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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

March - April 2001


Satan is out to destroy Christians and their families!  
Let us not be too proud to HUMBLE OURSELVES  Under the Mighty Hand of God!

I Peter 5:6-11



I am scratching my head, wondering what to tell you about our February (2001) trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. My husband and I had some senior plane tickets that we had to use up. We had forgotten them--but my husband got the airlines to extend the tickets for a few months. So, when Dr. Waite asked "Where should we go?" I said, "Let's go to the D-Day Museum!" I'd heard about it several months earlier at its dedication on June 6, 2001 by the World War II historian and museum founder, Stephen E. Ambrose and others. It was then that I thought to myself, "If my husband ever asks me where I would like to go, I'd tell him that I'd like to go there!" As we sat on the Philadelphia runway, it was hard to believe that we were actually on the plane heading for New Orleans. When we go on these trips--whether for pleasure or BFT preaching--we have to just drop everything and go. We leave the work behind us, the papers, the writing, the mail, the church, the phone calls, the broadcasts, and and JUST GO! We'll do the same thing, you know, when God calls us Home. I guess we are "in practice." I don't think that I've ever been to New Orleans before--or even passed through. As far as I knew, I didn't know anyone who lived there; and we purposely didn't look at our Bible For Today mailing list, lest we would discover someone. (Ha!) My cousin, Jim's wife, said that his daughter lived there but couldn't get an address in time. (Hope you understand.) You see, we see people all the time and go places all the time, and I get weary smiling and being Mrs. Perfect all the time (Ha!) (Not that I do anything much differently when we are out on our own.) You try it sometime--to be "perfect," that is. Well, to be "perfectly" honest, I haven't arrived at "perfection" yet--and those who just can't stand me or dislike my husband's views will gladly point out our imperfections. What a relief to have a "perfect" Savior! 


It was a beautiful, warm New Orleans day with temperatures in the early seventies the afternoon my husband and I found the D-Day Museum on 945 Magazine Street ( It is located in the historic warehouse district near the French quarter of the city. The tour people make a big thing of the progressive warehouse area where many of the old buildings are being upgraded for fashionable, functional apartment buildings and businesses. Personally, it just looked like a warehouse district to me. D-Day was June 6, 1944--I was a senior in high school at the time--when 150,000 men sought to land, that first day of the invasions, on the beaches of France's Normandy. It was a nightmare! Five thousand ships and four thousand wind-tossed boats plowed into the storm. They tossed and rolled in the cold and the confusion! Tragically, 9,000 men died that first day. D-Day was death day for these brave warriors. Why General Eisenhower, (whom we learned in a film at the museum never had led troops into battle), thought it wise to hit the beaches in that wicked weather, I don't know. The others in command did not agree to go that day. Montgomery from Britain was in favor of the assault but the General in charge of the United States Air Wing wanted to wait for the weather to break. (I personally think that his wisdom should have been heeded.) Those in favor of proceeding reasoned that there had already been one day's delay and the "surprise factor" could be lost with more delay. With the stroke of a pen, Eisenhower said, "yes," and OPERATION OVERLORD began. "The BATTLE OF NORMANDY covers an area of over 300 miles wide and 250 miles deep. The landing beaches alone stretch for over 45 miles" (Shilleto & Tolhurst) Many never heard a shot fired or saw the gun of the enemy. They died just trying to hit the beaches. It was horrible! It was only the beginning! 


The rain was relentless! The waves were ugly! The sky was thick! Clear vision was impossible! Paratroopers sprang from planes flying over the wrong places. Men landed in water and drowned where they landed. Boats hit the wrong beaches. Men piled out of Higgins boats at wrong places into knee deep water, blinded by the fog, and crippled by the crags. There was an air of utter confusion; but they ran on! Many died-- gasping in the sea, weighed down by their gear and tangled in their parachutes. Sadly, the "papa" boats could not come as close to the shore as practiced. Men blindly ran, splashed, and drowned searching for the elusive unseen beaches. All those mother's sons sacrificed! Those who found the shore climbed rocks and stumbled onto the land. German machine guns fired. Bullets zinged. Men fell to the ground never seeing their opponents. Talk about loneliness! Thousands were baffled by the landing on unmapped territory. Without a leader to follow, they blindly wrenched themselves to a tree or a rock, or a village hiding from cruel enemy fire--or sometimes, friendly fire. 


