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  "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
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The Bible For Today Update
Yvonne Sanborn Waite

January 2000


Time twists and turns as we walk, run, or stumble on its path.
Who would have thought we would live this long?
ĎTis true--some who were most beloved are gone!
"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.
For what is your life?
It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time,
and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14

Thinking About Christmas

There it is!--a Holly tree. I can see it in all its beauty from my office window. It isnít mine. It is our neighborís; but from my office window, I can enjoy its red berries nodding at me with their shinny green leaves bowing my way in the December breeze. The sun is shining. Our yard thermometer says itís about 45 degrees! What a lovely early winter day for a visit with you! Pull up a chair. I have so much to tell you. (I know you are busy.) Have a cup of tea. Letís have an old fashioned chat. We deserve it! Youíve been working hard and Iíve been traveling all over the countryside.

IĎm thinking about CHRISTMAS! Who isnít? But, I must confess, my thoughts about that holiday have changed full circle since I was a child or even since having children of my own. On a recent "Just For Women" radio broadcast called CHRISTMAS--IS IT CHRISTIAN? (BFT#JFW/06 @$4+S&H), I read from Rick Mieselís BIBLICAL DISCERNMENT MINISTRIES LETTER, as well as my husbandís tract. (Weíll be glad to send you a copy. Send a couple of dollars to help with expenses, please.) When Constantine decided to "Christianize" the people, he took pagan concepts like rituals, idols, and the Babylonian Roman festivals of December 25th, transferring them into "Christian" holidays, symbols and ideas. He took those celebration periods of unrestrained revelry, licentiousness, and "sun" worship and transformed them into the "Christ-mass" and "Son" worship.

It is true--did you know it?--that nowhere in the Bible are we told to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christians are commanded by the Lord Jesus Himself to remember Christís death until He returns (1 Corinthians 11:26), not his birth! The Apostle Paul declared:

"But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world." (Galatians 6:14).

"They Have Taken Away My Lord!"

BFT # 95 $2.00 + S&H

Dr. Waite has recently re-worked his tract and The BIBLE FOR TODAY has a new printing of it. Order today "They Have Taken Away My Lord!" I think that youíll like it. When you order, ask for bulk rates if needed. The main premise of the tract is the world needs the Lord Jesus Christ instead of gift giving, Christmas trees, and the general confusion of "Ho, Ho, Ho!." Within its pages there is a clear presentation of the true Gift, "ETERNAL LIFE" through honest faith in Jesus Christ and his death for our sin at Calvary.


Since Christmas is not a Biblical concept, why is it that when it is exposed for what it really is, people are angered? It angers Protestant people! There is a good reason why it does so. When the pagan celebration of Christmas is rooted up, and rejected, then what has become a Protestant tradition is, in effect, being rejected! And that is why people become angry. It began as a Roman Catholic holy day, and then it became a Protestant holy day. And if anyone dares show it up for what it really is, they face the wrath of the Protestant religious machine. . . .(BDM)

Our Recent Meetings

DECEMBER 2-3. 2000

Just yesterday Pastor Waite and I came back from a week-end of speaking at the DRY RUN GOSPEL TABERNACLE on 633 Valley Forge Road in Duncansville, PA 16635 (814-695-2203). This was the second time that we had been with PASTOR JOHN D. LEATHERMAN, his family, and his church. I feel right at home there! You would, too.


Saturday night was their annual Christmas Church supper. HMM-MMM! Was there good food! I would have liked to have had a doggy bag or two for future hunger pangs. After some fun time with the people, Pastor Leatherman introduced my husband to them. Of course, many of them remembered him from before. He gave a twenty-minute devotional on the theme "WHEN CHRIST CAME DOWN!" (BFT #3017 @ $4+S&H). I know it will give you much food for spiritual thought also.


Then on Sunday morning Dr. Waite spoke on a subject that is very familiar to him. He talked for thirty-five minutes on BIBLE PRESERVATION. Very few do. One of the sly deceptions of many "scholars" is their differentiating between "word" and "words" when it comes to the preservation of the Holy Scriptures. Men like Glenny (formerly of Central Seminary), Dan Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary, Samuel Schnaiter of BJU, Larry Oats of Maranatha Bible College, as well as others, agree that God has preserved the Word or the message but not the individual Words of Hebrew and Greek. You will have to get the tape to hear exactly what my husband said. It was very good. (BFT#3018 @ $4+S&H) For instance, in my husbandís book, FOES OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE REFUTED [page 103 ] (BFT # PB2777 @ $9.00 +S&H) my husband quotes Dan Wallace. Youíll be bewildered at his statement, as I am.

