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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

May - June 2001


Satan is out to destroy Christians and their families!  
Let us not be too proud to HUMBLE OURSELVES  Under the Mighty Hand of God!

I Peter 5:6-11


Can't believe that I haven't written since March!  Of course, I combined the March with the April BFT UPDATE; but still I haven't chatted with you for a couple of moons!  I've missed it!  Just have too much to do and too many places to go!  Not that I'm complaining.  Oh no! NOT ME!  (Ha!)  I'm  glad that God has given to the 2001 "Moses and Caleb"  people, like my husband and me, things to do for Him.   There is plenty to do for Jesus if we stop being selfish and look around!  Our Waite Cup is full and running over!  Of course, Pastor Waite and I don't have a big mountain to claim like Caleb, nor do we have thousands of disgruntled people to lead through a wilderness, but God has graciously filled our hands with service for our King.  What a privilege!


My suggestion is to begin TODAY at whatever age you may be, and fill your days with His work.  Forget about your aches and pains and personal trials!  Be a WORKER FOR JESUS like Frances Havergal was.  Working for Him, you know, doesn't only mean preaching or praying.  It could mean writing a letter, or scrubbing an old lady's kitchen floor, or cutting the grass, or going door to door with a church bulletin, or even emptying the church trash.  Think about it!


In early March, my husband and I drove over to Elkton, Maryland to attend the FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH conference that Dr. Allen Dickerson hosts every year at his Maranatha Baptist Church on Old Elk Neck Road. My husband wasn't speaking.  We just wanted the fellowship.  (I'm reminded of a woman who told me that she never goes to a woman's meeting unless she is the speaker--ha!  What if all women felt that way?)  It doesn't take us long to get to Elkton--maybe a little over one hour.  It is always a joy to fellowship with like-minded believers!  Heard two new speakers this year, along with the regulars.  They  were PASTOR JOSEPH PAGANO from the MIDDLETOWN BAPTIST CHURCH in Middletown, PA; as well as Dr. Dickerson's assistant, PASTOR BRIAN GREEN.  He's a personable young man with a Southern accent.    It was a privilege to hear these new voices give their heart-burdens to us who were listening in the pew.  We were pleased to visit with two of our BIBLE FOR TODAY BAPTIST CHURCH VIDEO FRIENDS--the WRAYS from Virginia and the BONSIGNORES from North Jersey.  I wanted to talk more with Jeanne Dow, the dean of women at the college, but time got away from me.  She is a kind and friendly woman of the Word.  Her special number in song, When They Ring Those Golden Bells For You & Me, touched my heart.  My mind flashed back to the death of my dear, sick  sister Audrey, who at the age of twenty, looked at my father and whispered, "I hear the bells behind me!" and died .

I always enjoy the Maranatha Baptist Church's bookstore there--buying a year's supply of greeting cards and  BFT UPDATE/July, 1998, From Yvonne S. Waite     900 Park Ave.    Collingswood, NJ 08108  Phone: 609-854-4452       FAX: 609-854-2464       Orders: 1-800-JOHN 10:9       E-Mail: YSWaite @BibleForToday.orgchildren's songs and stories for my little "kitchen" class in our church.  That day I purchased a piano tape by BONITA SHOCKLEY DOW, Maranatha's church pianist.  The music tape is dedicated to her father, a pastor who died in recent years.  She plays, in her lovely, gentle style, his favorite, old fashioned hymns and gospel songs.  It is has been such a blessing to both my husband and me as we drive to and fro in our car around here. Her beautiful touch soothes my tired soul!

Dr. Dickerson's son is the headmaster of his day school--can't come up with his first name at this writing.  Sorry!  Many of MARYLAND BIBLE COLLEGE--the church's college--are on the mission field, or almost there.  My husband and I are especially grateful for the radio station WOEL which airs all of our BFT radio programs, THE BIBLE FOR TODAY DAILY, THE BIBLE FOR TODAY WEEKLY, THE BIBLE FOR TODAY BAPTIST CHURCH HOUR, and, of course, Just For Women twice a week. (If you can't hear these programs over the air, look up our websight ( and hear them there or order the tapes form us).   Dr. Dickerson asked us to pray for the station's getting on the Internet soon as well as erecting a new radio tower in the Lancaster, Pa. area.  What a radio vision!  This  will be a  further opportunity to proclaim God's Word!  HOW EXCITING!


