorium of the MARANATHA BAPTIST CHURCH in Elkton, Maryland (3141 Old Elk Neck Rd.), my eyes glanced at my husband sharing a hymn book with our host pastor, DR. ALLEN DICKERSON. I saw my husband standing there--now a man in his early seventies--and remembered twenty-two years ago when the DEAN BURGON SOCIETY was first born. I thought of all the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone into the defense of the traditional texts; and how he and others have dared to refute what they were taught as truth in their seminaries, colleges, and Bible schools. I thought of the hours of individual, personal study Dr. Waite pursued in reading John William Burgonís books.

I remember when Pastor Waite discovered that the Westcott & Hort Greek New Testament, that he was given as a young man at Dallas Theological Seminary, was an inferior Greek Text, doctored and actually a changing Greek Text. He

never heard of a Greek Text called the Textus Receptus Greek Text, not alone the differences between the two! Can you imagine an A+ student from an accepted, revered seminary never being introduced to the fact that there were TWO Greek texts? When mentioning this to his audiences, my husband often says about his school and others who do the same thing, "THAT IS NOT EDUCATION! THAT IS INDOCTRINATION!"


My heart swelled within me. I wondered how many more years God would give my husband to stand for the things that God had prepared him for all those early years of our marriage--all the storms of our lives that have made him (and me) strong in a battle. If we had not had those horrible hurricanes of life blow at our souls, how could we have ever stood the bric-a-brac thrown our way during this version battle?


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"God be with you till we meet again,
Neath His wings protecting hide you,
Daily manna still provide you;
God be with you till we meet again.


PASTOR RON TOTTINGHAM (SD) and his assistant, PASTOR TOM ROSE (SD) drove from South Dakota on their motorcycles. Talk about the wind and the rain in oneís face! These former marines gave rousing sermons that definitely keep a person awake! Dr. Tottingham preached, "Donít give up the Battle!" and Dr. Rose on"Dangers of Multiple Versions."

DAVID HOLLOWOOD (PA) gave a long dissertation on "Inspiration on Inspiration" comparing it with a clock and a sailor finding where he was in the middle of the ocean. I got a little sea-sick trying to figure it out. (Ha!)

DR. ED DEWITT (IL), recently tragically widowed since last we saw him, is a humorist. He rescued some of us from hearing the heavy speeches with words of wisdom tucked in between our laughter. Iím one of his fans!

D. A. WAITE, JR. (MD), our oldest son, who is full-time with the BIBLE FOR TODAY and the footnote author of THE DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE, shared some of his detailed research for a future BFT offer concerning the Greek words that were cut out of the text by Westcott and Hort over a hundred years ago. (MORE ON THAT RESEARCH AS IT PROGRESSES ANOTHER TIME.) WATCH FOR IT!!

PASTOR PAUL RENO (MD) gave a thoughtful piece, as he always does, on "Altered Bible Terminology Dangers." My husbands says of Pastor Reno, "He always comes well prepared."


Another one of our sons, DAN WAITE (NJ), who works full time for THE BIBLE FOR TODAY here in our home office (our house) in Collingswood, New Jersey, is very active in the publication of the books printed by THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETY. (He has many gifts! Without him the whole office seems to fall apart!) Dan, with his father, D. A. Waite, Sr. (NJ) is a vital part of the business-end of the DBS publications, AS WELL AS THE BFT PRINTING!! This year the DBS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE voted to reprint REVISION REVISED by John Burgon (BFT # 611 @ GIFT $25.00 + $5.00 S&H). NOW I AM ASSUMING THE PRICE WILL BE THE SAME AS THE LAST PRINT RUN. If not, stay tuned; but if you order now, you can get one of the fifteen or twenty books left from the original DBS printing at that figure.

Getting back to the July DBS meeting, Dan Waite spoke on "The Word of the Lord." I thought his illustration about the "scholars" saying that the two Greek Texts--the TEXTUS RECEPTUS (which underlies the King James Bible) verses the NESTLE ALAND or UNITED BIBLE SOCIETY Greek texts (on which almost all modern versions are based.) only differ from one another 7% of the time. The "other side" says that "there is very little difference." Dan asked the audience if we would put our money in the bank and it told us that it had lost 7% of our money (or even only 3% of it), how would we feel? Would we say that it didnít matter because there was very little difference? Would we say that it didnít really make any difference because we had most of it left?