I found I was oscillating badly when my chute opened, rigging lines twisted as well. Remembering the drill, I kicked like mad and pulled down hard on my front life webs. I thought I was reasonably in control, when splash, I'd landed in water! It was pitch black, I was flat on my back, being dragged by my canopy in water a foot or so deep. Struggling to release my parachute harness, and trying to keep my head above water, I lost my Sten gun. After freeing myself of the parachute, I searched in vain for my gun. Getting accustomed to the light I waded to dry land. Lots of trees, so I realized that I was nowhere near the dropping zone allocated to 3rd Parachute Brigade H. Q. Company. I had no radio, no gun, no small pack, soaked to the skin, no idea which way I should go, but I did have eight Sten gun magazines in my pouches! [D-DAY and the BATTLE FOR NORMANDY by C. Shilleto and M. Tolhurst] But, the worst thing: were the dead bodies of their comrades, lying like cord wood, fallen and quiet, beneath their wet feet. The screams! The blood! The fear! The bewilderment of pressing on! All of these emotions and more were felt on Normandy's shores that DAY. 


We were on our feet and continued our advance. . . . on our way we passed many dead and a stream of our men coming back toward us: bloody faces, limp arms, staggering and weaving. Some collapsed and remained still, some crawled on hands and knees. 


I grieved that afternoon for the boys who stepped onto a treacherous shore, sacrificing their lives on the altar of expediency for me, for my country, for England, and for the freedom of the world. Some never lived long enough to shoot their weapon or to see Hitler's power. I wondered about the mothers and the wives, the sisters and the children, the fathers and the brothers with empty arms, hurting hearts, and years of future loneliness. 


Then my thoughts turned to the Holy One who loved me enough to leave the splendor of Heaven, to take upon Himself the form of a man, to walk the earth being tempted and tested in all points without sinning so that He could take my sin and guilt in His own body on the Cross. I thought of Him who became SIN for me so that I could be righteous in God's sight. I thought how GOD THE FATHER IN HEAVEN hid his eyes from the Lord Jesus Christ as JESUS TOOK THE SIN OF THE WORLD--my sin & shame, YOUR SIN & SHAME--that afternoon when the sky was blackened and the world reeled as THE FATHER separated Himself from THE SON, my Saviour. I thought of the physical pain Jesus bare--the anguish, the fever, the shedding of his blood, the utter end of agony--for me. His suffering was greater than any man's for He died a death in place of all mankind. HOW CAN WE DESCRIBE OR COMPREHEND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SON OF GOD THAT DAY?


We learned that afternoon at the museum about the phantom army led by General George Patton. He was probably the best general of World War II. In my opinion, after seeing the film of the invasion that afternoon, I came away feeling that he should have been the one in charge of "Operation Overlord," as the Normandy Invasion was code named. Instead, Patton was humiliated by being ordered to command a fake army with fake equipment like fake airplanes, fake tanks, fake jeeps, fake tents, etc. etc. that were gathered somewhere in England (I forget the place) so Hitler's generals would assume the invasion would come from that source instead of where it did originate. It was a ruse of deception--apparently, it worked. According to some historians, D-Day was a complete surprise to the Germans. The only thing is that the weather conditions hindered the Allies plans, and hundreds of men died needlessly as a result--all to save Russia's murderous Joseph Stalin's Communist armies from total German defeat! ` 