My husband didn't know much about FAIRHAVEN BAPTIST CHURCH in Chesterton, Indiana,  when he accepted the invitation, over a year ago, to be a part of PASTOR ROGER VOEGTLIN'S annual Bible conference.  Dr. Waite is always happy to teach interested people the defense of the TEXTUS RECEPTUS and the King James Bible.  You who have heard him, or who have our videos, know that his teaching is very needed today to get into the hearts of church people and pastors.  So it was with eagerness to proclaim that Truth that we stepped from our plane and its bumpy landing onto the safe ground of the windy city's Chicago O'Hare airport.

How good to have Dr. Chris McNeilly and his two sons meet us at the gate!   He is a good man, friendly, loves the Lord, and is a defender of the Textus Receptus.  You may wonder HOW that came about?  At first he taught his Bible classes like he had been taught at BJU.  He knocked down the True Text and built up the critical one.  Then one of his students told her father.  Her Dad, a defender of the King James Bible, gave Mr. McNeilly evidence to prove the King James Bible was translated correctly.  See what a student can do!  It was a student who introduced Dr. Waite to REVISION REVISED by Burgon, you know (BFT #611 @ $25+$5 S&H); and it changed the course of his life!   So don't be afraid to show someone, with more education than you have, the Truth.  Most teachers and preachers have been trained well, but wrong!  Sad--but true!  My husband was.

It was about an hour and a half drive to the Fairhaven campus.  On the way, we ate at THE CRACKER BARREL.  I love to look at all the "pretties" in that restaurant, don't you?  Found out that Dr. McNeilly received his doctor's degree from MARYLAND BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE in Elkton, MD. Small world!  Even smaller--he graduated from BOB JONES UNIVERSITY about the same time our daughter and son-in-law were there.  And guess what? When I asked our son-in-law if he knew the Fairhaven Bible teacher, sure enough--he did!  They were in the same Society.  (Bob Jones University has that grouping of students like sororities and fraternities in secular colleges and universities.  In some ways, it casts immediate class distinctions & differences [snobbery] within the student body.) Our son-in-law said Chris was strong!  The reason he knows that is that they wrestled one time together.  He also listed other fellows in his society that hung around with Chris and the society.  He was surprised that some were in Christian work--even missionaries.  Another proof that people's ways can change.  Or do they?  Our daughter was a cheer leader for another one of the University's societies.  She had her cheering assignment changed so she could cheer for Reggie's society.  She remembered being bumped into by one of the society men playing basketball.  I think he may have knocked her to the ground.  From then on, every time he saw her, he apologized.  He's a missionary now!  I don't know if that is good or bad!


My husband's first assignment was the combined Sunday School Class full of all the adults and older young people, including the college students from FAIRHAVEN BAPTIST COLLEGE.   There were about nine hundred people there.  At first Pastor VOEGTLIN and his staff were dubious if QUESTION & ANSWERS would go over with his church.  This is often the fear of many pastors.  To the delight and edification of all, questions kept coming--good questions--with Dr. Waite answering with good answers and limiting himself to two minutes per answer.  You'll have to get the "FAIRHAVEN QUESTION & ANSWER TAPES"!  (BFT #3032 @ $4+$1 S&H)  As the conference continued, my husband not only gave two excellent defenses of the Text that underlies the King James Bible and the Bible itself; but also he had three more sessions of Q & A!  I wish you could have been there.  One of the sessions was in the college library and it was outstanding.  There must have been seventy-five (mostly men) asking pop-corn questions.  The other church and conference sessions had 1200 Sunday and 1800 Thursday;  but there was something about the Library group!--the feel, the look, the intensity!  Oh, I nearly forgot about the Q&A in the Greek Class.  Those men, under the direction of their teacher, Mr. Dan Armacost, had been saving up questions for several weeks to ask Dr. Waite.  I wasn't in that class.  Had to have some time to wash my hair!


