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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

January - March 2002


Satan is out to destroy Christians and their families!  
Let us not be too proud to HUMBLE OURSELVES  Under the Mighty Hand of God!

 I Peter 5:6-11


It was the week between "Christmas" and "New Years." The time was a few minutes after ten o'clock in the evening.  My husband and I were getting ready for bed.  Thursday Bible Study & Prayer Time with our church people was over.  Suddenly, my husband smelled smoke! After checking the house, including the third floor and the basement, he looked out the front windows at each side of the door.  To his fright, flames were dancing two or more feet high casting reflections through the beveled glass. Quickly he grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator pouring it on the burning door mat.  Up sprang the flames.  They singed his eyebrows. By this time, I was at the door, smoke was swirling into my face.  A question came to my mind, "Who would do this to us? The police were called.  The fire truck came.  Bright lights were flashed in the front yard and into our house.  By now, the church room was hazy with smoke. It drifted up the stairs into the bedrooms.  A powerful fan was placed at the front door blowing the smoke out the opened windows.  Firemen were walking up and down the stairs--all three flights--and searching each room for fire and damages. They found some. The fire had crawled under our front step, blackening them as it licked its prey, singing the floor inside of the house, and browning a box of United Parcel receipts that were kept by the front door.  It had a double mission.  It had burned some electrical wires in the basement directly under the front door and burned a beam, as well as ceiling wood and a book or two. As I watched all this confusion, I said to my husband, "We must be doing something right to have someone do this to us!"  The evident conclusion was that this fire had not started by spontaneous combustion or by some careless "someone" walking by throwing a cigarette in our yard.  No!  There, on the blackened door mat, was a small paper bag filled with combustible material.  It had done its job!  But, the strangest thing, the bag never burned.  It was like the burning bush--full of fire but not demolished. Some say it was probably a teen-age prank.  We've been told that boys often do such damage.  They fill a bag with dog waste and lighter fluid, putting it on a doorstep, and setting it on fire.  Then they ring the doorbell and watch from afar as the man of the house comes to the door, sees the fire, extinguishes the flame by stamping his foot on the fire-bag, only to discover a very dirty shoe in the process.  This is supposed to be a hilarious joke, we are told.  Of course, we have no way of knowing if this fire was a joke or deliberately set by a fire-bug.  Some say if it were a fire bomb, it would have come through the window.  I don't know.  All I do know is a few years ago, someone set our flag on fire.  The flag was on a pole connected to the house.  I remember smelling smoke that night but could not find a fire--even though I looked inside and outside.  It was dark. I did not see the charred flag on the ground.  It was discovered the following morning.  But, one thing I know--we didn't hear any door bell THAT NIGHT in December 2001.  Did you?


Rich Trawinski lives in Passaic.   Passaic  is in North Jersey--this side of New York City. Sometimes he drives one hour- and-a-half or more, depending on traffic, to come to our church.  He says that "the difference it worth the distance."  He's not the only one.  Others drive forty-five minutes or more to come, too.  But I'm not talking about them.   Anyhow, one Sunday morning in December of last year, he said to me, "Mrs. Waite, I want to take you and Pastor Waite to see Ground Zero."  I was all ears!  I had wanted to see it but needed someone to take me.  My husband doesn't usually go on special outings like that unless someone forces him to do so.  (ha!)   So on the following Tuesday, Pastor Waite and I drove to Passaic, met Rich at a restaurant, ate lunch, got into Rich's sports vehicle, and he drove us into New York City.  New York City driving is reserved for driving specialists, if you asked me--which you didn't. Have you been there?

Because I can never count on myself to walk far distances without sitting here and there, Rich brought a wheelchair  to push me down the streets of New York City near the confusion of the World Trade Center's demise.  Though we were really rather close to the destruction site, I couldn't really see too much to report to you.  Really, I wish that I could give you a better first-hand account of what exactly was going on, but I can't.  One thing I can tell you is that the smell of death that had been so often reported to us was not detected.  Time and the fires had taken that odor away.  Perhaps there was the smell of smoke but nothing offensive. 