Before I move on to the city of New Orleans, I want to tell you about the HIGGINS BOATS or those little "papa" boats that brought men from the large ships to the shores for battle. You have seen them on the TV news and in movies, I am sure. I was especially interested in them because we have pictures taken by my husband when he was a Navy chaplain with many of those "papa" boats, filled with marines, doing maneuvers when he served with them. I learned that there was a ship builder in New Orleans by the name of Higgins. His pictures were displayed in one of the museum's galleries. He was in the boat business. I can't remember exactly what kind of boats he made, but I think they may have been fishing boats. When he heard of a need to transport groups of men from ship to shore, he went to his draftsman's table and came up with a boat. Finally he sold the idea to the United States government and soon those little "papa" boats became famous. Often they are called "Higgins Boats" after Mr. Higgins. In fact, the entrance to the museum by way of Louisiana Memorial Pavilion, is on Andrew Higgins Drive. 


As we looked at an actual "papa"boat, a landing craft vehicle and personal boat (LCVP), resting there in the huge hanger-like first floor of the museum, my husband reminded me of our friend from Grayton Road Baptist Church days. That's the little church where my husband and I were married fifty-two years ago. It was in Brook Park, Ohio. The one-room church building--an old school house--was on the edge of, what is now, Hopkins International Airport, near Cleveland. In fact, that property is now a part of that airport. Often during a sermon, our pastor would have to pause as a plane flew low over our roof as it landed or took off on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night. Of current interest to you who watch the news, Brook Park is where that Ford Plant is located where people have been exposed and have died with Legionnaire's disease. Of course, when we lived in that area, there was no Ford plant--just beauty, trees, beautiful homes, and noisy airplanes. 

Getting back to our friend, Don Guarnere. He must be in his early eighties now. He is not well. I hear from his wife at Christmas (pardon the word! Ha!) He was one of the Navy men who drove the "papa" boat filled with Marines and US Soldiers to hit one of the beaches on D-Day. For a brief time during one summer, my husband helped Don build garages. Don was the builder. My husband was the helper. (My husband did a lot of things to support his family besides writing books--which, by the way, doesn't support his family. All the funds go into the support for the Bible For Today ministry.) 

My husband remembered our friend telling him of the danger, the gun fire, the machine guns, the mines, and the death on that dreadful day. 

On second thought, Dr. Waite thinks maybe our friend let down the heavy plank-like-stern of the boat so the men could jump into the water and splash for the shore--whatever. As Don Guarnere moved to control the plank, a shot hit the man who was standing where he had been. It was a horrid death--hunting, hitting, and harming. Perhaps it was this experience, as well as others that day, that brought our friend, Don Guarnere to his knees. Soon he repented of his sins and received Jesus Christ as his Saviour. After being a civilian for many years, he attended a Bible school and became a Baptist church planter. Many received Jesus Christ from Don Guarnere's ministry. He had a powerful message! 


BEAUTIFUL AND VARIED ARCHITECTURE Even though we rented a car, it was better to let the hotel where we stayed, outside of the city of New Orleans, take us to the Mississippi water front to board our tour bus. We chose the "city bus tour" that day. I forget how much it cost. It seemed to me that we drove swiftly by places, houses, and streets without really taking it all in. We saw various kinds of architecture such as "shot gun" houses--nothing to do with shot guns--which were long, narrow houses, and then the "double barrel shotgun" houses which were two long narrow houses put together. I guess the long and narrow plan was a way to get out of paying some kind of taxes. I remember the guide said that a home owner was taxed on the number and sizes of the closets in his home; therefore, people had fewer and smaller closets, if any. They bought armoires for their clothes instead . We saw antebellum homes which were built before the Civil War, elevated cottages, lace iron balconies, tall windows, french doors, louvered shutters and vibrant colors. We bus-raced by beautiful mansions on a lovely street where wealthy people had servants and many bedrooms and baths. I remember one that the guide told us that Barbara Streisand and her husband James Somebody or Other made a bid on. They did not get the house. The homes did not have basements and often the first floor was used like we would use a basement. The reason for this is that New Orleans is below sea level and often they have floods. 