June 12-15, 2001  Right here at 900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, New Jersey.  CALL TODAY!    1-800-JOHN 10:9  ORDER THE FAIRHAVEN TAPES  AN ANSWER TO THE "MIND OF MAN" BOOK  TWO LECTURES & FOUR Q&A AUDIOS  You must get the tapes--sorry no videos (I just get too tired!)--of the two teaching sessions with overhead transparencies, AS WELL AS THE FOUR QUESTION & ANSWERS SESSIONS (BFT#3032/1-2 @ $7+$2 S&H.)  The first lecture was Sunday night.  Ask for "FUNDAMENTALIST DEFENSE OF THE KJB & TEXTS."  (BFT #3031A @ $4+$1 S&H).   We were told there were 1,800 on Tuesday night, that was the first actual night of the conference when the people and pastors from all over came, as well as the church and college regulars.  That night my husband gave his "TIGER BOOK" (BFT #2974 @ $7+$4 S&H) which is an answer to THE MIND OF GOD AND THE MIND OF MAN book pushed by many uninformed fundamentalists.   GET THE AUDIO TAPE!  (BFT #3031B @$4+$1 S&H).

Remember--that's the book that tries to neutralize peoples' Bible text stand.  By the way, it never defends the Textus Receptus position at all--only the Nestle-Aland, United Bible Society texts (modified Westcott and Hort texts) and the Majority Text.  You have to watch it--because in the olden days when my husband first began this learning and his defense of the TR, the TR was also called the Majority Text; but since Hodges, Farstad,  Pickering, Pierpoint, & Robinson's works, the Textus Receptus defenders must not use the term "majority text" anymore.  See the tract my husband wrote for the Dean Burgon Society several years ago.  "Why Reject the Majority Text' (BFT #1727 @ $2.00+S&H).

Getting back to the "Mind Book"--perhaps you have noticed some changes in the third edition.  No longer can one read the Revised Standard Version on the front cover.  The words are blurred now.   I am sure that was not an accident!  The accident was that it was in the first printing at all--or was it?  Then we noticed different people are endorsers in this edition that weren't in the other editions; and, for some reason, Virginia Beach's  Dr. Rod Bell's name is missing.   Remember all that flack at the close of last school year when it was reported in O TIMOTHY that Pastor Bell didn't really want his camp of fundamentalist to know he didn't want to endorse the book?   (It gets a little confusing, doesn't it?)  Also, Mark Simmons' name is gone; but his chapter is there under different authorship--now it is authored by "the committee."  I'm wondering did "the committee" write it in the first place or did Mark Simmons?  (By the way some of our sons and daughter knew him at BJU.  He was one of the "darlings" along with Mark Minnick.  And they probably are "darling," too.  There's really nothing wrong with being a "darling" as long as it doesn't go to one's head!  God has a way of shrinking our heads, doesn't He?) 


To be perfectly honest, I knew nothing personally about FAIRHAVEN BAPTIST COLLEGE except through a small paper that comes to our house from that school.  I usually look it over and skim Pastor Voegtlin's sermons.   I'd heard of a couple of preachers who had preached in his church; but knew nothing else.  So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw the campus which is a part of the large church complex.  It is beautiful.  Dr. Waite and I stayed in the prophet's chamber.  It is in the boy's dorm.  Both the boys and the girls dorms  overlook a man-made lake.  They are built in the Tudor style of architecture, I believe. (I'm making that up--but that's what I think.)   They are lovely!  We saw over two hundred students, neat as a pin, walking around the place. It is a Bible College.  The degrees offered are in Pastoral Theology, Music, Greek, Missions, Elementary and Secondary education, and Bible. There is a two year church/School Secretarial course.  I hope that men are encouraged to be in that course.


As you know, I wish Bible colleges would encourage men to be church office assistants and college secretaries.  They should be paid good wages so family men will see this type of job as an opportunity to serve the Lord full time.  Much of the time the church secretary practically runs the church.  Why shouldn't this position be a man's work?  Wouldn't that be the Scriptural posture to take?  Did the Apostle Paul run around with a woman handwriting his epistles for him?  This way Christian women would be freed to stay at home or do other work not involving a day-to-day closeness to a man who isn't her husband!.  Thus, the would-be adulteress would be staying out of another women's home--especially the male church workers' homes.  But I don't hear much about this subject at all from the pulpits.   In fact, I NEVER hear anyone talk about this but me.  I write about this in my booklet Marriage Defrauding and Other Matters Especially for Women, page 38. (BFT #2868 @ $2.00 + S&H)