Being short, I couldn't see much, but even those who were taller than I couldn't do much better.  You see, there was a tall fence all around everything.  If it wasn't wooden, it was chain-ink fencing.  All of this hindrance to my vision was draped with sturdy green, sheet-like, canvass-type material that made further sight next to impossible.  I did my best.  My husband had our video camera and he got some shots with the zoom that brought the machinery and skeleton buildings closer than I could see with my naked eye.  I took pictures, too, and I must confess that some of my better pictures were taken blind.  I stuck my camera through a hole in the green material and between the metal posts of the chain-link-fence, held it up high and snapped the shutter.  I wish I'd taken more pictures that way because I later saw on film what I couldn't see with the naked eye.. .


We saw a big crane knocking down rubble and scooping it into its dirty jaws to drop it out of my sight someplace--maybe in a truck to be hauled away for scrutinized examination.  There was a wrecking ball.  It  banged and bonged in rhythm against the pile of what used to be a fashionable financial paradise.  I could see that tall scraggly structure, slanted like a skeleton striking a pose against the sky.  I recognized it for I, like you, have seen it on television many times.  It was a good day--a beautiful day.  But the day and its beauty does not always portray the pulses of the heart.  Remember that beautiful morning of September 11th or the day the school children were gunned down at Columbine?


After awhile, my attention was drawn to the people, like I, who had come to see this place.  I remember a business man standing on the steps of a destroyed restaurant.  He looked and looked.  He had tears in his eyes.  He said, "I was here last year.  I was in that building!"  He couldn't believe it!  I talked with another man--short and portly, young and pensive.  He told me that his brother or uncle had been one of those who had helped rescue people.  It was his first time being there.  I spoke with one woman--blonde and petite.  She spoke with an accent.  She was a stewardess on an Icelandic airlines.  She said, "My husband and I love New York."  They took pictures.  They cared.   I looked into the faces of those looking "up." They strained their eyes, they pushed forward as if that would aid them to see better.  They shaded their eyes with their hands, they stared. They pointed.  They whispered.  Some climbed on the police barricades. (We used to call them carpenter horses.)  They looked upward, almost with reverence.  They said very little.


I saw the "Stars & Stripes," my nation's flag, draped high on a tall building, a building flowing with a brownish/black screening material to catch rubble, I suppose.  Often, we see that same flag and that same building on the television news. My camera saw the shorter, wrecked, steel skeletons of buildings and the jetting piles of former grandeur, the other towers the other fallen ones.  I caught the words, "Tower 1" and "Tower 2" with arrows pointing the sightseers in the right direction.  I had not noticed these instructions as I looked through the holes in those green sheets.  My camera caught the shirt-sleeved workmen repairing the streets and electrical systems.  I saw men in hard-hats standing, sawing, talking,  and driving yellow work-machines.  There to the left of one pictures was a red ladder heading below the pavement waiting for a foot to stand on it  and a hand to hold it.  Near a red light was an American flag  to the left of a temporary shed with the word, "Verizon" stamped on its side.  There was a street vendor selling red, white, and blue wares, and closer was a man posting a prayer and a flower on the green covered fence next to another American flag. We saw all we could see that day--not as much as I had hoped for--but enough to say I had been there.  Maybe someday,  we can go to the viewing platform that is now in place for others, like my husband and me, to stand, hushed in heart, remembering the day that the United States of America was attracted, that day that death cast its spell on the unsuspecting of city of New York.  That attack on that devious day of September 11th reminds me of 1 Peter 5:8.


We are told that the Devil is as a "roaring lion, walking about seeking those he may devour.  That's what the Terrorists did that day!  They deliberately sought out to destroy the Towers and the people in them and the country where they worked and lived.  The EVIL Ones sneaked up on them and the whole city, as well as our Homeland.   Then the  innocent, the unsuspecting hundreds were killed because no one was alertly watching for those devouring lions.  Wasn't that how it was in the Garden of Eden?  Way back then, when there were only two people in the world, EVIL sneaked up on Adam and Eve and devoured their innocence!   So in our personal lives--we go about our daily living as if the Devil is not plotting to destroy us and our loved ones.  When will we learn?


We can't exactly remember how many years ago Dr. Waite and I were in Mattoon, Illinois; but, it had to be at least ten years--maybe more.  Anyhow we were there again in December 2002--that was before the trip to Ground Zero and the fire.  PASTOR VIRGIL BAKER invited my husband to give A MINNIE KING JAMES BIBLE SEMINAR at his church--that's Maranatha Baptist Church at 2501 Champaigne Avenue.  I'm trying to remember--I think we were there from December 6 to 9.  I really enjoyed being with our old friends again.  We were entertained in the home of the Pastor's Brother; ate with his daughters, sons-in-law  & grandchildren at the local Country Kitchen; and, of course ,with Pastor and Bernice, his wife, in their home. 


