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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

May 2000


Time twists and turns as we walk, run, or stumble on its path.
Who would have thought we would live this long?
ĎTis true--some who were most beloved are gone!
"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.
For what is your life?
It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time,
and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14

What a Month!

We had two major meetings in March--one in Elkton, Maryland at the Maranatha BAPTIST CHURCH on Old Elk Neck Road, and the other in Greenville, South Carolina at TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH on White Horse Road . What a month! I donít know WHY I say "we" had meetings because I donít do anything, for the most part, but just sit there. Oh, come to think of it, I did do something special for you. I VIDEOED EVERY WORD OF ALL THE SPEAKERS at PASTOR ALAN DICKERSONíS CHURCH in Elkton, MD, and also VIDEOED all of DR. WAITEíS MESSAGES at DR. MELVIN AIKINíS CHURCH IN GREENVILLE, SC (BFT #2983VCR @ $15+$3 S&H) Tabernacle Baptist Church is the church founded and pastored by DR. HAROLD SIGHTLER until his HOME GOING, if you remember.

The Elkton Meeting

THE ELKTON MEETING WAS THE TWELFTH ANNUAL CHURCH BIBLE CONFERENCE, HELD AT MARANATHA BAPTIST, CALLED THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH BIBLE CONFERENCE. Besides my husbandís messages (BFT #2978VCR @ $15+$3 S&H), we heard the editor of THE FUNDAMENTALIST DIGESTís (DON JASMIN) [BFT #2980VCR @ $15+$3 S&H] and PASTOR GARY WEBBís powerful messages (BFT #2981VCR @ $15+$3 S&H). As you may remember from other BFT UPDATES, Dr. Webb pastors a church in North Carolina. Then there was a new speaker to me, EVANGELIST BILL BEHRENS (BFT #2979VCR @ $15+ $3 S&H). His sermon on HELL was very graphic! He was for years with the FAIRHAVEN ministry someplace in the Midwestern part of the United States. By the way, all of these messages are on audio cassettes also @ $7 per speaker + S&H.

If I have it right, all the speakers, except D. A. Waite were graduates of BOB JONES UNIVERSITY, and have come by their own study to be defenders of the TEXTUS RECEPTUS--not from the BJU classroom. The TR is the Greek Text that underlies the AUTHORIZED VERSION of the Bible--usually known in this country as THE KING JAMES BIBLE. It is to those men and others of like textual persuasion that my husband dedicated his latest book which was published in March, Fundamentalist MIS-INFORMATION on Bible Versions (BFT PB2974 @ $7.00 +S&H).

Pastor Alan Dickerson is a gracious host! At least fifty pastors drove or flew in to be a part of his conference--and that doesnít count the lay people who attended. It is indeed a blessing and an honor to have been part of this. What I personally like about this annual event is it is a "church" conference and not some growing political movement that we find in so many associations I know about. My husband and THE BIBLE FOR TODAY, Inc. , as well as our local church, The Bible For Today Baptist Church, is ever grateful for the hours of radio time Maranatha Baptist Church gives us on WOEL-FM 89.9 mhz. How can we thank them?

New Book Hot Off the Press

As my husbandís newly published book was "hot off the press," he decided to use Fundamentalist MIS-INFORMATION on Bible Versions (#PB2974 @$7.00+S&H) as his basis for speaking at both Bible conferences--the one in Maryland and the one in South Carolina during March. Fundamentalist MIS-INFORMATION on Bible Versions (# PB2974 @ $7.00+S&H) is an answer to the widely distributed book, FROM THE MIND OF GOD TO THE MIND OF MAN published by Emerald Press.

As you may or may not remember, the MIND book is the one written by a committee of men who were appointed to write individual chapters on, what they consider, the version problem. This committee of men was appointed by BOB JONE III (Who doesnít know who he is by now?) and J. B. WILLIAMS, a retired missionary out of Baptist Mid-Missions. These appointed writers formed a committee known as THE COMMITTEE ON THE BIBLEíS TEXT & TRANSLATION, and it holds the copyright on the book. I donít know who holds the money. Someone told us the other day, that BAPTIST MID-MISSIONS is encouraging all of its people to read that book. I remember the days when a high official in Baptist Mid-Missions wanted to publish one of my husbandís earliest reports, THE CASE FOR THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT # 83 @ $7.00+S&H). This MIND OF MAN book was supposed to settle, once and for all, the "terrible controversy" they seem to feed on, and the divisions which the "use any bible" people and the "any text will do" people have caused within fundamentalism, as well as the VERSION VERACITY that we now see plaguing Fundamental churches today. For you know, from the Mind book, of course, that the conclusion is that all the major versions are just fine like the NKJV, the NIV, and the NASV. Several years ago, DR MARK MINNICK spoke on this subject to his church there in the Greenville area. Guess what he called his series? You guessed it?-- FROM THE MIND OF GOD TO THE MIND OF MAN. So we canít help but conclude that this subject has been a-brewing in Greenville, South Carolina for a long time! Anyway, my husband has answered the book with Fundamentalist MIS-INFORMATION on Bible Versions (#PB2974 @ $7.00+S&H). It is a MUST in this which Bible battle!