Both my husband and I enjoyed the fellowship with Pastor Roger Voegtlin, his family, his staff, and visiting preachers at the conference.  I  ESPECIALLY ENJOYED MEETING THE WOMEN IN THE PEW.  Got to know Angela from Georgia--she was darling! And Rose Mundo who let me sit by her Sunday night.  Even though the church is very large, it was difficult to find a seat.  Rose moved over and we had a delightful visit.  There were other women with whom I visited but do not remember their names.  Good meeting Mrs. Jean Hoover from Union Grove, Wisconsin.  I had met her husband last year at Christ Independent Baptist Church in Philadelphia where my husband had been teaching on Monday evenings at an inner-city Bible school for several years.  He wanted me to meet Jean because we have been married about the same number of years.  Would like to mention that I was impressed with the friendliness of  Mrs. Voegtlin.  She introduced herself to us and led us to the car so we could eat our Sunday dinner with them.  I go to many churches where the preacher's wife does not speak to me.  Often I have to hunt her out in order to meet her.


My husband spent many minutes privately talking with the Pastor of Fairhaven Baptist Church covering several subjects of interest to both of them, and I was with them both in the car alone, one time, long enough to ask questions.  One afternoon we were able to spend sufficient time with the pastor's son, Pastor Jeff Voegtlin who is the vice-president and Dean of Education of the school.   I asked him many questions regarding the school, his work, and his life.  He is also the conductor of the church's fifty-five-piece church orchestra.  It is most unusual for a church to have such an orchestra, I think.  I was personally blessed by the church choir which sings the old fashioned hymns in a beautiful way.  The special vocalist and singing groups were unusually good and abundant.

My husband met all the college administration.  Come to think of it, I am not sure if he met the dean of women or not.  Mr. Dan Armacost is a dedicated man as the college's Dean of Bible.  You would like him.  He has a beautiful wife named Jennifer who is the church organist.  By the way, the church has two pianos.  Why not?  This way many who play the piano have the opportunity to do so in a church setting.  Why not pass this opportunity for those with talent for all to enjoy?  Some church pianists seem to be chained to the church piano, and woe be to anyone who tries to play that piano--that's often true of church soloists, too.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS SCHOOL, DROP A LINE TO 86 EAST OAK HILL ROAD, CHESTERTON, INDIANA 46304, or call 1-800-SEE-FHBC or E-MAIL:


I can't tell you when I've had so much response to one of my UPDATES. It's been a long time since my readers have written so!  I really enjoyed the letters and phone calls responding to the MARCH/APRIL 2001 BFT UPDATE where I told about our trip to NEW ORLEANS, on that warm February 2001 afternoon that Dr. Waite and I spent at the D-DAY MUSEUM on Magazine Street in New Orleans.  It must have struck some kind of memory chord in my readers' hearts!  Let me share some of the comments with you:

A pastor from Michigan wrote that his wife and he went to New Orleans just to see the museum!    "We ate lunch at a restaurant in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street and neither us were able to finish our meals.  I ordered a plate of Cajun Crayfish for the first time.  The streets were narrow and dirty, the sights, sounds and smells were offensive. . . . Neither of us wants to go to New Orleans again."

Another pastor wrote:   "I just finished reading of your trip to New Orleans.  It brought back memories.  I attended the Southern Baptist Seminary there.  I didn't know that your dear husband had been a Military Chaplain.  I, too, was an Air Force Chaplain.  In fact--his and my backgrounds are so very much alike.  He has more formal training than I do; but I have about fifty hours (college and seminary) in Classic and Koine Greek, of course, from the Westcott-Hort position.  I have done much additional studies to "unlearn" most of what my unworthy teachers taught."

A former New Jerseyan:   "Your trip to New Orleans brought back memoirs to John [her husband], Before Christmas 1942, he had some basic training in New Orleans.  They were only there two-to-three months.  He and some of the fellows went to a restaurant where they had oysters like they had never had before or after that time. . . .John especially enjoyed reading about your visit to the D-Day Museum"

My mother's cousin (in her nineties) wrote from Ohio:   "When we were in New Orleans, we ate in the French Quarter.  We thought we were going through a door to get inside a restaurant; but it was an open ceiling, outside dining area--a real flower & plant garden. Really beautiful!  Then coming back home (we were pulling a camper), we ate fish and hush puppies upon the levy by the Mississippi River Louisiana.  We followed and crossed the river every time we could till we got to Cairo, Illinois.  There we found an agate on the beach and became rock-hounds and hunted for gem stones everywhere we went."  For something to talk about with my dentist--I often tell him about our trips; but I can never top him in travels, for he has been everywhere that I have been and more, it seems--except to church that is! (Believe me I try!)  Of course, all conversation stops when he puts those gadgets in my mouth.  Then I am limited to a grunt or a gargle.  His  response to my "We've been to New Orleans!" was most interesting.  His impression of New Orleans was that it was the dirtiest, worst place he has ever been.  I asked him, "WHY?"  He said that in the middle of the morning people were drunk, staggering, throwing up, as well as passed out on the sidewalks of Bourbon Street.  I couldn't verify his findings as my husband and I didn't walk there--only saw a glance of it from a tour bus.