DR. THOMAS STROUSE (CT), formerly with Dr. Rod Bellís seminary in Virginia, gave a scholarly address from his manuscript, "Christís Words Wonít Pass Away." He spoke of dynamic preservation, a phrase he must have coined to denote the changing view of Biblical "preservation" as being only the message, the concept, the thought. That is what most of the well-known fundamentalist schools are teaching, you know. IN TIME WITH SUCH IDEAS, WE WILL HAVE NO BIBLE! We were told that "message," "concept," "thought" view of translation was the beginning of apostasy! He pointed out that when the Westcott & Hort followers continue to say that the loss of Greek words between the two texts is only a half a page, they are wrong. Dr. Strouse said, "Why the account of the woman taken in adultery is that long." He wondered rhetorically, like the rest of us do, "What do the Ďscholarsí consider the length of a normal half-a-page?" What about the last twelve verses of Mark? Isnít that omission more than a half of page? Dr. Strouse, now of Connecticut, is starting a seminary there in connection with a local church. Wouldnít be surprised if he made a tract or booklet of that DBS lecture--maybe he has already.

EDITOR DAVID CLOUD [OíTimothy] (OK) is a serious speaker. He looks out at the audience as he speaks. His topic was "Separation & the Bible Defense." As usual, he has done his homework. My husband was glad to have Mr. Cloud in our BIBLE FOR TODAY BAPTIST CHURCH, a church in our house, the following Sunday after THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETYíS meeting. The only trouble is we were out of town, but we got to hear him on video (BFT #3003VCR @ $4.00 S&H)

We missed PASTOR TED LEE (SC) who was to speak to us for the first time, but could not. In fact, he was going to drive Dr. Sightler, but had to remain home for serious, unexpected health reasons, too.


"God be with you till we meet again;
When lifeís perils thick confound you,
Put His arms unfailing round you;
God be with you till we meet again.


Canada was well represented with two speakers. DR. GARY LA MORE (Toronto) gave the last part of his paper, "The Modernist in 2 Timothy 3:16." He kept telling us that we could get the whole thing in the DBS YEARBOOK/ 2000 (BFT #2999-P @ $20 + $5 S&H). Only thing--I donít read them! (Ha!) A young man in our church told my husband that he thought Dr. LA MORE was one of the best speakers. He also said he liked Dr. Tottingham, too.

PASTOR DENNIS GIBSON (Toronto area), who wasnít listed in the original speakerís listing, gave us some letters which had been written years ago from Dr. Stuart Custer, and I think others--maybe one of the Bob Joneses (not Senior) on their textual position. BOB JONES UNIVERSITY has always had a very strong Nestle Aland stance, and if I remember correctly, pro-NASV. (In fact our daugther who attended there for a year or so told us that she was told to get a NASV to use instead of the King James Bible when she was a student there.) It was an eye-opener for those who didnít know. Of course, having had children who graduated and attended BJU, we became aware of their anti-King James position in the class room which the school tries to cover-up now-a-days by always using it in the pulpit. I always like Pastor Gibson--maybe it is his accent! (Ha!) He recently has written a Book on the book of Proverbs which is being published by S. H. Tow in Singapore. Dr. Tow did the commentary in the back of the DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE, you know. Do you have your DKJ Bible yet?

While Iím covering the folk with accents--Pastor Gibson speaks with an Irish lilt, and Dr. LA MORE has a slight Canadian sound--let me tell of MR. PAUL ROLAND (London, England) from the TRINITARIAN BIBLE SOCIETY. Last year, he was very careful with what he said, so it would be exact, therefore, he spoke from a written manuscript. This year, he spoke extemporaneously--and it was delightful. His topic was "TBS Stands for MT/TR & KJB." Anyone with an English accent sounds so polished and scholarly, you know. Sometimes I can get my husband to speak with an English accent when we are alone and no one is around. He is good at it. I tell him heíd have bigger crowds if he talked that way in public!


PASTOR BILL HENDRICKS (IL) was supposed to speak on Thursday afternoon, but for some reason didnít know in advance that he had to leave early, and so had to switch with DAN WAITE who was scheduled to talk on Wednesday night. Pastor Hendricksí topic was "THE OLDEST IS THE BEST." It was sort-of a play on words because that is what the WESTCOTT/HORT people say about the "Aleph" and "B" Greek manuscripts. One woman told me that she was blessed by this message as well as something that I said in the womenís meeting on Psalm 16:6 (Within the Borders of Our Lives, BFT 2998 @ $2.00 +S&H). She said that Pastor Hendricks got her to thinking about the eighteen inches between her head and her heart. Some of us have a head knowledge of Jesus Christ and who He is and what He did at Calvary; but we have never really accepted Him in our heart of hearts in honest belief and acceptance. Yes, the devils do believe and tremble BUT they are not born again!