Sometimes as we drove along, we could see where the Mississippi River was higher than the land. To prevent flooding big dike-like hills were built. Big water pumping stations were constantly keeping the water from overtaking the land. I didn't realize this situation before. Having been to Holland a few years ago, I reviewed in my mind the seriousness of this predicament. The pumps, by the way, can only pump one inch of rainfall per hour--I think that is what the guide said--and when there is a flood of sixteen inches, more or less, the pumps cannot keep up with the increased water level; therefore there is severe flooding in the city. I was reminded of this fact the other day when the TV news showed cars driving on flooded New Orleans Streets during a recent storm. You probably saw it, too. 


Because of the low water table, the citizens of New Orleans have learned that they must bury their dead above ground. In the early days, graves were dug and water filled the holes before the coffins could be lowered. Or on other occasions during a rain storm, caskets would surface and float down the street. It is true--there are a few cemeteries where caskets can be put under the ground but very few. Only the wealthy can afford such a plot! I got the impression that burying loved ones was an extremely expensive deal in New Orleans--more expensive than I am acquainted with otherwise. 


There are many cemeteries with row upon row of elaborate tombs. Evidently this is a fascinating thing for tourists as the only stop that the tour bus made was a prestigious cemetery. We were encouraged to walk around and take pictures. Strange! All the other pictures that I took had to be snapped from the window of the moving bus. So, if any of you want a picture of some tomb stones, let me know. (Ha!) Because land is at a premium, it is very, very expensive to bury loved ones. Sometimes a family cannot afford to build a big family monument. In that case, one rents a cement, file-type vault which reeks of poverty. This can be rented for five years. I forget how much. I want to say $5.00 a year, but I think that is wrong. The dead person (according to the bus driver) is put in this file cabinet vault loose--just him and the vault. (Strange to me.) After five years of rental, the bones are put in a bag and thrown in the back of this long vault with bones of umpteen other dead people. 


As to the mausoleums or decorative crypts--they were expensive and had a long roster of names engraved in long columns on the front of them. Many of these stone edifices could only hold one body at a time; but if the grieving were wealthy enough, they could have a family burial place that housed two caskets for two deceased people. There was a certain period of time that the body lay in this casket on the rack into where it would be rolled before another dead person could replace it. If too many people died in a family too close in time, the surplus dead had to be placed in one of those file cabinet things which could be rented for five years; but usually in this case it was less, because the deceased had a family spot. So after awhile, one of the dead people, in the two-or-one-person mausoleums, would be taken out of the coffin and those bones would drop to the bottom of the stone memorial to lie with all the relatives who had gone on before. Then the one in the file cabinet place, would be brought into the honored place for the dead to be laid to rest with the rest of his family. In other words, anyone who died in the family was buried in that vault and when the next member of the family died, his or her bones were pushed down below to make room for the most recent deceased. This is considered perfectly normal in New Orleans. 


Saw the French quarter and the mule-driven carriages. Didn't take a ride--wish we had now. Learned that mules have more endurance than horses. For sure, they had more endurance than I. Saw Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter but did not walk there. In fact, we didn't walk much of anyplace except the part of the French quarter near the water front. It is hard for me to do extensive walking. We went inside one of the restaurants, but felt very uncomfortable and left. It was like a dive! Bought some souvenirs. The stores were filled with dirty-word T shirts and Voodoo paraphernalia. In fact, if we had wanted to, we could have had a WITCHCRAFT TOUR OF NEW ORLEANS. One of the many such brochures read: The ultimate Witchcraft experience. Learn the secrets of spell-casting. Hear fascinating tales of fact and superstition and gain possibilities of higher wisdom. Some of the occult "needs" (????) a person can buy at these shops are the following: 100 herbs & essential oils, custom spells, charms, & gris-gris (a voodoo spell), Tarot readings, the largest selection of occult books under one roof, spiritual consultations, and ritual tools. These are items that any born-again Christian should stay clear of. They are tools of the Devil! Talk about Harry Potter in real life! (Get my Just For Women RADIO TAPES: "Halloween & Harry Potter #1" JFW/04 @ $4.00+ S&H and "Occult-Spiritism & Harry Potter #2" JFW/05 @ $4.00 +S&H or get them both for a gift of $7.00 + S&H) 