When we made plans to go to New Orleans, we never thought of the Mardi Gras.   Were we ever glad that we missed it!   The first parade was the very night of the afternoon we left the city!  Talk about good timing! The reason we chose the week of February 6th was because it was my birthday!  We saw the reviewing stands in various parts of the city and suburbs decorated in the Mardi Gras colors:  PURPLE for JUSTICE, GREEN for FAITH, GOLD for POWER.  Houses had wreaths and banners flaming in preparation for the celebration.  I must admit it was pretty.  Neither Dr. Waite nor I knew much about Mardi Gras.  The words are French for "fat Tuesday."

I asked a driver, "What was the attraction of Mardi Gras?"  He said something about "getting beads!"  This didn't make any sense to us. Beads?  He said that the goal of the crowds of people who lined the parade streets was to get beads.  Thousands of beads (and something else I've forgotten--maybe coins)  were thrown to the cheering "peasants" from the hands of the "elite" riding the floats.  The goal was to grab as many strings of beads as possible and put them around your neck.  It reflects back to another era when high people like kings and rulers would deign to throw something of value to the common folk.  There is some kind of personal achievement today  to have one's neck lined with those baubles.  During that pre-Lenten season, people stand near or sit on temporary constructed viewing stands to watch the parades go by. Decorative, gaudy floats pass daily crowds of hysterical people preparing for  the start of the so-called religious season of Lent. Rex--like a winning captain in the  Philadelphia mummers parade--appears as the Lord of Misrule on his magnificent float, gloating over his kingdom..  What a drunken religious travesty.  The Bible tells us that "pure religion" and "undefiled before God" is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.  (James 1:27).


One afternoon we took a BUS & WALKING TOUR to an historic "working" sugar plantation named EVERGREEN--the South's largest Antebellum plantation.  (Antebellum means before the civil war.)  We were told that it was  recently opened to the public.  I don't know how recent "recently" really means because its picture is in all the brochures along with "non-recent" listings. (Ha!)   A very wealthy woman--whose name escapes me at this writing--lives in this antebellum plantation when she is not living in one of her many other houses. (It's awful but I can't remember the details--we went there in February and it is now May and I've seen and heard so much since then.  But I think she is an heir to an oil magnet's fortune.  I wonder how she is making out in this recent stock market plunge, and I wonder what her capital gains were this income tax year!)  The original builder designed the second floor to be the living quarters and in what we would call the first floor, was the basement.  You see, the Mississippi River lives across the street from the EVERGREEN and it often overflowed, not only visiting the vast front yards of the plantations in the area, but also it came uninvited into the first floors; but now there is a  hill or large mound of grass on the shores of the mighty River keeping this uninvited guest away from the home.  Those grass hills are rather like dikes, I suppose you could say; but in spite of them, the River sometimes comes "a-calling."  Now the owner has the first floor furnished but not carpeted, of course, because of the intruding water.


Originally the house was built in the 1700's in the Creole style, but later after another son of an owner, when he became the owner, refurbished the place into the Georgian style of architecture like Independence Hall.  In fact, he was influenced to this design because of a visit to Philadelphia.  (I live fifteen or twenty  minutes from the Liberty Bell in  Philadelphia.  Was not there recently though, when that man with the unkempt hair and natty beard decided to pound "the Liberty Bell" with a hammer.)  In case you have forgotten, "Georgian architecture has symmetry, or balance, in design, and restrained but bold ornament based on classic forms. . . .imposing main doors, ornamental cornices, . . . .chimneys distributed equally on both sides. . .a central block with symmetrical wings."(THE WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA)  The style takes its name from the Georges (I, II, III) who reigned in England.