Michigan was well represented at our meetings. The Vice President BOB BARNETT is from Grayling, and radio speaker, STEWARD, has a home in Harrison where he pastored for several decades. You see, I AM A LITTLE PARTIAL TO MICHIGAN, TOO, Thatís were I received my engagement ring over a half a century ago. Dr. Waite, my husband, graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN (before he was my husband) having studied classical Greek and Latin there. Even though he began a pre-medical education, through a series of events in his life, God pulled him away from medicine and money to serve Him. But donít let me get off on that subject lest I forget what Iím talking about!)

PASTOR TIM SPITSBERGEN is from Michigan, too. He chose a sticky subject. In my female, grandmother opinion, his subject--if it had to be given--should not have been presented to a mixed audience, if to any audience, especially by a young man, (and I teach "Husband- Loving" to women on a regular basis and have become used to talking about sexual matters--sort of!) "He was our ĎX-RATEDí speaker," someone told my husband. The topic was "Sodomite Seduction." I must confess, I was rather uncomfortable during his presentation. We had grandchildren in the auditorium as well as young people from our church. It made me uneasy. I couldnít help but wonder WHY this young man HAD to talk on this subject to me!!



One of the joys of the DEAN BURGON SOCIETYíS ANNUAL MEETINGS is the testimonies from others whom Dr. Waite called to the platform to tell what they are doing for the Textual cause. It is absolutely exciting to see how the Lord is using the work of the Society, as well as the BIBLE FOR TODAY MINISTRIES, and how people are reading Dr. Waiteís works, and are CHANGING BACK TO THE GRAND OLD VERSION and knowing the reasons why. To be perfectly honest, it was humbling for me, his wife, to hear these words. All those hours and hours, days, months, and years of being alone while Dr. Waite studied & wrote and talked to other people on the telephone! This was also true at his meetings JULY 22-26 with Dr. Corkish in Salt Lake City following DBS/Maryland. The different speakers at ANCHOR BAPTIST CHURCH (If I donít have room to tell about the trip, Iíll tell you in another letter) got up and told how his book, DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #1594-P @ $12.00 +$4.00 S&H) gave them the ammunition they needed to defend the Word of God in English. It is amazing! All that seed sown seems to be beginning to be harvested. Someday, Lord willing, that seed will be "white unto harvest"! Praise God. We may not live to see it all, but you may!


Another welcomed feature in DBS/2000 were the QUESTIONS FROM THE FLOOR. Because some speakers canceled and because the time periods allotted for each speaker were restricted more than usual, there were more time slots opened for questions as well as testimonies. This was a good thing. The "Q & A" feature used to be a regular part of the early years of DBS. But, now that we have grown, we have many more men who want to say something on the issue, so there isnít always time for questions. There were questions on the Septuagint, various Greek words, etc. etc. (GET THE TAPES!); but one of the questions pointed out some of the differences that those who defend the King James Bible have in regards to "inspiration" which in 2 Timothy 3:16 means "God breathed." Some feel that the King James is "inspired--God breathed" which of course could not be true because God spoke in Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek to the Holy Men of God who wrote the Scriptures--you remember those men who were moved along by the Holy Spirit! This view makes it very confusing for some of us. I know what these people are trying to convey. They want to be able to say, "This King James Bible is Ďinspired/God breathed.í" Their belief has nothing to do with the original languages. ( Itís very technical--and in this day and age, we have to be.) It is an easy "trap" to get into.

When I was a little girl into my teens, I didnít know any different myself. I didnít understand the original languages and that my English Bible was not "original"!--even after I learned the "original" was in Greek and Hebrew. The battle for the Bible today, in the year 2000, is not between the modernist liberals and the fundamentalist Bible believers like it used to be when I was a child, or even into my early marriage. The battle is on a new front, and if we Christians are not careful with our wording concerning inspiration, we are going to be in a peck of semantic trouble!


Others think that the King James has a sort-of second-hand "inspiration" such as those who hold to "Ďderivativeí inspiration." These men feel that the KJB is inspired with a small "I." But in my way of thinking, I donít believe that God moved the Bible writers like Peter, James, Paul, Luke, Mark, John, Jude, Moses, Ezra, Job, King David, and all the others, including the prophets of Old to write words of the big "I" INSPIRATION only to have the Authorized Version (KJB) translators like Andrews, Bedwell, Smith, Sevile, Bois, Overall, Savaria, Tigue, King, Lively, and others like Richardson, Chaderton, Dillingham, Harrison, Spaulding, another King, Harding--and the list goes on--to translate the Bible under a small "i" type of inspiration.