This is one of the amazing fallacies of the King James Only school. It assumes that inspiration has a direct corollary in preservation.


Then on Sunday night , in DUNCANSVILLE, I was asked to portray THE PORTRAIT OF FRANCES HAVERGAL. It is always a joy to do so. OF COURSE IT IS HARD WORK FOR ME! When I am finished with the hour-plus on the platform, with my husband as the narrator, I am often emotionally exhausted. Sunday, at DRY RUN, was no exception. It takes much emotional energy to portray Frances. When I came to the lines, "The death of a mother is childhoodís greatest grief," I could hardly speak without weeping. For you see, about two-and-a-half years ago, the pastors wife, the mother of his four children, perished in a sudden, unexpected, private plane crash!

That night the words of Havergalís song burned in my soul as the church choir sang:


I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus! I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus !
Trusting only Thee! At Thy Feet I bow.
Trusting Thee for full salvation, For Thy grace and tender mercy,
Great and free, Trusting now!

I am trusting Thee to guide me: I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus !
Thou alone shalt lead, Never let me fall!
Evíry day and hour supplying I am trusting Thee forever,
All my need. And for all.

Two Meetings In Connecticut



PASTOR JIM TOWNSLEY invited Dr. Waite to teach his people the "inís & outís" concerning THE SUPERIORITY of the KING JAMES BIBLE and its underlying texts, THE TEXTUS RECEPTUS & THE HEBREW MASORETIC OLD TESTAMENT TEXT. You, too, will be interested in hearing the audio tapes of all five messages (BFT #3019/1-4 @ $12+S&H). I was especially interested in the Saturday evening service because the Pastor was not sure who, or if anyone, would attend as they donít usually have Saturday night meetings. But we all were glad to see a good sized crowd--mostly from folk of other areas and other pastors-- come to hear Dr. Waite. If you werenít there, you missed the blessing.


Central Baptist Church, which was planted twenty-five years ago by Pastor Townsley, is located on 1505 West Street, Southington, CT 06489 (860-621-6701). Personally, I was very impressed, for this pastor, who knew no one in the area, came with his wife--no children at the time-- and a few belongings to establish a church in Southington. At the time, he saw no good, fundamental church in that area and felt that God would have him settle there and plant one for Him. Mind you. Jim Townsley had no support, no "mother church"--nothing but the call of God in his life. So twenty-five years ago, he began knocking on doors and winning souls to Jesus Christ. Twenty-five years is a long time to be faithful to one plot of soil for Jesus. Now there is a good sized church, a Bible school, a day school, and a testimony for Jesus there. Pastor Townsley has a burden to help young men plant churches in the New England area. Having lived in New England years ago before we moved to Collingswood, both my husband and I know the need.


As you may remember, my husband has four books called PATTERNS FOR OVERHEADS #1 (BFT #2536-P @ $24+S&H), PATTERNS FOR OVERHEADS #2 (BFT#2760 @ $24+S&H), PATTERNS FOR OVERHEADS #3 (BFT#2940 @ $18+S&H), and PATTERNS FOR OVERHEADS #4 (BFT#2976 @ $10+S&H). He uses them to make overhead transparencies for his presentations for our KJB SEMINARS every summer in our home here in Collingswood, for his annual talk to the DEAN BURGON SOCIETY, as well as his ministry in other churches. You, too, might be interested to have these large print books that you can convert to overhead transparencies for your own teaching.

Anyhow, the Southington lectures were excellent--good teaching, good questions & answers, good attendance, and a good book table! Maybe your would like Dr. Waite to be a part of your King James Bible teaching in your church soon.


DR. SOLOMON AORDKIAN has been a friend of THE BIBLE FOR TODAY and Dr. Waite for several years. Through his own personal awakening to the tragedy of adding and subtracting words from the Scriptures, Dr. Sol, a chiropractor in his area, began to study the version/ translation issue on his own. Somehow or other, he learned of my husband and has purchased many books, made many phone calls; and he, himself, has written a comprehensive book on the subject titled, HONORING THE KING JAMES BIBLE [Godís Word in English] (BFT #3021 @ $9+S&H). I think you would be interested in having this manual in your library. There are pages of charts and other comparisons where the reader is made aware of the disturbing changes found in the modern versions.