Strange to say, the inside of the house itself is very disappointing. Turns out that Creole style of architecture is small, very plain, and crowded.  Imagine if you can a book case, like you would have in a child's room, with about five shelves in it.  Turn it on the side so the shelves are perpendicular rather than horizontal--and you have a Creole house!  (Of course it would be bigger than the book shelf! Plus, this owner had turned the "basement" into living quarters.)  EVERGREEN is mostly Georgian porches--front and back--across the length of the house and two mammoth staircases going up each side of the front of the house facing the Mississippi River which you can't see anymore because of the "green hill."  We were told that double staircases were often used so men and women would go up separate stairs.  After all it wouldn't be nice for a man to gaze indiscretely at a woman ascending the steps ahead of him, and see her ankles.  Oh for such modestly today!


The grounds were absolutely beautiful, even in February, with little white buildings for the kitchen, store houses, well houses, and "out houses."  No cooking was done in the big house.  There was one small building where the boys of the house, over fourteen, lived with their tutor.  If there were daughters, they lived  in the "big" house.


The plantations had a dirt road lined with lovely arching branches from the old oak trees--green and majestic.  The road path  led to the simple, unpainted wooden cabins where the plantation workers lived. There were about ten of them. (I have forgotten the exact number.  Maybe my husband will remember.)  It appeared to be a dear, pleasant setting--a nice place to raise children.  These simple, two family cabins were adjacent to the sugar-cane fields--handy for the workers. Thus, they could be near their field work and their homes and families as well.  At one time, there were as many as ninety-one people living in these small cottages.  I would have called these  people "slaves," but our guide, who could trace her heritage back to this plantation's early days, was specific in telling us they were indentured servants; and when the plantation was first worked, Louisiana was NOT a part of the United States, and did not become so until the after the Louisiana Purchase (1803). (According to my encyclopedia, Louisiana became a state on April 30, 1812 when Orleans Territory was renamed Louisiana, and became the 18th state in the Union.  It had a population at the time of 76,600.) She reminded us that it was a country of its own.  To be truthful,  I'd forgotten all of this.  She made a big point of how nice the owners were to these "servants"--and they very well may have been; but it seemed as if she protested too much.  Later, after the "purchase," the workers were "slaves" purchased from the African people themselves.


Slavery is a very complicated subject and I really do not want to get into it; but if the African warlords (or whatever they were called) had not captured their own people and sold them, there were have been no black slaves in America.  (There may have been white slaves, Asian slaves, or Native American slaves, but no black slaves.)  That doesn't justify any mistreatment given to the black people after they got here. Sometimes in discussing slavery, people forget about the white enslaved peoples of the world.

(While I'm into this, let me talk about the original inhabitants of this land we call the United States of America.  Before it was called "America," the people who lived here before Columbus called their land by other names such as  "Mother Earth" or "the land,." etc., etc., etc. That's fine with me.  I see their point.    But these people whose land was not originally called "America" desire to be called "Native Americans."  So, why don't the people we used to call "Indians" as in "cowboys and Indians" when I went to school in the Dark Ages  want to be called "Native Mother-Earths" or "Native 'The Landers'"  instead of "Native Americans"?)

Getting back to slavery--even in the Bible, we read about slavery.   It is a difficult subject.  I don't know why I've gotten into it; but talking about this plantation brings this to my mind.  Paul, the apostle, said he was a "slave" (doulos) of the Lord.


Now a word about the Creole people who are the original inhabitants of the Orleans Territory or the state of Louisiana.  My old World Book Encyclopedia says:    "a term used loosely to indicate descendants of French or Spanish settlers of an area.  It come from the Spanish word "criollo," meaning "native to the place."   It is used in speaking of Creole people's languages or local products, as in the terms "Creole pralines or Creole cooking."  In the United States, Creole now refers only to white descendants of French or Spanish settlers of the Gulf States. . . ."