If those King James words were "inspired," it would seem to me--to be fair to the Holy Spirit--we should have hyphenated book titles in our English Bibles such as the newly "1611 inspired" book of JUDE. No longer should the epistle be called JUDE, but it should have the hyphenated name of the other men connected with it. So we could say--if we wanted to be silly, "Let us all turn to the Epistle of JUDE - TYNDALE - BARLOW - DAKINS-FENTON - HUTCHINSON - RABBETT - SANDERSON - PENSER and the first verse." Of course, I am not a theologian and donít want to be--arenít you glad?--but to some who believe that the Authorized Version, the KJB--a translation--is "INSPIRED" or even "inspired," what can they say to others who believe the same concerning "their" Bibles such as the NIV, the NASV, the Darby, the Douay, etc. etc? It seems to me that this second-hand "inspiration" would make it necessary for every translator of any or all languages to be moved along by the Holy Spirit in the same manner that Paul was when he wrote Galatians or I Corinthians. You see, "inspiration" means "God Breathed!" Come to think of it, I donít think I should be writing about this anyhow.


The long and the short of it is the precious fact that the KING JAMES BIBLE is the Word of God in English! The very Words of God are translated into our mother-tongue for us who speak English! We have the "INSPIRED" Greek words saved in the Textus Receptus Greek and the Masoretic Hebrew which are translated into English for the English reader. Praise God, John Reynolds prevailed upon the King of England to commission a faithful translation from the original Greek into the heart language for the English speaking people. Iím one of them, and I am thankful, arenít you?


The members of this Society shall consist of those who acknowledge in writing annually their belief in the acceptance of the "ARTICLES OF FAITH, OPERATION, AND ORGANIZATION" of the Society. And who unite to support the Society by contributing at least $5.00 annually. Each member of THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETY, INCORPORATED shall state in writing annually his agreement with the "ARTICLES OF FAITH, OPERATION, AND ORGANIZATION"of the Society. The Executive Committee shall pass on the qualifications for membership, and shall keep a register of current and former members. No names or addresses of present or former members of the Society shall be released to anyone either by other individual members of the Society or by any of the Societyís officers without the memberís written permission to do so having been on file in the Societyís office.


"God be with you till we meet again;
Keep loveís banner floating oíer you;
Smite deathís threatening wave before you;
God be with you till we meet again."


DR. GARY WEBB, a former user of the NASV, is an excellent speaker. This North Carolina pastor received his doctorate from Bob Jones University and learned well the wrong textual way. He has a dear quality as he speaks winning the hearts of his listeners. I have heard him often at the annual FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH conferences with Pastor Dickerson every March. At this yearís DBS meeting. Pastor Webb gave his testimony how he took that long road from the Nestle Aland/United Bible Society Greek Text (W&H) onto the Textus Receptus highway. It didnít come easy, at first, to be convinced to the King James Bible position (because of the proper text). As a student, he was taught everything that he had to unlearn later that he had learned as a graduate student at the BJU.

As usual Evangelist Don Jasmin (MD) gave an interesting address. He told us about Bruce Metzgerís Textual Influence. This editor of the FUNDAMENTALIST DIGEST always has his messages packed full of facts, as youíll see when you view the videos or hear the audio tapes.

I realize that I am not telling you about the speakers in the order that they spoke. One reason is that the schedule was all mixed up this year with people leaving, not arriving on time, and not being there at all due to sickness. The last evening sessions were very informative, I thought. Each of the speakers used overhead transparencies and gave scholarly presentations. DR. KIRK DiVIETRO (MA) taught us about the Septuagint and how it wasnít what the Lord Jesus read from in the Temple. He explained all the proís and conís about the Septuagint and the falseness of some of the teaching that is taught in schools concerning that Greek manuscript, a translation of the Hebrew--often very loosely. Dr. DiVietro kept saying, "Give us the facts, man, just the facts." Or something like that--a take-off on that "Friday" detective program.

DR. DAVID BROWN from Wisconsin gave a superb lecture with pictures that showed his hours and hours of research. This was a lecture that could not be whipped into shape the night before. His subject was "The ĎGreatí (?) Uncials." ("Uncials" are the capital Greek letters that all run together in the Greek manuscripts.) You MUST get this in video form, as well as Dr. DiVietroís, to reap the benefit of all the research. For those who are just new to the version/textual issue, you probably wonít appreciate the scholarship here. I remember when I first heard my husband talk, I didnít know what the whole thing was all about. But keep reading, trying, listening, and before you know it, you will understand more and more.

The clean-up man is always my husband, PASTOR D. A. Waite, Sr. (NJ). He spoke on FUNDAMENTALIST BIBLE MIS-INFORMATION . As you know, if you have heard my husband speak in the recent years, he uses many, many overhead transparencies to teach these King James Bible/textual defense subjects. If you have the book with the Tiger on the front, (Fundamentalist Bible Mis-information, BFT#2974 @ $7.00 +$5.00 S&H), you know about his book which is an answer to the misinformation found in FROM THE MIND OF GOD TO THE MIND OF MAN book. Well, this DBS lecture gives some updated news on the book and related subjects as added information.