Let me quote the authorís words on page twelve of his ninety large-page book:

"Donít believe the lie that the King James is hard to understand. Itís Godís word without error. [Dr. Waite always says "without translation errors."] Read and study it daily; memorize Godís word. Hide it in your heart, and most of all, practice it. If you open Godís word for study, meditation, strength and guidance, the Holy Spirit will not let you down. If you read Godís word with a hungry heart, it will open up to you. Read the Bible daily. Read it through once a year. Read it with pen and pad. The real teacher is the Holy Spirit and the best interpreter of Scripture is the Bible itself. Own and use a concordance. Have a Websterís Dictionary on your desk when you read the Word."

Yearly Bible Reading Schedule

This is the same schedule found in the DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE.
BFT #179 * * 50/$5.00 * 100/$10.00.

A Ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church
296 New Britain Avenue, Newington, CT 06111, 860-667-6208


This is a new seminary, and it was exciting for Dr. Waite and me to be there November 14-15 in this, their first year. The pastor of the church is DR. J. MICHAEL BATES. He is also the professor of Practical Theology at the Seminary, too. Dr. THOMAS M. STROUSE is the Academic Dean. If you recall, Dr. Strouse recently moved to Connecticut from Dr. Rod Bellís school in Virginia Beach, VA to help establish the new seminary. He is pleased to be able to work under Pastor Bates to start this new seminary which will stand squarely on the right Greek Text, the right Hebrew Text and defend these two texts and the King James Bible taken from them. Both my husband and I trust that political pressure from other Christian educational institutions will not cause them to waiver. We know how pressure is brought to bear on those who dare to take a true stand.


Tabernacle Baptist Seminary in Virginia Beach, where Dr. Bell is the pastor, and president of the seminary, has taken apparently a topsy turvy reverse to its formerly admirable stand for the King James Bible and the Textus Receptus Greek Text. Dr. Bell, who had in the past, claimed to champion only the KJB now states that there are "other good versions" presumably like the NASV--and possibly the NIV. Strange indeed! Of course, this brings him, his church, and his seminary in "line" with the Bob Jones University position of using the King James only in the chapel, while at the same time undermining its Greek text by backing the Westcott & Hort Greek text in the classroom. This is a forked tongue approval of a Bible version which, in fact, is no approval at all!

If you remember, Dr. Bell was one of the ones who gave a glowing endorsement to the dangerous book, FROM THE MIND OF GOD TO THE MIND OF MAN that has caused such a stir in the fundamentalist camp. It is a book that tries to neutralize the version question, complimenting the Nestle Aland-type Greek text (Westcott & Hort) as well as the Majority Text position; but completely ignores those of us who believe the proper Greek is the Textus Receptus Greek. In fact J. B. Williams speaks ill of us in his chapter of the book. You probably have the book my husband wrote in response to all that textual propaganda, donít you? If not, order FUNDAMENTALIST MIS-INFORMATION ON BIBLE VERSIONS (BFT # 2974 @ $7+$3+S&H) ! Itís a must!!


MY HUSBAND SPOKE THREE TIMES TO THREE DIFFERENT CLASSES WHILE WITH EMMANUEL BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. One young man who had been taking graduate work at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE was amazed at Dr. Waiteís manner, demeanor, and kindness. The young man had been told in one of his classes down there in Florida that my husband was very caustic. After sitting through the classes with Dr. Waite, the young man said to my husband, "Dr. Waite, I donít see that at all in you." This bad opinion of my husband is often passed along to others by those who either donít know him or donít care for his writings or radio programs. Sometimes a man who has a difference of opinion with ours is thought to be by us as mean and caustic. When all along it isnít the man himself, it is our subjective feelings about the man because he disagreed with us. Have you found this true?


One evening coming from Southington to Newington, a young seminarian named John, from Texas, was a passenger, along with my husband and me, in a van driven by Dr. Ed Smith. Dr. Smith was one of our Year 2000 KING JAMES SEMINAR graduates. (GET THE VIDEO TAPES! BFT #2995VC1-4 @ $45+$5 S&H) He is a retired Navy man dedicated to the version cause and a right hand helper to Dr. Strouse at the Seminary. How fortunate to have a man such as this to assume the detailed responsibilities--the behind the scene necessities that are so time consuming. John was thrilled to be in the same vehicle as Dr. Waite. He told us how his preacher-father was a KJB man. He told how he went to a school where being FOR the King James Bible and its texts was laughed at by his fellow class-mates and teachers. It was then that John had to dig into the VERSION ISSUE subject and find out the reasons why he took such a stand and if he were right or wrong. He needed more than just "My Daddy believes it!" In the pursuit of such documents, John discovered my husbandís book DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE (BFT #1594 @ $12 + S&H) Have you discovered that book for yourself? I HOPE SO!!