My husband taught us his material on the defense of the King James Bible and proving to us that the Greek Text and the Hebrew which underlies that version is the best--contrary to popular opinion.

LET ME QUOTE ONE OF HIS OVERHEAD TRANSPARENCIES WHICH YOU CAN READ, TOO, FROM PATTERNS #1 (BFT #2536-P @ gift of $25.00+$4.00 S&H) (page 133):,Whatever may be urged in favour of BIBLICAL REVISION, it is at least undeniable that the undertaking involves a tremendous RISK.  Our AUTHORIZED VERSION is the ONE RELIGIOUS LINK which at present binds together NINETY MILLIONS of English-speaking men scattered over the earth's surface.  It is reasonable that so UNUTTERABLY PRECIOUS, so SACRED A BOND should be endangered, for the sake of representing certain words more accurately,--here and there translating a tense with greater precision,--getting rid of a few archaisms?  It may be CONFIDENTLY ASSUMED THAT NO 'REVISION' OF OUR AUTHORIZED VERSION, HOWEVER JUDICIOUSLY EXECUTED, WILL EVER OCCUPY THE PLACE IN THE PUBLIC ESTEEM WHICH IS ACTUALLY ENJOYED BY THE WORK OF THE TRANSLATORS OF 1611--THE NOBLEST LITERARY WORK IN THE ANGLO-SAXON LANGUAGE. [Burgon, REVISION REVISED, op. Cit., p. 113]


I wish that you could have been with us.  Maranatha Baptist Church had moved to a different location since last we were there.  The building used to be out on a highway by itself; but in the recent past another church sold their in-town property, and Pastor Baker and his congregation decided to relocate there.  They have put up a little steeple and a beautiful bell tower as well as an outstanding sign.  I fell in love with the place! It is a darling chapel, just right for their congregation.  It's the kind of little church that makes you want to move to Mattoon.  Go visit them sometime!


Another exciting thing happened to me when we were in Mattoon.  Maybe you remember my telling you about meeting my oldest Sanborn cousin last summer when my husband and I were in Ohio for our 55th high school reunion?  Do you remember?  Well, anyhow, much to my delight, his son, Vern Sanborn III and his wife Diane drove from Frankfort, Illinois,  to meet us.  I had never met him--only heard about him.  It was delightful.  My Grandmother & Grandfather Lorenzo Sanborn were his great grandparents.  My Uncle Vernon was his grandfather.    The name "Vernon" comes from my grandmother's middle name--Florence Vern.  Grandma's sister named her first-born daughter "Vern." Grandma's full name was Florence Vern Van Tassel Sanborn. 

My cousin and his wife came to Mattoon in time for us to eat dinner together in Cody's ( I think that was the name of the place).  The restaurant was near our motel and we were in a hurry!  That's the eating spot where they want their customers to throw their peanut shells on the floor.  Different--but fun!  It was interesting to meet this cousin and learn about his two daughters, to hear more word about their father (my first cousin) and learn about his sisters, his work, and his church. Much to our delight, he and Diane made room in their schedule to come to hear Dr. Waite that  evening.  The version subject was a new one to him.  When my husband told him that he was defending the King James Bible, Vern's question was, "Why does it need defending?"  Dr. Waite's answer was that the King James Bible is worthy of being defended because of its superior texts, it's superior translators, its superior technique, and its superior theology. 

My husband has written ,How can a man or woman live by every Word of God that proceeds out of the mouth of God unless God has preserved this Word to listen to?  It is impossible. And you and I who speak English and may not know Greek or Hebrew, how will we know God's Word unless He has preserved it to the present day, and then have it accurately and faithfully translated (as in the KING JAMES BIBLE) into English. 

(Defending The King James Bible, page 9, BFT  1594-B @ $12.00 +$4.00 S&H)  Answer To John Ankerberg TV Programs,During February, 2002, John Ankerberg is re-playing his TV series against the King James Bible and its Textus Receptus Greek N.T. Text and Masoretic Hebrew Old Testament Text.  You should order "FOES OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE REFUTED" (BFT #2777, 164 pp., @ $9.00+$4 S&H) by Dr. Waite.  This book was first written several years ago when the TV series first came out.  Ankerberg has 6 men favoring the Westcott/Hort false Greek text & only 3 for the KJB/TR.