Often people leave for home before Dr. Waite speaks (which always makes me feel bad) but the people of MARANATHA BAPTIST CHURCH made up for those who left early. WE HAD A GOOD CROWD! I Canít say enough for the hospitality of DR. ALLEN DICKERSON, Dr. Hitchins and their crew. The meals were well served and the church was open and friendly. You should visit there sometime. See for 2001.




For many years, while the DEAN BURGON SOCIETY EXECUTIVE MEETING met with the men from 9:00 AM to Noon, we women have met in the main auditorium for fellowship from 10:00 A.M. to Noon. The reason we are in there is so we can video for you. Many years this womenís meetingís video was included as part of the regular DBS video sessions (BFT #2999VC1-3 @ $35.00 +$5.00 S&H) that Iíve been telling about; but this year, because all the singing, announcements, and testimonies were recorded, there isnít room for the women. (I used to do the videoing and edited as I went along, but didnít video this year or last.) So, I am trusting that youíll order the DBS WOMEN (BFT #3002VCR @ $15.00 + $4.00 S+H, Or BFT #3002TP @ $4.00 + $2.00 S&H) because it really was a blessing. I was not a main speaker!--so cheer up!


JANE HOLLOWOOD (Mrs. M. J.)--now from the Pennsylvania Dutch country, but formerly of Wisconsin was our main speaker. I recognize her as one of the "OLDER WOMEN" that Paul spoke of in Titus. She has earned the title, and I respect her wisdom. As she mentioned God has enrolled her in a course in His School of Life that she never wanted to take. He has given her overwhelming responsibilities in her old age that she never dreamed of as a younger woman. She said a friend was praying for her to have "contentment." Her answer,"We all need it!" HOW TRUE!


Mrs. Hollowood challenged us never to get over being saved! She said, "There are going to be enemies, but we go on!" She exhorted "May I encourage you women to be soul winners!" She told of her godly, soul-winning father who promised his Heavenly Father that he would serve God regardless of the cost. And cost him, it did! He left his beloved Methodist church when they took "the blood" out of the hymn books.

She told of her fatherís rules for returning home on time. He would stand at the door with his railroad watch in his hand and say, "You are late!"--even if it were only one minute. What training for a future dean of women! She encouraged the pastorsí wives in our audience to "pray for the impossible people in your churches." She told how she had to discipline a girl severely. That same girl sends her $5.00 every year on her birthday because of her gratitude for setting her feet in the right direction of obedience to the collegeís authority and thus to Godís. She said, "God doesnít play favorites!"



Mrs. Jeanne Dow (MD), the dean of women at MARYLAND BAPTIST COLLEGE there in Elkton was our devotional speaker. She encouraged women to keep faithful to the principles found in the Word of God. She sadly told us how more than a half dozen women that she knows today, have left their husbands and are making a mess of their lives--the fruit of Womenís Lib!

Mrs. Joseph Pagano, a pastorís wife from Middletown, PA, spoke of her husbandís and her journey from the wrong Bible to the King James Bible. Their church people have purchased case after case of THE DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE since it was printed. She told how the footnote definitions of uncommon words help the children in their school as well as their parents. She also spoke of CHRISTIAN LAKE CAMP in New York State where my husband was the speaker two years ago. The Paganos brought their young people and pitched in--cleaning, pruning, and making a dock for the swimmers. She said that it is one of their goals to teach their young people the work ethic. That they did!

I INTRODUCED PEOPLE, read an article by PASTOR SHAFER out of ANCHOR BAPTIST CHURCH in Salt Lake City called The King James Compromise which I wish I had room to quote here--GET THE TAPE! Also I said a few words about the booklet that I wrote and am using on my new 15-minute radio program called "JUST FOR WOMEN." Within The Borders Of Our Lives (BFT #2998 @ $2.00 + S&H) was written because of my own experiences & heartaches, and how Psalm 16:6 helped me see the "all things"were okay. Why not order the first two cassettes. There are 4 programs on the first tape and 8 programs on the second. Order all 12 of these fifteen-minute radio programs as BFT #JFW/1-2 @ $7.00 + $2.00 S&H)

Also mentioned BOB JONES UNIVERSITYíS Inconsistent Position on the Textus Receptus and the King James Bible--an OPEN PUBLIC LETTER to Dr. Bob Jones III. (BFT#2987 @ $2.50 + $2.00 S&H).. This answer to President Jonesí letter to my husband is must reading! IT IS in bOOKLET form NOW. GET IT! A man from Virginia drove up to visit our church last week and he got fifty of them. He says that this OPEN LETTER is doing a good job in opening the eyes of people regarding the wrong Greek stance of BJU and its president.