One of the enjoyable times in New Orleans was sitting on park benches and watching the mighty Mississippi River at work.   Here came a barge pushed and prodded by a tugboat or two.  There came a sight-seeing boat, maybe a freighter in the distance, another barge, another tugboat making the bend up yonder, and a distant sailboat for pleasure.  But, most of all, our eyes were riveted on THE NATCHEZ, a beautiful white and red paddle boat with flying flags and old fashioned regal pride.  It spoke of a past era when women floated in long gowns holding fancy umbrellas to hide from the sun.  Its steamboat whistle pierced the air with warnings of its approaching.  Those on shore stood to meet friends and those aboard strained to debark.  At the command of a senior man on the second deck calling orders, like a cheerleader through a bull horn, the crew threw hawsers, or lines, twisting those big hemp "snakes" around ratchets and cleats--a day's work in itself. They jumped here and stretched there until their work was perfected.  Only then was the gigantic gang plank lowered.  All those eager, panting passengers  piled from the decks of  the historic steamwheeler to be greeted by entertainers with banjos, guitars, clarinets or silent mime, statue-like, human cartoon character.   Each was in business for himself with a box or dish begging for money.  One was a clown, one was a tramp, but the prize could have been given to the tall football player with the painted white face dressed in red, white & blue football attire, stretching his long and  perfectly poised legs as if running.  His white running shoes shod his feet as he motionlessly pointed and positioned them on his box.  All the while, this silent, still character held his football ready to be thrown.  Who wouldn't give him a dollar?


As I'm  flipping through the souvenir booklet I purchased, I see a picture of the brown Mississippi River winding around New Orleans.  I am thinking of the things I would have liked to have done.  It would have been nice to have taken the tour into the Louisiana swamps and bayous. Because we went to the D-Day Museum, we had to forfeit some of the local color.  It would have been fun to see the nesting grounds of alligators--as long as they stayed away from me--and the timeless beauty of the area's topography.  Would have liked a peek of the LAURA PLANTATION, too, where Br'er Rabbit was first recorded.  My granddaughters, Kristen and Megan, would have liked that .  Their father used to read them that fable.  How they enjoyed it!

I didn't realize that old red streetcar, we kept seeing by the waterfront, was synonymous with New Orleans; and that the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar was America's oldest--being more than 150 years old. When my husband was a teaching-fellow at Purdue University, we went to the University's plays.  Being in the speech department, my husband got free tickets.  I suppose some of you, who don't like plays, will be horrified, but we saw the one called "A Streetcar Named Desire."   Now that I've been to New Orleans, I see that there really was a streetcar with that name.  Who would have known it?


We wanted to eat down town so I could tell about it--ha--but it's just too hard to park and walk--mostly walk.   I just can't walk  too much anymore.  Another case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. My legs won't co-operate.  (I've found out recently that it really isn't really my legs, it's my back (the nerves you know); but the word hasn't gotten to my legs.  Ha!)  Anyhow, it was easier to eat nearer our hotel than cope with the French quarter or the fashionable hotels in the city, etc.  So for a taste of Cajun food, we ate at a place near to the Landmark/BEST WESTERN.  I had catfish and hush puppies with an interesting bread pudding that looked like hard squares of squeemi stuff with a sweet sauce over it.  It was good in spite of how it looked..  My husband had his usual chicken.  He's a conservative, you know.   Did I tell you this before?  As we were preparing to leave the hotel for the plane and home, my husband's back went out of place.  He had to ride the plane in such a state.  He's grateful for his chiropractor!  We're a pair!




Maybe I have space to tell you a few more things.  Just a few days ago, Dr. Waite and some others went up to Newington, Connecticut for the questioning of the first doctoral graduate of the EMMANUEL BAPTIST SEMINARY.  The student was Rev. David McCarthy from Virginia Beach, Va. We had met him at last year's KING JAMES SEMINAR here in our house/church.  Dr. McCarthy's thesis was on the book of Galatians.  Of interest to me was that he received two hours of graduate school credits for his work from last year's seminar.  Isn't that good?

I don't think that I told you that in February--I think it was--we did THE TRIBUTE TO FANNY CROSBY at the Baptist Church of Newfield here in South Jersey.  The pastor is David Craig who, come to find out, takes a strong Textus Receptus position.  That was refreshing!  Must mention that his wife was extremely friendly and kind.  That's a plus for Pastor Craig.  Of course, they were from the Midwest--come to think of it.

It was wonderful to have our only daughter delight us with a visit in May.  We hadn't seen her for a year; so her presence was  special to her Dad and me.  She is a beautiful woman and precious to us--and to her husband, too.  At our Sunday morning service she sang the gospel song, THE TOUCH OF HIS HAND ON MINE.  You know that one, don't you?  Yes, "there are days so dark that we search in vain. . ."  I remember my mother singing that song,  and as the years brought me "darkness," I, too,  would sing those words with tears.  Now it's Dianne's song, too. How good to "cling to that saving Hand"!   Do you know Jesus as your Saviour?

I'm under God's care, are you?

Yvonne Sanborn Waite ( Peter 5:6-11)


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