THAT AFTERNOON WE COULDN'T FIND A PLACE TO PARK THE CAR--so we ate our dinners atop the Best Western Landmark Hotel in Metairie, Louisiana, where we stayed, or at nearby restaurants. My husband and I enjoyed the view but not the price of the soup! Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo was $3.95 a cup. We couldn't believe it! 


One time we met a Greek ship inspector up there on the seventeenth floor of the LANDMARK restaurant. He was to inspect river freighters on the Mississippi the following day. I gave him one of our Bible For Today Baptist Church calendars. He looked at it, pondering, and said that in his day the children went to church. He never argued with his father. He just went. Yet, today with his son, there is always an argument. The son stays home in bed on Sunday morning. Strange indeed. The wrong one is in charge of that family! "Parents Obey Your Children" is the rule in some families. One reason that I was interested in this Greek inspector was because I sat next to a Filipino on the plane from Memphis to New Orleans who worked on the ships. He had left home twenty-four hours previously from the Philippians to begin work again on a freighter. (I have forgotten the name.) . He wouldn't see his wife and family for many months. What a life! To be continued 


Recently, I'd had a medical test that wasn't supposed to hurt--maybe be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but not hurt; yet it hurt me so badly that I wasn't sure I could complete the process. I, who have my teeth filled without Novocain; I, who have had four of my five children with little or no pain relief; I,who lived in a hospital as a child, I was in agony there on that table. It was then that I thought of Jesus and His pain, His physical pain, on Calvary. What suffering! What anguish! He didn't have a disease. He hadn't broken a bone. His pain that day was my pain, my torment, my burning intimidation. Soon after that medical test, I had to have another test--still eliminating. You know how doctors are--they have to rule out "this and that" in order to come up with some diagnosis. So, for a couple of afternoons, I found myself being shocked by electrodes (for want of a better word) and stabbed by needles in my arms and legs. I jumped here and I bounced there with each electrical sting on or under my skin. It didn't hurt much. It didn't alarm. It wasn't pleasant, but I was fine. All my reactions were involuntary in spite of myself. 

AGAIN I THOUGHT OF JESUS Again, I thought of the Lord Jesus that day on Calvary's Tree. His actions were voluntary. He suffered because He loved me. Only when He bore the sting of death in His sinless body could He take my sin. He willingly became SIN for me.. He took my sin like I take a pill in the morning expecting a result. The sin of the world was laid upon Him like I wrap a coat on my shoulders on a winter's day--only His was more like a coat of poison nails piercing His Holy inner Self. And with the reception of my sin and yours, too, He experienced an unexplainable loss and pain in His perfect body and an unexpected anguish in His Holy Soul that He'd never experienced before--in fact no one had ever experienced such emotion. Why? Because He became SIN--my sin and your sin. 

REFLECT ON YOUR OWN EVIL HEART Think about the "sin" you have committed in your life. I don't know what it is, but you do. Then think of the pure, Holy Lord Jesus Christ. How He must have convulsed with that deathblow BECAUSE OF YOU! How He must have revulsed within His Holy Being as all the wickedness of the world past, present, and future--was dumped into Him! How He must have recoiled at the Sin; but never turned His back on God's redemptive plan! 

WHY DID JESUS DO IT? He bore in His body our sins that we could be dead to those sins and live unto righteousness. (I Peter 2:24) For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich. (2 Corinthians 8:9) I received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour when I was nine or ten years old. I remember it very well--the time I realized that I was born a sinner because of Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden, and that sin was passed upon all so all have sinned. Jesus died that I wouldn't go to Hell. I wanted that! I've never been sorry. 

H AVE YOU EVER RECEIVED JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOUR? That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:9-10) 




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