In Godís Care--leaning on the Everlasting Arms,
Yvonne S. Waite
I Peter 5:6-11

P.S. Thanks to Rev. E. A. Hoffman for the words to "Leaning On the Everlasting Arms."

BFT Baptist Church NEWS

As you know, we have a church in our house here at 900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ. Took all the furniture out of the living room and now have 49 chairs in place, a grand piano, an organ, lamps, a table, pulpit, sound system, four video cameras, and flowers.

Pastor Waite just finished the book of Philemon last week. So far, in the year and a half that weíve had the h, he has taught the book of Romans, I Peter, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. He takes a half a chapter a week and teaches us the old-fashioned way--verse by verse. His plan was to finish Paulís prison epistles and now continue, Lord willing, with Paulís letter to the church at Corinth, 1 Corinthians. That will take at least 32 weeks. There will be 13 audio cassettes (@$3 each) and 8 videos (@ $15 each) + S&H. Hope you order these from us.

My husbandís goal is not to increase in numbers (though that is good and we enjoy that) but to teach the Bible to those who want to hear and learn it. In this day of MEGA-CHURCHES, he is an unusual pastor. WE USE THE KING JAMES BIBLE AND SING THE OLD FASHIONED HYMNS. In this short time, the church has reached in our church room 123 households--of course they donít all come at once, and some have dropped out completely.

We welcome visitors and have beautiful music. MR. DICK CARROLL IS OUR PIANIST AND THERE IS NONE BETTER ANYWHERE. Have you got his tape yet? (BFT #2968/01 @$4.00 +$2.00 S&H) or MAYBE YOUíD LIKE TO HEAR ME SING simple gospel songs . With MR. CARROLL at the piano, he MAKES ME SOUND GOOD. (Ask for "94 FAVORITE HYMNS FOR PASTOR JOAHíS CHURCH IN LIBERIA" BFT #2584/1-2 @$7.00 +$2.00 S&H).

All our church services and messages are on both video and audio so you, too, can enjoy them in the quietness of your home or car. Some of our friends are ordering them. The two sermon audio tapes are $4.00 +$2.00 S&H, and the four sermon video tapes are $15.00 +$3.05 S&H. All the sermons but Romans have been aired on WTMR-800 AM, a local radio station, and many on WOEL-FM 89.9mhz out of Elkton, Md, on WTBI out of Greenville, SC area, as well as WGTG SHORT WAVE @ 6.890 (upper side band) and the INTERNET @ every Sunday night 6-7p.m. eastern. Itís thrilling to watch God work!

"Just For Women"

Every Friday 11:45 a.m.--12 Noon
WTMR (800 AM) Camden, New Jersey

Am excited! Iíve already recorded, at this writing, the first four broadcasts! You can order them, too, if you want. (ASK FOR B FT #JFW/01 @ $4.00 +$2.00 S&H.) I will be speaking on subjects close to my heart, subjects that God has helped me with, personally, in my own life. This particular radio series is on Psalm 16:6. The Lord used that passage for me personally a few years ago, concerning the "lines" which had "fallen unto me in pleasant places" to comfort me concerning the "All things" (Romans 8:28) in my life. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS NEW MISSIONARY ENDEAVOR that our Bible For Today Baptist Church will be able to reach out to women far and near with comfort and exhortation. My husband is my announcer, and Mr. Dick Carroll is at the piano and organ. Let me quote for you the opening, and then you can understand our purpose:

"Listen to Yvonne Sanborn Waite speak from HER heart to your need. Pause a moment and care. ĎJust For Womení is an unusual broadcast for women Ďin the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.í Yvonne Waite deals Biblically with the many issues facing women today. The Bible tells the older women to Ďspeak. . . the things which become sound doctrineí and Ďteach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands that the Word of God be not blasphemed.í"

Were You There?
We used over 500 overhead transparencies.

ORDER THE VIDEOS ($50) OR AUDIOS ($40) (Includes S&H).
We had our largest graduating class this year!


Afterwards, I put on my "FRANCES HAVERGAL"outfit, wig, and hat, and came into the church auditorium to wait for my husband, the narrator, to introduce me as "Frances." She is a blessing of a woman, sick most of her life, a Bible teacher, a pianist, a soloist who devoted her energy for her King, the Lord Jesus Christ. She said, "I am a worker for Jesus!" Oh, that all of us were!

To refresh your memory, she wrote songs like "Take My Life and Let It Be," "Like a River Glorious," "I Gave My Life for Thee," etc. Though this particular Portrait Of Frances Havergal was not recorded (the piano selection should have been--it was beautiful!), we do have the audio and video of the portrayal ("TAKE MY LIFE--A Portrait of Frances Ridley Havergal"--HYMNIST, BFT# 1417/TP $4.00 +$2.00 S&H, or the video BFT # 1417/VCR $15.00 +$3.50 S&H). The BFT has the same GIFT offer for THE TRIBUTE TO FANNY CROSBY, too.