No report of our Seminary trip would be complete without mentioning Vicki Smith, Dr. Edís wife. She is a charming woman. Youíd love her if you met her. She is a nurse in the premature baby section of the hospital there in Hartford. What fortunate babies! Mrs. Smith invited me to speak to the women. So one evening, a group of us met around a big round table and we talked, just like I do to the girls at the VICTORY BIBLE CHURCH in Hammonton, NJ. I mentioned some of the truths that God had taught me through life--the good times, the bad times, the in-between times all found within the borders of my life. Remember I wrote that booklet, WITHIN THE BORDERS OF OUR LIVES (BFT # 2998 @ $2.00, ask for rates for five or more when writing.) It is based on Psalm 16:6.

Let me quote some of its sentences:


Iíd like you to look at your life, and praise God for that little plot of yours--the actual, physical land that youíre on, as well as the spiritual and emotional ground you call your own. Forget to dwell on the hurts you have collected in your bottle of tears--the misunderstanding, the family fights, the hurt feeling, the small pay checks, the dysfunctional family failures, the hopelessness of loneliness, the incurable illnesses, etc., etc., etc. (The list is unending.)


Pour your tears at Jesusí feet like the woman of old (Luke 7:37-38). Break that alabaster box of grievances that are blocking your spiritual victories, and renew your devotion to your SAVIOUR . Gather your memories, the good, the bad, and the ugly into one big mental bag and dump them out before the Lord God of Heaven and earth; and praise Him for your life! Because, dear Heart, THESE ARE YOUR PLEASANT PLACES!" Learn to live there!


Of course no report of our time in Connecticut would be complete without telling you of the two prophetsí chambers and the accompanying hospitality of both of the churches towards us. They were lovely rooms, both of them, with private baths--very much appreciated. Dr. & Mrs. Aordkian not only had us to their home for a beautiful meal, but also made us food to eat right there in our room. We had delightful fellowship at a local restaurant with Dr. Strouse and Dr. Smith, as well as a good visit with Dr. & Mrs. Bates and their assistant pastor & wife one evening. It was refreshing to hear Dr. Bates. He not only holds to the TR and KJB but he knows the reasons why. When he first came to Emmanuel Baptist, he was not a Textus Receptus man. It is thrilling how he changed Greek Texts. You know it is the Greek Text which is the key to the whole controversy. Once a pastor or layman understands this, he can see why the King James Version is the BEST translation. More pastors should put study effort into the subject, for some day they may have to give an answer as to why or why not they use that old fashioned Bible!


I soon discovered that we had been to Emmanuel Baptist Church before, but I had forgotten. The church secretary, whose name is also Yvonne, said she remembered my name was the same as hers from when I was there before. She said I was there for a womenís seminar and that I spoke, as well as, doing FANNY CROSBY. For the life of me, I couldnít remember. But when she mentioned the name of Lois Schwanke, I knew immediately for she was the one who had invited me. How could I have forgotten? Well, you see, everything had changed. I never had been in that church building before--I knew that. I found out that they had moved from their other building after rebuilding on Britain Avenue. The pastor had changed, the building had changed, the emphasis of the church had changed. Finally, I got my wits together and called Mrs. Schwanke for a chat.

Two New Radio Programs This Year

There are several developments with having the BIBLE FOR TODAY BAPTIST CHURCH in our house these past two-and-a-half-years. Besides meeting people that we had never known (some on our BFT mailing list and others completely new to us), my husband, PASTOR WAITE, has been able to teach us verse by verse several books of the Bible. If you want the audio or video tapes of ROMANS, 1 PETER, GALATIANS, EPHESIANS, PHILIPPIANS, COLOSSIANS, or PHILEMON, call our office for information. Presently, Pastor Waite is teaching/preaching from the book of 1 Corinthians. (1) These sermons are on our weekly church radio program which is aired on five stations: WTMR-800-AM Camden, NJ; WOEL-FM, 89.9 Elkton, MD; WTBI Greenville, SC; WGTG Shortwve 6.890; WINB Shortwave 13.570, plus the INTERNET: CALL THE STATIONS FOR TIMES. Also at ANYTIME OF THE DAY, you can hear Dr D. A. Waite, Pastor Dan Waite, or me on or C-L-I-C-K to our website: and click on "Audio Sermons." (2). Just For Women, my fifteen minute, twice weekly program is a joy. DID YOU ORDER THE HARRY POTTER RADIO TAPES (BFT # JFW/05-06 @ $7.00 + shipping)? (Iím still writing it. We go away too much.) More and more I am meeting people who know a witch or a warlock.) ORDER that tape interview with a converted spiritist! (BFT 3012TP @ $4+S&H).