A DEVOTIONAL: "THE CAVES OF OUR LIVES" A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, Beverly Quinn had me speak to her Women's Luncheon which meets at Victory Bible Church in Hammonton, New Jersey.  I am always glad to be with her and her friends.  I spoke about THE CAVES IN OUR LIVES (BFT #3057 @ $4.00 + $2.00 S&H).   If you recall, I spent a lot of time talking about the various caves of the Bible in my last UPDATE.  For some reasons that study hit a RESPONSIVE CHORD in many lives.  Several of you have spoken to me or written to tell me they were blessed.  I continued thinking about the "caves" and realized that we all have them.  I spoke to some women in Connecticut on the same theme,; also using it on my December Just For Women radio programs.  (From Afghanistan to Bethlehem, JFW/19 @ $4.00 + $2.00 S & H ). I wish I had room in this letter to tell you about the spiritual applications that the Lord has given me in that regard.  You see, LIFE HAS A STRANGE WAY OF WEAVING AROUND US.  SUDDENLY WE FIND OURSELVES IN A CAVE! There is so much I would like to tell you.  Let the Holy Spirit work with you to get you out of  your "Cave" today!   Better still, order one or both of the tapes.   THE CAVES OF OUR LIVES, ADULLAM:  the CAVE OF DEPENDENCY=caring for older parents or sick ones ZOAR:  the CAVE OF DECADENCE=dealing with moral sin in your life MACHPELAH:  the CAVE OF DEATH=standing at the grave of a loved one,MAKKEDAH:  the CAVE OF DELIVERANCE=stopping life's fears in unusual ways  ,CAVES, PITS, & DENS: the CAVE OF DESPAIR & DISTRESS=doing a right thing at a wrong time ENGEDI: the CAVE OF DIGNITY=restraining retribution at an opportune time SAMARIA: the CAVE OF DETACHMENT=getting away from it all HOREB: the CAVE OF DESPONDENCY=feeling alone and forsaken LAZARUS: the CAVE OF DEPRESSION=wanting Jesus to help when he wouldn't BETHLEHEM & RESURRECTION: the CAVES OF DEITY=letting Jesus Christ into your "Caves" for spiritual fulfillment.


As most of you know the Bible For Today, and  THE DEAN BURGON SOCIETY,  have two radio programs which are in DEFENSE of TRADITIONAL BIBLE TEXTS.  Presently on these five-minute daily and 30-minute weekly programs, Dr. Waite is answering a book written by a teacher at AMBASSADOR BAPTIST COLLEGE in Lattimore, North Carolina.  His name is DR. CHARLES SURRETT.  His book is entitled, WHICH GREEK TEXT?--THE DEBATE AMONG FUNDAMENTALISTS.  My husband feels that this author is not coming down strong enough on the side of the TEXTUS RECEPTUS and the defense of the King James Bible.  He appears to be straddling the fence!  In other words: speaking with a forked tongue (that's my conclusion from hearing some of the broadcasts). 


(BFT #187-189@ $9.00+$2 S&H). PROBABLY YOU REMEMBER DR. WAITE'S PREVIOUS RADIO SERIES.  He answered the controversial book put out by CENTRAL SEMINARY called ONE BIBLE ONLY? That series is complete.  Order it and listen to it in your car as you drive hither and yon!  ( BFT/183-186 @ $12.00+$3 S&H) MEET US IN LONDON, ONTARIO & CHESTERTON, INDIANA We are looking forward to some days in LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA (February 16-19, 2002)  with PASTOR WILBERT UNGER at BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH (519-652-2619).  My husband will be speaking on "DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE--ITS FOURFOLD SUPERIORITY"


He probably will bring up those two books. Then in April 22-25, 2002, Dr. Waite will be one of the speakers at the FAIRHAVEN BAPTIST CHURCH AND COLLEGE annual meeting.  It's at 86 East Oak Hill Road,  Chesterton, Indiana.  IT IS THEIR 25TH ANNIVERSARY!  Dr. Roger Voegtlin is the pastor.  They are near Chicago and their phone number is 219-926-6636. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT CONFERENCE, MY HUSBAND HAS BEEN ASKED TO GIVE THE KING JAMES SEMINAR at Fairhaven Baptist College to interested students, graduates and visitors.  That will be April 29-May 2, 2002.   That seminar is a commitment to seven class hours each day for four days, using over 600 overhead transparencies.  CLICK OUR WEB PAGE FOR FURTHER DETAILS.  There will be no seminar this year in Collingswood.,



Last Wednesday (February 20th) Dr. Waite and I  came home from London, Ontario, CANADA, and excellent meetings with a strong KJB man at BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH (1-519-652-9371).  His name is PASTOR WILBERT UNGER.  He and his wife, Linda, have five-adult children, and all but one go to his church.  He goes to another fellowship on the other side of London.  It is in the basement of that church that the O TIMOTHY magazine, edited and written by DAVID CLOUD, is printed.  We saw the whole print shop--and it its very impressive!  