DR. D. A. WAITE on Fundamentalist MIS-INFORMATION (BFT #2978/VCR @ $15.00+ $3.00 S&H, BFT#2978/1-2TP @ $7.00 +$2.00 S&H)

Also I videoed all of DR. WAITEíS MESSAGES at DR. MELVIN AIKENíS CHURCH IN GREENVILLE, SC (BFT #2983/VCR @ $15.00 +$3.00 S&H; the audio is BFT #2983/1-2TP @ $7.00 + $2.00 S&H. ). It was not the first time that Dr. Waite preached at TABERNACLE BAPTIST in Greenville, S. C. PASTOR & MRS. MELVIN AIKEN were gracious hosts. He is a brave man of King James Bible conviction, and willing to stand for the King James Bible and its texts in the face of a giant university in his same town. Not many pastors would do that, you know!

DR. WAITE, AS YOU MAY RECALL, HAS WRITTEN HIS BOOK, Fundamentalist MIS-INFORMATION on Bible Versions (BFT #2974 @ $7.00+$3.00 S&H). IT ANSWERS AT LEAST 118 FALSE STATEMENTS FOUND IN "THE MIND" BOOK. If you havenít read it--get it! Itís good vacation reading!

JULY 22--26, 2000

With only a few short days between DBS/2000 in Maryland, my husband and I will be flying to Salt Lake City to be with Pastor Corkish and his Anchor Baptist Church in Salt Lake City. That church is on 1880 East 5600 Street, and the phone number is 801-272-9405. Iíve been asked to do "THE PORTRAIT OF FRANCES HAVERGAL" while there, too. (I hope I have some pep left. Ha!) To be truthful, Iím not sure what my husbandís subject is but I suppose it is his refutation of that book which was pushed by Bob Jones University at their big conference last year called FROM THE MIND OF GOD TO THE MIND OF MAN. [This is correct. DAW]

ALWAYS IN GODíS CARE (I Peter 5:6-11),

Yvonne Sanborn Waite


Defined KJB
Highest quality India-type paper, smythe-sewed, maps
wide space between lines
Ĺ HARDBACK ($15.00): c.6"x8"c1 3/8", clear 10-point type-face print
Ĺ MEDIUM GENUINE LEATHER ($35.00): c.6" x 8" x 1 3/8", clear 10-point type face print
Ĺ LARGE GENUINE LEATHER($40.00): c.7 Ĺ x 10" x 1 3/8, clear 12-point type-face print
Plus Shipping & Handling

The Bible Order Blank

(The tax deductible amount of a GIFT is limited to the excess of the GIFT over the value of any goods from BFT. Add S & H)

[ ] #2894, 12 lg.pp., $2.00, "The False Religion of C. S. Lewis" by Author Unknown; specifics on his apostate beliefs

[ ] #2895/1-7, C, $21.00, "1 Peter Taught Verse by Verse in Sunday School" by Mr. D. A. Waite, Jr.

[ ] #2896/1-4, C, $12.00, "Titus Expounded in Church Bible School Class" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2897, 18 lg.pp., $2,00, "Halloween Friends--The Witches & Wicca" by Evangelist Richard A. Ciarrocca

[ ] #2898, C, $4.00, "Defense of the King James Bible & Y2K Thoughts" by Dr. Bob Steward; at a church Bible conference

[ ] #2899VCR, VCR, $15.00, "London Sermons--KJB Defense; Life of Dean Burgon; 2 Timothy 3:13--4:4" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2900, C, $4.00, "London, England Defense of the King James Bible & TR" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2901, C, $4.00, "Dean Burgonís Life and Legacy" at Dr. Jack Moormanís Church in the U.K. by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2902, C, $4.00, "2 Timothy 3:12--4:4 Applied in a Baptist Church in England" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2903, C, $4.00, "Northern Ireland & London, England Trip Summary" by Dr. & Mrs. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2903VCR, VCR, $15.00, "Northern Ireland & London, England Trip Summary" by Dr. & Mrs. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2904/1-3, C, $12.00, "Seminar Defending the King James Bible in Dothan, Alabama" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2904VCR, VCR, $15.00, "Seminar Defending the King James Bible in Dothan, Alabama by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2905VCR, VCR, $15.00, "Satanic Influence in the Charismatic Movement & Other Themes" by Dr. Joseph Chambers

[ ] #2905 /1-3, C, $12.00, "Satanic Influence in the Charismatic Movement & Other Themes" by Dr. Joseph Chambers

[ ] #2906VC1-8, VCR, $85.00, "Romans Expounded Verse by Verse in a Church Service" by Pastor D. A. Waite, BFT Bp. Ch.