A Sad Sidelight

A sad sidelight is that one of the committee men, DR. MARK SIMMONS who pastored in Illinois, has had to resign from the committee as well as his church over an unwise "friendship" (for many years) with a woman in his church. So, from what I gather, his name and book chapter in the MIND will be eliminated in the next printing. I donít know if that has come to pass yet. Do you? It really gets me that wanton women casts spells on men of God and that holy men let them--men with personal problems and needs--and ruin their ministries. God forbid that I ever cross that line and encourage a man to look away from his wife to me for personal care and emotional satisfaction! Some women do!

Jezebels Seeing Whom They May Devour

More was wrong with Jezebel than false doctrine! People thought she was such a "spiritual" woman when the truth was she was a master of witchcraft. She pretended to be a loving wife but in reality, she was a selfish, spoiled, controlling bondmaid of the Devil, stalking like an animal--a regular roaring lion-- seeking whom she might devour (I Peter 5:8). The tragic part of it was the denial of her intent the whole time! YOU AND I MUST BE VIGILANT BECAUSE THIS ADVERSARY, THE DEVIL, WANTS TO DESTROY MEN OF GOD!--as well as women of God. The truth is that danger doesnít always come from the street prostitute or the hotel mistress. Some men feel so misunderstood! So often "understanding" comes with the sweet smile of a perfumed Christian woman, out of fellowship with her God, pretending to be "holy." And these beguiling women, with misguided ideas of what "Christian" love is, pull their affections away from their own husbands and put them on someone elses! It upsets me no end!

While Iím on the subject, I just learned of a preacher--a man in whose house we once ate, a friend of one of our sons--who has scuttled his life of service for the Lord and his testimony with his children with an E-mail/chat-room romance that blossomed into the "real thing." I canít believe it! Some day this unsatisfied man will walk away as a "computer consort" and dash into the trap of another mess or a woman. You just watch and see. With every modern invention, comes new temptations. Sadly I acknowledge that this is not the first E-Mail, Internet, romance that Iíve heard about. It makes me afraid of the computer!

Westcott & Hort Fundamentalist?

I recently read in ROBERT SUMNERíS paper, a great defense of the men of one hundred years ago named B. F. Westcott (1825-1901) and PROFESSOR F. J. A. HORT (1828-1892). Editor Sumner is no friend of the Received Text! Dr. Waite feels that these Greek scholars of yesteryear were two apostate Anglican ministers. Mr. Sumner thinks otherwise. Westcott & Hort were contemporaries of DEAN JOHN WILLIAM BURGON, you know. They lived over one hundred years ago during the time frame of the beginnings of Marxism, Darwinism, New Ageism, Progressive Education, and the invention of the telephone. Dean Burgon opposed the English Revised Version of 1881 which Hort and Westcott devised.

Mr. Sumner practically called my husband a prevaricator. Of course, he didnít mention my husbandís name because he said they were friends--and that is true. Of course, he isnít on my "Christmas card list"! (Please donít get upset because I mentioned the word, "Christmas"! Some people go "crazy" over the words "Christmas" or "Easter." We donít make a big fuss over those days anymore--ask our children, ask our church, ask the people who donít get Christmas cards !)

Dr. Sumner said that Westcott and Hort were fine, upstanding Bible-believing men, inferring they wrote the best commentaries ever, and that the author of HERESIES OF WESTCOTT AND HORT was full of hot air. As you know my husband, D. A. Waite, is the author. Sumner said that Dr. Waite (without using his name) is deceiving the Fundamentalist world by saying that Westcott & Hort are heretics. Funny thing--some of the very men who want to update the Bible are smitten with old fashioned commentaries written by men, like Westcott & Hort, from another century who use the so-called stilted, archaic language in their writings..