Bethel Baptist Church was filled with preachers and their people from ten or twelve churches.  There was a real interest in the textual question.  If people really understand the difference in the versions, because of the different texts, as well as dynamic equivalency, they can understand the version problem all of us face today.  My husband really explained it well with his overhead transparencies.  He has boxes of them--all he needs is time to present them.  (Sunday messages: The Necessity for the Bible Battle (BFT #3061-B @ $4.00 + $2.00 S&H) and a new sermon with a different approach to the subject, A Synopsis of the King James Bible's Fourfold Superiority  (BFT #3062/1-A  @ $4.00 + $2.00 S&H); The overall conference lecture titles were under DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE--ITS FOURFOLD SUPERIORITY (BFT #3062/1-4 @ $12.00 + $2.00 S&H)  


During Sunday School, my husband was asked to tell how he came to his King James Bible conviction after years of being in the Westcott/ Hort camp.  In doing this, he gave his personal testimony (BFT #3161-A @ $4.00 + $2.00 S&H)-- which always thrills me--how he was led to the Lord Jesus by our high school janitor.  Uncle Charlie Allen was there when he was needed to answer a young man's questions about creation and eternity.  Dr. Waite  was the only one whom the beloved janitor ever led to the Lord Jesus Christ in all the years he worked at the high school; think of all the people who have heard the gospel because of his witness to a young senior at Berea High School!  


Pastor and Mrs. Unger are unique people!  When the Lord called him into full-time service, he sold his farm, and they took their five children with them to a college in Tennessee for their educations.  After graduation, they went to Mexico to be missionaries, learned the language, and tried to establish a church there.  All the while, there was a restlessness.  Pastor Unger felt that he really wasn't where the Lord wanted him.  He said he just went where people told him to go.  So he came back home to Ontario feeling like a failure, and started a church in the London area near to where he originally lived.  

Times were hard!  He had to feed, clothe & house his five children; so he did what he knew how to do--farm.  He grew vegetables and sold them in a little booth.  Soon his vegetable business grew until they bought property with a house and a greenhouse on it.  They made the greenhouse into a farmer's market, soon outgrew it, and built a beautiful large farmer's market business where they sell baked goods, breads, vegetables, groceries, meats, and have a luncheon room added on the side.  It has become a prosperous business and a place where his adult sons and daughters earn a living and run the place.  The boys work the business and the father pastors the church.  It is amazing how God took the "rod" that was in the hand of this faithful "Moses," multiplied it, and used it for the building of a local church where the proper Bible is used and the old time hymns of the faith are sung.  


This may sound strange to you but I was very moved by the presentation.  I became "Frances," and in so doing, the things that touched her, touched me.  As you may remember, she was ill most of her life; and I feel for her--even though she has been dead so very long.  I suspect it was depression--but what she actually had, was never written down except typhoid fever at the end of her life.  Her life was one of service and suffering.  (Audio tape "Take my Life--a Portrait of Frances Ridley Havergal" by YSW, BFT 1417TP @ $4.00 + S&H) It's on video, too (BFT #1417VCR @ $15 + $4 S&H).  Remember?  She wrote Take My Life & Let It Be.   

Frances Havergal used to say that the idea that she could not teach boys went out the window with the garbage after she saw how they ate up the Word of God one holiday.  She spent hours with them every day, and rejoiced that they learned to pray.  One of those young men went into medical missions. I guess in her day they actually threw the garbage out the window.  What a mess!  But that was how it was.  I remember, as a child, when we visited in my great grandmother's house in a small country town of Collins, Ohio, that we actually did throw out garbage someplace--oh, maybe it was to the chickens.  Yes, now I remember.  I hated it when the chickens flew into my face.  Soon I figured out a different way to throw them the "food" so they wouldn't wing their way into me!  