[ ] #2906/1-16, C, $48.00, "Romans Expounded Verse by Verse in a Church Service" by Pastor D. A. Waite, BFT Bapt. Ch.

[ ] #2907/1-2, C, $7.00, "Seminar on the King James Bible for College Students" by Dr. D. A. Waite, at NE Bapt. Sch. Of Theol.

[ ] #2907VCR, VCR, $15.00, "Seminar on the King James Bible for College Students" by Dr. D. A. Waite, NE Bp. Sch. Theol.

[ ] #2908, 6 lg.pp., $2.00, "Occult, Baal Worship, Halloween and Laodicea" by Nigel C. Harris

[ ] #2909/1, C, $4.00, "Defense of the King James Bible Texts, Preservation, and Technique" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2909/2, C, $4.00, "Fresh Look at Christís Bodily Resurrection & KJB Superior Theology" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2910, C, $4.00, "Radio Interview on Halloween Dangers" by Dr. D. A. Waite & McDonald Martin on WKDN

[ ] #2911, 9 lg.pp, $2.00, "Bob Jones Universityís KJB Controversy with Pensacola Christian College" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2912TP, C, $4.00, "Romans 1:1-10, Introduction to Romans" at BBI Chapel service, by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2912VCR, VCR, $15.00, "Romans 1:1-10, Introduction to Romans" at BBI Chapel service, by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2913, C, $4.00, "Defending the King James Bible in Hammonton, NJ" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2914, 8 lg.pp., $2.00, "The Day the World Shuts Down--The Year 2000 Computer Crisis" by Bruce Tippery

[ ] #2915/1, C, $4.00, "Defense of the King James Bible to Korean Christians" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2915/2, C, $4.00, "John 3:16--The Greatest Possession--to Korean Christians" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2916, C, $4.00, "Whatís Wrong With ĎChristian Psychologyí?" by Dr. Martin & Deidre Bobgan, authorities on this theme!

[ ] #2917, C, $4.00, "Radio Interview on the KJB over WLVV, Mobile, AL" by Dr. Waite & Pastor Reese

[ ] #2918, C, $4.00, "Oprah Winfrey Into Spiritism?" by Yvonne Sanborn Waite; disturbing quotes from this popular woman

[ ] #2919TP, C, $4.00, "Bob Jones Universityís Classroom Quotes on the N.T. Text" by Pastor Timothy Fellows, Jr.

[ ] #2919-P, 24 pp., $2.50, "Bob Jones Universityís Classroom Quotes on the N.T. Text" by Pastor Timothy Fellows, Jr.

[ ] #2920, C, $4.00, "Defending the King James Bible" by Dr. D. A. Waite, in a NJ Church

[ ] #2921, C, $4.00, "The Defined King James Bible Defened on SW Radio" by Dr. D. A. Waite and Dr. Noah Hutchings

[ ] #2922, C, $4.00, "Halloween, 1998--On ĎLetís Go Visitingí" by Dr. D. A. Waite & Barbara Egan

[ ] #2923/1-7, C, $21.00, "Bibliology, Pneumatology & Angelology at B.B.I. Institute" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2992VC1-2, VCR, $25.00, "Bibliology, Pneumatology & Angelology at B.B.I. Institute" by Dr. D. A. Waite

[ ] #2924VCR, VCR, $15.00, "President Clintonís Impeachment--Judge Kenneth Starrís Summary" plus cross examinations

[ ] #2925, 52 pp., $4.00, "Summary of Dean Burgonís Inspiration and Interpretation" by Dr. D. A. Waite; get large book #1220

[ ] #2926, 184 pp., $10.00, Central Seminary Refuted on Bible Versions by Dr. D. A. Waite; answer to Bible Version book

[ ] #2927VC1-3, VCR, $35.00 (in progress) "2 Peter Expounded Verse by Verse in Church" by Mr. Daniel S. Waite

[ ] #2927/1-6, C, $18.00 (in progress) "2 Peter Expounded Verse by Verse in Church" by Mr. Daniel S. Waite

[ ] #2928VCR, VCR, $15.00, "Refutation of 7 School Video on Versions & Preservation" by Dr. Waite, Dr. Branine, and others

[ ] #2928TP, C, $4.00, "Refutation of 7 School Video on Versions & Preservation" by Dr. Waite, Dr. Branine, and others

[ ] #2928-P, 80 pp., $7.00, "Fundamentalist Distortions on Bible Versions" by Dr. D. A. Waite; refuting 7 schoolsí video

[ ] #2929VC1, VCR, $15.00, "KJBís Superior Preservaton/Fellowship Test & W-H Errors" by Dr. D. A. Waite


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