Some critical pro-Nestle-Aland/American Bible Society Greek text people get such joy out of making fun of my husbandís booklet, the HERESIES OF WESTCOTT & HORT (BFT 595 @$4.00+S&H). Thousands have been printed and reprinted. Recently SOUTHWEST RADIO MINISTRIES has printed and distributed this booklet through its radio programs all over the world, as well as the BIBLE FOR TODAY PRESS. Some critics delight in belittling my husbandís work--especially the capitalization of important words and phrases that Dr. Waite used for emphasis. Heresies was first written years ago when there were no computers to indicate emphasis. Nowadays, our writing is made easier with computers and special keys that format. Such writing luxuries were unknown to us in the early days of our THE BIBLE FOR TODAY MINISTRIES.

The Greenville Meeting

It was not the first time that Dr. Waite preached at TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH. So it was like returning to an old friend when we entered that huge auditorium. There are meeting rooms all over the buildings. In fact, their chapel, their original church meeting place, is bigger than some church sanctuaries. I especially liked the rooms for very young children. There were little chairs and child-size pews. As I peeked into various class rooms, I noticed that the pews became larger as the age group increased. I had never seen this before, have you?

We were happy to meet some of our BFT friends from our mailing list, as well as radio listeners. Just think how many thousands hear my husband on radio every day! So many new faces to remember! One of the new faces was PASTOR DON FARMER from West Virginia. He was the other speaker at the conference. His word pictures in his teaching the Bible were most unusual. The listeners gave him old fashioned Southern enthusiasm. I could see why Pastor Aiken had him speak to his church! We had some delicious home cooking with friends, too. My favorite part of eating with people is the conversation. Dr. Jerry RUGG was a most gracious man, meeting us at the airport and entertaining us at a nearby restaurant. He not only teaches at the churchís college, but he also heads up the churchís correspondence school. There were others we met who have been a great help to our ministry but I donít think I should splash their names all over this BFT UPDATE, do you?

Greenville Airs Our Church Program

PASTOR MELVIN AIKEN was a gracious host to us, entertaining us in the Childrenís Home dining room for Sunday dinner and serving us lunch in the school cafeteria, as well as he and his wife opening their home to us one evening after church. He introduced us to the WTBI radio-station head, who in turn, showed us the expanse of the station, and invited my husband to air our Bible For Today Baptist Church radio program on his station. It is an hour program with special music from our people and Bible exposition from Pastor Waite. Wonderful!

This church radio opportunity is thrilling! (You may order tapes of two broadcasts for $4.00 a tape. For many years THE BIBLE FOR TODAY DAILY and THE BIBLE FOR TODAY WEEKLY have been aired on this station, but now to have our church program on WTBI at 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. on Sunday nights is indeed wonderful. PRAISE GOD, the funds have come in for this radio church preaching and special music outreach!! But the whipped cream on the tapioca is the privilege of being a part of the Tabernacle Baptist Churchís Internet system. Yes, YOU, too can listen to The Bible For Today Baptist Churchís radio program via Internet on Sunday nights from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. through your computer. ( Get a sound card! Itís heard all over the world!

A Visit With Author James H. Sightler, M.D.

One of the joys of going to Greenville is visiting with Dr. & Mrs. James H. Sightler. They took us out for lunch and showed us his medical office. Heís a pediatrician, you know. My husband and he have become friends through Dr. Sightlerís study of the issues found in THE HERESIES OF WESTCOTT & HORT (BFT #595 @ $4.00+S&H). We see him, his wife, and children at the annual DEAN BURGON SOCIETY meeting every year. James H. Sightler, M.D., is a researcher and gives us so much at these annual meetings that we can hardly comprehend it all. That is why it is great that he has published a 298-page book that you surely should get! It is A TESTIMONY FOUNDED FOREVER (BFT#2954 @ $19+S&H). This is "must" reading for the continued realization that Westcott and Hort were not true believers. Let me quote page 229 from Westcott on the Incarnation:

Influential teachers persuade us on the one side to follow after the unity of Naturalism, which limits all knowledge to phenomena bound together by an inexorable sequence: on the other side, to lull ourselves to rest in the unity of Pantheism, which presents all things indifferently as the manifestation of one essence alone truly existent. Such....unities, however, can never bring peace...But if they are in themselves illusory, they do, I believe, fulfil the office which I have assigned to the spirit of the age. They direct us to aspects of the Incarnation which have not yet become the heritage of the Church, to visions of great hope through which we shall be enabled to meet the temper of doubt among us... For it is no disloyalty to the past to maintain that the view of the Incarnation which was gained in the 4th or 5th or 13th or 16th century was not final. Our fathers by the teaching of the Holy Sprit saw the Truth, but they did not see it all the Truth.