BFT UPDATE/July, 1998, From Yvonne S. Waite     900 Park Ave. Collingswood, NJ 08108  Phone: 609-854-4452       FAX: 609-854-2464       Orders: 1-800-JOHN 10:9       E-Mail: YSWaite


One reason is the people who attend.  How we love them!  They have become a part of my husband & me!  We have one woman who is married to a Turkish husband, a woman and her daughter from the Ukraine, a mother from South Korea, a young man from Costa Rica, a man loyal to Croatia, several from Liberia, West Africa.  I have to tune my ears to different language sounds.  Come visit us: SUNDAYS, 10:00 AM (preaching & singing) & 1:30 PM (teaching/discussion in the Gospel of John); THURSDAYS, 8:00 PM (praise, prayer, and teaching/discussion in Isaiah.).  

Dr. Waite  really enjoys preparing and preaching his weekly sermons in our house-church (900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108).  Right now, he is in the book of 2 Corinthians.  Why not order this series on video?  Ask for BFT #3048/VC1-4 (Chapters 1-8) @ $45.00 + $5.00 S&H; or get the audio tapes to hear in your car--BFT #3048/1-8 (Chapters 1-8) @ $24.00 + $4.00 S&H).   It is our desire, not only to have these messages on the radio (on five or six stations now), the Internet over WTBI out of the Greenville, SC area, as well as on our Web page, but in printed form.  So far, the Lord has provided money to print 2 PETER--verse by verse (BFT #2945 @ $10.00  + $4.00 S&H).  The proof-reading for the Galatians book (216 pages @ $12 + $4 S&H) is completed, and is in the hands of our printers.  It is due to be completed around April 15, 2002.  If you can help with this project, let us know.  It will take about $6,000 to complete the job.  


HAVE YOU CLICKED ON LATELY?  My Just For Women radio program is there also.  Just did a series on CREMATION--IS IT CHRISTIAN? (BFT #JFW/22 @ $4.00 + S&H)   I'm sure you have been horrified at the news out of Georgia how that crematory has been stacking-up dead bodies back in the woods behind the burning business. At the last count, there were over three hundred corpses hidden & abandoned.  According to the papers, his retort (the furnace, or oven) was broken.  Talk about desecration of the human body!  Prior to that news, I heard on the television that Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's sister, was going to be cremated, I recalled an investigation I did in 1984 on the subject. (Each of the five crematory morticians said they would not be cremated!!  It wasn't for them or any of their families!!)  So I pulled out my article, Cremation's Curse, and other research on the subject, making seven radio programs before we flew off to Detroit, Michigan, and London, Ontario.  Personally, I think it is a gripping reality why born-again Christians should not be cremated.  Let the unsaved heathen do with their bodies as they please, but we who know the Lord Jesus Christ should glorify Him even in our death for our bodies belong to the Lord!  


I better close.  Hope you are well.   Would appreciate your prayers for two personal burdens--one is for son David (50), and another for me in another area of my life. I know He cares.  He has told me so.  That is very comforting!   Our BFT secretary gave me a Bible Verse (Isaiah 43:19) for my birthday.  I like it.  It's for me!  Did you know that I was seventy-five last month?  Can't believe it!   

Behold, I will do a new thing;
Now it shall spring forth;   
Shall ye not know it?   
I will even make a way in the wilderness,   
And rivers in the desert.  

She gave it to me for the "new thing," but I am drawn to His making "a way in the wilderness."   Today I was spiritually encouraged when reading Deuteronomy 2:7 in  our daily Bible reading.  

For the LORD thy God hath blessed thee in all the works of thy hand: he knoweth thy walking through this great wilderness: these forty years (seventy-five for me) the LORD thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing.      

Always in God's care--even now,      
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

P.S.  BY NOW, YOU MUST BE PREPARING TO ATTEND DR. D. A. WAITE'S  SEVENTH KING JAMES BIBLE SEMINAR!!  THE DATES ARE APRIL 29-MAY 2, 2002.  CALL FAIRHAVEN BAPTIST COLLEGE FOR DETAILS 219-926-6636.    As you know, it will be held after their annual Bible Conference at Fairhaven Baptist Church in Chesterton, Indiana (86 East Oak Hill Road).  My husband will be preaching at least once during the Bible conference also.  Call Fairhaven!   Be sure to come up to me and say hello!  I'll be looking for you.  By the way--we won't be having a seminar in Collingswood this year.  

I'm under God's care--are you?
1 Peter 5:6-11
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

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