A Personal Word At The End Of The Year

"What is your life?. . .
It is even a vapour. . .that. . .vanisheth away."

Remember "Y2K"?

REMEMBER THIS TIME LAST YEAR? All of us were preparing for the NEW MILLENNIUM! With excited expectation we wondered what a new century would mean for the world, for us, and for our children. As the clocks of the world were ticking towards the last moments of the midnight of 1999, some madly stocked their shelves, bought generators, as well as fuel for a long, uncertain winter. "Y2K" was on the mind of everyone--either in preparation or in ridicule. Who knows what alarms would have fallen upon all of us, if the computer experts of the day had not conquered the computer confusion. For this we are thankful.


The year 2000 brought the United States into personal embarrassment. Our president, Mr. William Jefferson Clinton degraded the White Houseís presidential office with promiscuous sexual activity with a woman, other than his wife, and young enough to be his own daughter--a woman who was stupid enough to talk about their tryst with anyone bending a listening ear to her tantalizing tale. He was impeached by the House of Representatives, but not found guilty by the Senate or removed from office. Yet, in spite of all this hanky-panky and lying, the country, as a whole, was wild about Bill! What political confusion!


Now, as I write, courts and lawyers are wrangling over votes and non-votes as to who should be our forty-third president. The country is split in half--half for one candidate and half for another. Bush has been certified in Florida, a crucial state! As to who will sit on the throne in Washington D.C., we will know in a few days. While Bush is trying to act presidential, Gore, like a spoiled child who didnít win in "Candy Land," insists that he is the peopleís choice. The truth is that the bulk of the states (29) voted for George W. Bush. Mostly the coastal states (19), where crime is the highest gave Albert Gore their smile looking for his free handouts!--at us taxpayersí expense, of course! [Got those figures off an E-mail to my husband.] What is to become of us?


While the country teeter-tottered from sex scandals to stock market rises, you and I had our own personal disappointments and sorrows. My loss was my sister. Beverly Sanborn, my little sister, so dear to me; yet so retarded, died in March. She was sixty-five! She never could talk to speak of, and for decades was incontinent. Her life would be ranked by many as a "no" life. Yet, God used her to mold our family in ways beyond description. Her limitations taught us how to live under distress and duress. Her peculiarities taught us to love the unlovely. Her ways made us realize we are only what we are by the grace of God. I still canít believe she is gone!


Unbelievable, as it still seems to me, Beverlyís care-giver succumbed six months after Beverly died. Without warning, Edwina, who appeared so strong, so in control, so able, died. Her diagnosis? Acute leukemia! With the swiftness of a sudden storm, Edwina Bryant breathed her last breath. Everything happened quickly. Even for me--miles away from her Missouri home--could not believe the tragedy. The last time Iíd seen Edwina was in the summer of í99. She looked better than she had for several visits. Perhaps that energy was a false glow before the fall. My heart ached. I will always remember what she did for my sister.


I didnít see Eva Cosby very often, for she lived in Richmond , VA and I lived here in South Jersey. She was a beautiful woman with lovely white hair and a sweet smile, and was the mother of our son-in-law. She may have had her faults, as we all do, but one thing I can say about her is that she knew how to raise a son! For this I will always be thankful. Reggie has made a fine husband for our daughter and father to our grandchildren. So, it is with sadness that I have had to say goodbye to Eva. We had such fun at our Kristenís high school graduation last year. It may have been one of the highlights of her life!--I know it was of mine! She will be missed along with her good cooking, and quiet ways. Heavenís bells are ringing for she is home and free of pain!

Always in His Care (1 Peter 5:6-7),

Yvonne Sanborn Waite


June 12-15, 2001


The First Corinthian Tapes in Progress

There will be 16 audio cassettes (BFT #2997/1-16 @ $48 + S&H) and 8 videos (BFT#2997VC1-8 @ $15 each, or $85 + S&H. It will take thirty-two weeks to teach Paulís epistle to the Church at Corinth. 6 Chapters are ready NOW. I hope that you avail yourselves of these teaching tapes. My husband teaches every verse. His verbiage is in easily understandable language. Maybe you have a longing to understand the Word of God better. Do you? Why not avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity to learn the Bible. You can play the audio tapes in your car as you are driving from place to place/and or watch the videos in the quietness of your home. My husband teaches in a very easy manner. He doesnít use big words or try to "wow" you with his knowledge. HE ALSO DOESNíT SKIP OVER DIFFICULT, CONTROVERSIAL PASSAGES.