An Answer to Bob Jones IIIís Letter

After being at TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH in Greenville, my husband heard from the president of BOB JONES UNIVERSITY. He was all shook up!--not my husband but Bob Jones III. I think the thing that really got him was the dedication in my husbandís book Fundamentalist MIS-INFORMATION on Bible Versions: (PB2974 @ $7.00 + S&H)

To all the graduates of Bob Jones University who, though they were indoctrinated in the BJU Greek Department to accept as genuine the Westcott and Hort kind of New Testament Greek text, have forsaken such a text and corrupt and heretical and, through personal study of the subject, and, despite the persecution that has come for this position, have now accepted as genuine the Traditional Textus Receptus Greek Text that underlies the King James Bible. May their numbers increase!

After pondering whether to answer the pithy letter or not, Dr. Waite decided to do so. He worked on it a little at a time every day for about four weeks until he answered all the points the president brought up in his letter. Dr. Waite decided that his response would be an OPEN LETTER so you, too, can understand his reasoning. Read Dr. Bob Jonesís letter, and see my husbandís answer. Get DAW ANSWERS BOB JONES III ! (BFT #2987@$2.50+S&H). Youíll be glad you did.

Maranatha Baptist Church, Elkton Maryland
JULY 19-20, 2000

You must make plans today to attend our 22nd annual meeting of THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETY. This year it is going to be at Dr. Dickersonís church in Elkton, Maryland, MARANATHA BAPTIST CHURCH. Pastor Dickerson is on the advisory council of the DBS--youíll like him.. Donít forget that his church has a dress code for both men and women--no slacks or shorts. The DBS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE meets from 9-12 A.M. on Wednesday, July 19th. During that same time period, we women will be meeting together for fellowship. THE DEAN BURGON WOMEN are not like other womenís meetings. We try to carry on the theme of the DBS, "IN DEFENSE OF TRADITIONAL BIBLE TEXTS." Last year I spoke on the NEW KING JAMES VERSION (BFT #2949 @ $2.00+S&H). Really put a lot of hours into that speech. Believe me, it would have been easier to just do a devotional. This year I have the speakers lined up already. MRS. JANE HOLLOWOOD HAS PROMISED TO SPEAK TO US FOR THIRTY MINUTES. She has been a blessing to so many women. Her life experience has taught her many lessons. Another major speaker will be our daughter, Dianne Waite Cosby. Sheíll have thirty minutes, too. Iíve also asked two other women to give ten minutes of testimony on the version subject. Mrs. Joseph Pagano said she would tell us about the use of The Defined King James Bible (#3000M @ $35+$4 S&H) in her church; and another woman is thinking about it.

A Personal Loss

When my husband and I were in Greenville, my dear "little child" sister died. She was 65. Even though I knew that Beverly had been walking on the edge of life for many months, it was a grief--the finality of it all. The stillness, after the last breath is taken, is very quiet. We had a lovely memorial service for Beverly Sanborn here in the church in our house. All of our children and three grandchildren were here. People from our church came. I was very touched. We had beautiful music, all our sons spoke, and our daughter sang Some Golden Daybreak. My husband, our pastor, spoke on "THE LITTLE CHILD." (Matthew 18:1-11 & 2 Samuel 12:23). If you would like to see the video ($15.00+S&H) or hear the audio ($4.00 +S&H) of this precious time, ask for it. I wrote a memory of her which I called "I REMEMBER BEVERLY." I really would like you to have it, too. May God bless you as you read it.

JUNE 27-30, 2000, 9:00 A. M.-5:00 P.M. DAILY

Iím running out of room, but I hope you can attend our annual King James Bible Seminar here at 900 Park Avenue. My husband tells you everything he knows on the textual issue. The tuition is $175--and includes 30 textbooks. Selected schools accept the course as 2 semester hours of credit. It is an intensely serious daily study. You will be with like-minded people who want to learn. Sign up right away. Call: 1-800-JOHN 10:9 TODAY!

ALWAYS IN GODíS CARE--even in personal loss (I Peter 5:6-11)

Yvonne S. Waite


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