So far, Dr. Waite has finished teaching the book of Philemon (BFT #2996VCR @ $15+$4 S&H VIDEO or BFT #2996TP @ $4 + $1 S&H AUDIO) as well as the books of Romans (BFT VIDEO #2906VC1-8 @ $85+ $7 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2906/1-16 @ $48+$6 S&H), I Peter (BFT VIDEO #2945VC1-3 @ $35 + $5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2045/1-5 @ $15+$4 S&H) Galatians (BFT VIDEO #2955VC1-3 @ $35+$5 S&H or (BFT AUDIO #2955/1-6 @ $18 + $5 S&H), Ephesians (BFT VIDEO #2974VC1-3 @ $35 + $5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2973/1-6 @ $18+$4 S&H) or Philippians (BFT VIDEO #2977VC1-2 @ $25 + $4 S&H or BFT AUDIO # 2977/1-4 @ $12+$4 S&H), Colossians (BFT VIDEO #2988VC1-2 @ $25+$5 S&H or BFT AUDIO #2988/1-4 @ $12+$4 S&H).

DAN WAITE ALSO HAS FINISHED THE BOOK OF 2 PETER; IT IS AVAILABLE ALSO (BFT #2927VC1-3 @ $35+$5 S&H for video or BFT #2927/1-5 @ $15 + $4 S&H for audio.)

Dr. Waite TAKES A HALF A CHAPTER A WEEK and teaches us the old-fashioned way--verse by verse without the clutter of outlines. Itís not that my husband doesnít knowhow to make up outlines. Oh, yes, he does. I have heard some beautiful alliterative outlines from his hand; but he feels for these Bible book studies that outlines get in the way of the Word. Sometimes a preacher seems to stand on his head to contort the Bible verse to fit his outline. Have you noticed this?


Presently we have eleven people who receive these sermons monthly. It is sad to say but they canít find a Bible- preaching church that uses the King James Bible; or if they do, there is a mixture of Bibles in the congregation. Some people are not comfortable with this babel, so they have been staying home from church. Often time the preacher may use the KJB, but he doesnít say anything! I believe in fellowshipping with the Saints myself; but I am not sure I could sit Sunday after Sunday in a church where the wrong Bible is used from the platform. There is a dearth in the land!

Amos 8:11: Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

All our church services and messages are on both video and audio so you, too, can enjoy them in the quietness of your home or car. Some of our friends are ordering them. The two sermon audio tapes are $4.00 +$2.00 S&H, and the four sermons on one video tape are $15.00 +$4.00 S&H. All the sermons but Romans have been aired on WTMR-800 AM, a local radio station, and many on WOEL-FM 89.9mhz out of Elkton, Md, on WTBI out of Greenville, SC area, as well as WGTG SHORT WAVE @ 6.890 (upper side band) and the INTERNET @ every Sunday night 6-7p.m. eastern. Itís thrilling to watch God work!


tune in and hear pastor waite anytime of the day. This is an exciting addition to our bft ministry. In just the first twenty-four hours of this internet ministry, six hundred and thirty-three people downloaded the sermon on 1 Corinthians 1-5. Also, we have put on preacher dan waiteís messages when he is with us, as well as david cloudís & don jasminsí Sunday with us. Iím so glad that you can keep in touch with us in this new way.



As soon as we got home from Cleveland, I began writing about the HARRY POTTER BOOKS and their author J. K. ROWLING. I wrote and wrote for days. I had collected so many clippings on the subject besides reading the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone, and some of the second one, and a chapter of the fourth book. I had to stop because it was time to make my radio programs on HALLOWEEN & HARRY POTTER (BFT # JFW/04 @ $4.00 + $2.00 S&H)! "Just For Women" is on three stations twice a week now. Maybe youíd like to sponsor this women-oriented broadcast in your area. Let me know!

I have many things to share with you on the HARRY POTTER subject. My report isnít quite finished. It will be long--about thirty pages plus. I expect to finish it soon for the November broadcasts. If you send me a gift of $5.00, I"ll be glad to send you a copy. Because it is a work in progress, and your order could get mixed up in the office (you know how that is), so write to me personally.

Always in Godís care (1 Peter 5:6-11)

Yvonne S. Waite


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